The Great Reawakening of the Black woman

The snake was the sign of Original African female curative powers, not the devil that Abrahamists used to demonize and denigrate women. In Yoruba, we have Osunmare, Igbos have Idemili, before Abrahamic takeover in ancient Egypt she was known as Wadjet and Jews had Asherah.

Original African civilization, the world first civilization, rightly regarded women as the mother creator of humanity and civilization, not just a chicken bone from a Man’s rib. DNA evidence has shown that women have a longer continuous lineage and the first full sized group was Yoruba dated to about 87,000yrs age. World civilization stated with the 16 sector knowledge bank known as Ifa(Yoruba/Igala) Afa (Igbo) Iha (Edo) Efa (Urhobo) etc.

In an Odu Ifa, (Ifa corpus) it is recalled that when Almighty God wanted to empower humanity with wisdom of civilization, to be fair he announced that he will secretly drop the bag of Ifa from heaven and any of the 16 primordial spirits could find it. Osun and others were told to sacrifice 100 rats but she disregarded the message. She found the Ifa pouch but unfortunately unknown to her, rats ate through her pockets overnight, and the pouch slipped out of her pocket and was picked up by a male spirit on her way to present it at the assembled gathering of spirits.

As in the case of Asherah Goddess among Jews and other Middle Easterners, Women were spiritually devalued in the unproductive arid and freezing wildernesses that relied on war against humanity and the environment for survival.

Abrahamic dogma dethroned the woman and her snake in the Bible, and from Hausa mythology, women were dethroned as the leaders of their spiritual and political sphere, when Bayajidda, an Afroasian killed the snake in a well in Daura and forcibly married their Queen. Today, with the loss of its Original African civilization, Hausaland has become the poverty capital of the world and if we continue to allow Abrahamic dogma to fester in our Original African bountiful forest environment, we would never rise to our fulfil our potentials.

Despite relying on the military industrial complex, the current prevailing global capitalist system fails to recognize that women are the producers of the most important factor of production, Labour, which only they can birth and raise until they are employed for life. Women are not valued properly in today’s economy, and they are subjected on their knees spiritually and physically for survival.

In the incoming 2000yr era of Original African civilization, global cultural Justice and Black economic ascendancy, African women shall reclaim their creativity and productivity through digital online businesses.

Like in the past where both sexes formed groups like Gelede to appreciate and venerate our women, we must appreciate our female energies not as a weaker sex but an equal partner in progress. Our women should stop being the superficial materialistic consumers and be made to understand that they are more than shapely backsides and chicken heads. They are the powerful Black Trinity – Yemanja(beginning), Osun (love) and Oya (revolutionary change agents). The African woman should get off their knees spiritually and economically, and use their God given powers to liberate themselves and the world at large.

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