Igbo Original African philosophical foundations.

For too long Igbos philosophical foundations have been intentionally misconstrued to be mere idol worshipping. This is false because all Original Africans believe in one Supreme Almighty God known as Chukwu. Alusis are just spiritual manifestations of philosophical concepts, like saints, in what is known as Odinala/Odinani, normally stored in their Original African Information Retrieval system known as Afa.

Knowledge accumulated over tens of thousands of evolving in the Lower Niger River is encoded in the 16 sector Afa knowledge bank, which takes 12yrs to study and become a Dibia, a practitioner. This advanced social organization from Aguleri to Nri kingdom was spread throughout Ndigboland. Afa prescribed the social organization with the Eze being the head, backed by an Ozo chieftaincy system.

The 16 by 16 pulses of Afa combined to 256 electronic pulses that became the basis of the computer system. The ability to use the electromagnetic pulses to search DNA history is still a feat that the new computer system is grappling with.

Odinani is a system of worship and knowledge. Anyanwu is the Sun of Ndigbo that brings wisdom and creativity. All religions tie creativity and wisdom to the Sun, the Son of God. Agwu is the spiritual essence of Information management between humans and God. The knowledge of metallurgy is stored with Ekwensu. The world’s oldest Iron smelting has been found in Lejja near Nsukka dated to 4000 years old. The Igbos wrote with chalk.

AlusiQualities/Effects Equivalents (Orisha/Astrological Sign/Ruling Planet)



War, iron technology, assertive and aggressive self (Ogun Aries Mars)



Love, fertility, wealth, joy (Oshun Taurus Venus)



Information and duality, yin and yang (Esu/Ibeji Gemini Mercury)



Ocean, moods, maternal protective nurturing and instinct (Yemoja Cancer Moon)


Destiny, creativity (Orunmila Leo Sun)



Information systems and prophets like Jesus (Esu Virgo Mercury)


Love, fertility, balance, and harmony (Oshun Libra Venus)


Storms and hurricanes, transformation, death, reincarnation/regeneration (Oya Scorpio Pluto)


Higher education, religion, philosophy, wisdom, good fortune and intelligence (Obatala Sagittarius Jupiter)


Structure, career status, patience and discipline (Babaluaye Capricorn Saturn)


Upheaval, rebellion for justice/humanitarian ideals (Shango Aquarius Uranus)


Seclusion, spirituality, secrecy of ocean floor (Olokun Pisces Neptune)

Some of the Alusis are not universal to all Igboland as some are related to specific conditions like larger states, agricultural crops or professional patron saints. However the core of Ndigboland which is between Nri and Owerri have similar concepts as they were implented by the Nri cultural leadership. It wasn’t until the Middle Ages with the advent of the slave trade that Igbos spread towards the coast and created Arochukwu that repudiated Nri hegemony.

From the chart, it is obvious that the Ndigbo had conceptualized every single global philosophical perspective. And, it is the understanding of Ndigbo Odianni that could move Igbo forward scientifically, politically and every other human pursuit.

For Igbos to regain the global prominence of Nri, they need to understand their cultural history. Surrounded by several groups, the only way Ndigbo can peacefully coexist is based on highlighting their DNA and cultural origins and linkages, through the understanding of Afa that ties all South and Middlebelt groups.

Abrahamic perspectives cause the divisiveness and disorientation. Igbos will deal better with corruption and loyalty issues, especially since Original African culture goes deeper than materialism and consumerism.

There are also lots of forgotten technologies and techniques in Odinani and Afa that could bring immense benefits. For example, Ndigbo were pioneers of iron and steel which was normally done by women, but modern Igbos have no steel plants and rely on importing manufactured goods.

Far from being Devil worshipping, Odinani has one of the world’s highest moral standards, captured through Ikenga and Ofo na Ogu. The Igbos like all other Original Africans were guided by natural laws of retributive justice.

From Genetic and linguistic anthropology, we now know that Igbos evolved from Southern Nigeria, a good 40,000yrs before Jews. Igbos, Igala, Yoruba, Nupe all belong to the Volta Niger ethnolinguistic family and together created the world’s first knowledge bank and religions – Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa. Until the South and Middlebelt groups unite around their Original African civilization, none of them will ever be truly free and developed.

Yoruba and Igbo are the two largest, oldest, most prosperous Original African groups, and they owe it to the entire Black Race to unite towards attaining a global Black ascendancy.

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