Odua/Biafra miseducated youths to derail global Black Ascendancy!

Nigerian youths will definitely be the source of a global Black economic, cultural and political ascendancy this century. But, the two most populous, prosperous and oldest Original African groups, Yoruba and Igbo, first have to shed the cultural disorientation that makes them feel powerless and worthless, wanting to withdraw like cowards into womb-like tribal nations, instead of stepping up for their Original African civilization and its prosperity arrested by Afroasiatic and White civilizations.

If they do, they would become the first among equals, not only limited to the likes of Wizkid, Tekno Tiwa Savage, Burnaboy in Afrobeats and Nollywood, but being Whizkids in all sectors of human endeavors, achieving global racial parity. If they don’t and decide to cut and run, their lands will become like North Africa and the Americas with lost civilizations and peoples, regardless of their nationstates.

Despite the sorry and sad state of Nigeria at present, and for the last 500yrs of slavery, colonization and neocolonization, the confidence of this prediction of Nigerian global ascendancy is based on both logical and spiritual deductions.

Logically, we have the fastest growing youth population that according to the United Nations would translate to becoming one of the world’s three largest markets, with rich natural resources and unbeatable economics of scales. Most economic projections overlook the exponential benefits of the imminent change of a restructured political economy and cultural revolution.

Spiritually, based on cosmic revelations in ancient knowledge banks including the Bible, the Age of the third and Black Horseman with scales, and astrologically the 2000-year Age of Aquarius, Age of Amadioha, Age of Shango, Nigeria and China civilizations will rule for 2000yrs if they follow the ages essence of Enlightenment and cultural and economic Justice for all. This is to teach you time so can gain wisdom that this is the time for the rise of the Black Race and nothing can stop us but ourselves.

Unfortunately the youth are being miseducated to self destruct. Under President Goodluck, it was projected that Nigeria would overtake the USA in population and economy by 2050, with a population growth rate of 3.5% per year and an economic growth approaching 10% a year. However, Western and Afroasiatic interests inspired a corruption propaganda and terrorist campaign to embarrass him out of power, and arrested our economic and political development.

First and foremost, is the miseducation of our true Original African cultural identity and misconception of the nationstate, which is done through Abrahamic religion, academia and petty politics. They fail to realize that their language is part of a continuum of dialects that spread from Nigeria to Gambia and South Africa. Stripped of their cultural linkages and disguised with superficial materialism like the rest of the Black Race, the Yoruba-Igbo youth are miseducated to feel worthless with a depressing sense of racial inferiority complex, especially with high unemployment. The bleaching of skin extends to everything including hating other groups that mirror and complete their Original African social and political makeup.

This is done in a number of ways which include the refusal to release information that Southern/Middlebelt peoples are world’s oldest humans with the fullest longest DNA, and their ancestors developed the world’s first knowledge bank and religion, Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa – the Original African Information Retrieval system which was the source of human civilization, through mathematics from binary systems, social organization, medicine, herbs, quantum physics etc.

These are not ancient and redundant information, for example Soponna and Osanyin branches were the foundation of modern medicine, while the 256 pulses of Ifa that brings about electromagnetic pulses was the foundation of the modern computer and information system.

The Original African civilization state, first usurped by Arabic Afroasiatic civilizations from the Bornu to Sokoto, followed by European colonization and creation of the current nationstates, led to Original African cultural and political disorientation. The lack of a civilizational identity has prevented Southern and Middlebelt youths to unite and challenge the undue predatory influence of the Afroasiatic North, which continues to divide and rule the unarticulated Original African groups.

Our Miseducation, with the help of foreign divisive forces, has promoted Pan-tribalism and the misconception of tribal nation-statehood. Despite the obvious fact that none of the 60 Black nations has been able to become an industrial success, politically or economically, the youth are pumped with tribal egoism that they would be different and break the mold to become industrialized and truly democratic.

They see nationstates as God given desirables and don’t know the history of the concept of nationstate was influenced by the trans Atlantic slave trade. They don’t know that civilization states are the natural conglomeration of people, not nationstates.

The world was divided into civilization states after the global African civilization was attacked and gradually usurped with brutal force from around 2000BC, the Age of Ogun, the Biblical first White horseman with bows, arrows and horse chariots. From 1AD, the start of the Age of Olokun, the Age of the 2nd Red horseman with a giant sword used by light skinned humans to win territory and slaves in the name of God, evolving a civilization from Greece and Rome to create the Holy Roman Catholic Empire based on Jesus.

The Roman Empire was the civilizational state of the White Race, especially once their Afroasiatic descendants broke away to form Islam, a branch of the Abrahamic White supremacy doctrine. In India and China, the lightskinned also from the Central Asian mountain cave complex took over from Blacks and adopted Ifa to become Buddhism, Taoism and I Ching.

The White civilization of Christianity across Europe remained intact for 1500 years, though restricted by the Afroasiatic civilization state of Islam for 500yrs. Disunity came with the Roman Catholic Empire’s attempt to break the stranglehold of the Islamic Afroasiatic civilization on African trade routes to the much needed resources of the Original African civilization.

This they did by taking Ceuta Morocco in 1415 and inched along the Western coast of Africa until they got to Southern Nigeria 1470, the Black heartland. 3500yrs of slowly attacking Black civilizations, starting from Asia into Egypt, they eventually got to the true Eden! Their Islamic Abrahamic cousins had only laid a seige across the Sahel but couldn’t take the Original African heartland, however with the Europeans stepping on the coast, the Fulani also set out to capture the Middlebelt and Southern rainforests.

The influx of Afroasians and Europeans into Nigeria, the heartland of African civilization, led to the militarization of the region and the breakup of the Original African civilization state into kingdoms. The June 7th 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas in which Pope Alexander VI allocated West Africa and Brazil to Portugal and the rest of South America to Spain led to the break in the 1500 year White civilizational unity.

By 1505, King Francis I of France demanded to see the clause in Adams Will that prevented the French of get a share in Africa. By 1520 the English pulled out of the Roman Catholic civilization to form their Anglican Protestantism sect that permitted them to challenge for West African territory. The move of rich slave merchants from Spain/Portugal to Netherlands where they developed a global empire, resulted in the first nationstate, especially to define the limit of French and Spanish imperialism. The Napoleonic wars was what globalized the concept of nationstate around 1815.

Still part of the White civilization state, the French, English and other European tribes in an attempt to conceptualize their territories outside the civilizational state resorted to the legal entity of nationstates, which they used to carve up Africa into colonies. Though still holding onto their cultural unity of the European Christian civilization state, they had appendages of African colonies which were eventually given self rule as todays nations but whose identities were ultimately tied to the White civilization state.

Therefore it is a racial embrassment that instead of the two largest groups, Yoruba and Igbo, of the Original African civilization reuniting their sphere, they are seeking Biafra and Odua nationstates that would essentially remain appendages of the European civilization state. Little wonder that the African separatist leaders are comfortable in Christian territorial, religious and intellectual spheres as the Biafra leader leads from Israel and others from London, parroting our slave master desire to keep us disunited. Deceiving the poor and ignorant they had the White civilizations ear, hanging on the corridors of UN, EU and claiming backing of powerless groups like UNPO, not related to the UN.

Without the proper cultural perspective to unite and advance Original African civilization, we cannot be truly free like the Chinese that stuck to their civilization state and used it to now overtake the White civilization state and economy. Our short memory can only recollect the negatives of Awolowo and Azikwe powerplay at the beginning of the Nigeria nationstate, which was essentially the British indirectly ruling through the Fulani or their Western indoctrinated army.

Original African scholars and elite fail to unify Awolowo cultural nationalism and Azikwes Pan Africanism to crystallize an Original African cultural sphere that accounts for 70% of the Nigerian population and Black Africans. Our best doctors and professors become servants and deputies of the Northern Caliphate herdsmen and slave army, who they believe are uneducated, not knowing that the greatest education is knowing the origin and aspirations of one’s cultural identity and civilization.

The world is made of giant trade blocs tied to civilization states, and it is suicidal to give up your civilization state for nationstates or Caliphates tied to other civilization states. The current nationstates boundaries restrict trade between the continuum of dialects known as the Niger Kongo ethnolinguistic family, whereby they have less than one third trade between themselves while the bulk of their trade is with outside civilizations. New tribal nations will only serve to further reduce the trade within ourselves.

Biafra and Odua separatists are so painfully ignorant thinking that they can desert or overlook small groups in the Niger Congo ethnolinguistic family, which include their food basket in Benue, Taraba etc. Not only do their strategists overlook their food supplies, they know nothing about setting their Frontline defense and confuse nationstate boundaries to civilizational borders.

Like Europeans came to divide our civilization state amongst themselves, the Islamic civilization state will continue to inch into the core of the African civilization through peaceful conversion regardless of nationstate borders. The only way to stop cultural imperialism is to rise and proudly defend not only your tribal, but civilization identity. Touch one touch all! From the coast to the Middlebelt.

The Nigerian youth should fight for the right of self determination for every single member of their civilization, no matter how small, and keep it as a loose continentwide confederacy. The African Nationstates were used to secure economic interests of the members of other civilizations, so who would the Original African demarcation of economic resources be in favor?

In addition to progressive logic, this is the era of cultural and economic justice for every group. It is said learn how to number your days right so you can gain wisdom of the heart, this is the time for the two largest Original African groups to bury their hatchet to take the destiny of Nigeria and the Black Race in their hands, to rise.

However, we must know our cultural linkages and not just unite with political jargons. We must understand our cultural origins and linkages because charity begins at home and a people shall perish due to lack of knowledge like a river that forgets its source. Northern Nigeria is the poverty capital of the world today because it forgot its original African source and became Afroasiatic, Yoruba, Igbo and Original African youths must rise to this great generational challenge to uplift the Black Race.

If the largest piece of the Original African civilization state, Nigeria is further broken up, absolutely no Black nation will ever rise and the Black Race will be permanently enslaved and eventually annihilated. We must rise first with a cultural revolution to change our global consciousness!

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