The creation of 4 emirates in Southern Kaduna Original African chiefdoms was a declaration of war that went unnoticed by the Original African civilizations to the South.

Many of the people’s and villages are given Hausa names like Kafanchan to prevent us from knowing the ongoing ethnic cleansing. However, on June 8th 2018 El Rufai completely revealed his Afroasiatic imperialistic intentions when created an emirate over the Adara people in Kajuru local government, and 3 other emirates over areas of majority Original African groups, Aytap and other peoples of the Niger Congo ethnolinguistic subfamilies of Plateau and Kanji speakers.

South Kaduna Peoples Union (Sokapu) cried out back then, nobody listened, until the 19th of October 2018 when the paramount monarch of the Adara, HRH Agom Adara Dr. Maiwada Galadima was kidnapped and killed as he insisted on his leopard Original African cultural sphere. This started the anarchy which has continued as we see Adara, Aytap and other Original African groups killed by the Hausa Fulani imperialists and ethnic cleansing.

There’s no global civilization that you would attack and overrun their frontier and you won’t get a response from the larger body, apart from the bickering Original African groups. Europeans went as far as from London to Jerusalem, just as Arabs will send envoys and support from Medina to Sokoto.

This is why Afroasiatic leaders like Lamido Sanusi labelled Southern leadership as areaboys with no foresight or sense of history. In the last few hours, he has defended El Rufai by saying South Kaduna issues had existed before him but failing to mention the creation of new emirates.

Some will argue that the European and Arab fought for trade routes for survival in their harsh environment, while Original Africans are complacent and self centered because of their bountiful environments. However, it has got to a point where their food basket is being attacked and yet still no response to the Asiatic aggression that started against black civilizations in India, into Iran and Egypt between 2000BC and 1AD, and slowly across Africa until it got to the Middlebelt from 1 AD to 2020 AD.

Instead of the Yoruba and Igbo standing up to unite and protect their Original African cultural sphere, they cowardly want to pack and run into another European styled nationstate, ignorantly believing national boundaries can stop the advance of Afroasiatic and European cultural imperialists. It would even be understandable, if their secessionist dreams could ever materialize, but the very Middlebelt will be used to beat their Southern cousins if deserted.

The basic problem is that because the Original African civilization is so old and deviated, the groups no longer recognize their genetic and cultural linkages. In many cases, they are all cultural disorientated by Abrahamic religions and education. The political system is also too centralized and hegemonic that it eats away smaller groups cultural identity.

It is painful that despite Original Africans of the South and Middlebelt came to an agreement that resulted in the 2014 Confab, some are neglecting the collective agreement for selfish tribal interests in just one electoral cycle of Buhari government. Instead of aligning for democratic victory in 2023 to bring about restructuring that will give every single group its ethnic self determination within a loose federation. Nationstates are not for Africans because we have over 2240 ethnicities that makes a mess of the concept of Nationstates. India has more ethnicities than Nigeria and instead of separatism, they united along their Hinduism to fight the Islamists, knowing that it was about civilizations and not textbook nations. The Chinese also see the world through civilizational perspectives.

Original Africans should stop being blinded by Abrahamic religion, Pan Tribalism and the concept of Nationstates all used to cause our disunity and lack of an Original African identity. As Ooni of Ife and Attah of Igala categorically stated Ifa is the unifying link between all South and Middlebelt peoples, our cultural foundations. This is why that Abrahamic identities can never be used to liberated Original Africans. Calling the Original Africans killed by Afroasians in South Kaduna, the Eggon in Nassarawa, Berom and Tarok of Plateau states is cultural isolation and misdirection since Rome, London, Paris nor Washington won’t empathize with them unless it fits their imperialistic interests.

Instead, Southern Original Africans should be taught of their cultural linkages with Middlebelt Original Africans. They should realize that they all operate on the same dualism principles of nature, the same natural laws of retributive justice dictate our moral standards. We should realize that human beings evolved in Southern Nigeria with the Volta Niger ethnolinguistic groups of Yoruba, Igala, Igbo, Ijaw, Idoma. After several thousand years, it turned into the Nok Civilization of the Middlebelt and the Benue-Congo ethnolinguistic subfamily, which include the Efik, Ibibio, Jukun and the rest of the Kwararafa, as well as the Plateau and Kainji subfamilies. In the last 1000yrs, Afroasians starting from Bornu spread to Daura then started moving southwards.

The Adara shared the same cultural totem of the leopard like the Igala, Igbo, Yoruba and others. The Atyap speaks also share the same cultural symbols and values. Original Africans are never herdsmen in Nigeria, except the Southern Bantu Cattle complex of South Africa which was not indoctrinated by Abrahamist dogma.

Kaduna State is an Afroastic imperialistic creation which added and subjugated Original African territory, the size of Southeast region, to Hausa Fulani imperialists to the North. Kaduna is about the 4th largest and most populous state, which shouldn’t be so. However to push further south in Original African territory, they added the bulge to Kaduna State and in the ongoing process of ethnic cleansing and cultural annihilation against Original Africans. If the entire Original African cultural sphere are not alarmed, one by one, Afroasians will inch towards the coast, even if it takes the next 250yrs.

Afroasiatic and European imperialists have the advantage of being patient and ability to plan far in the future. Original Africans unfortunately are very short sighted which must change. We must develop a sense of history and our collective aspirations as Original Africans for the next thousand years. Not just for the sake of a single electoral cycle sellout your own people, as the Southern politicians did with these government that has become the most hegemonic in living history. We have no one but ourselves if we can’t wake up and protect every member of our Original African family.

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