Pharaoh, let thy people go worship!

For nearly 100yrs, healing and deliverance ministries rented the land. Millions were made. Jets bought. Now that we have a pandemic and the government is telling them to stay home, one can’t but wonder as an African traditionalist, if government has not been criminally negligent or conspiring to fool the people all along, knowing the healing and deliverance ministries were outright scams?

They came with their scimitar swords across the desert and their guns across the ocean. They slaughtered, enslaved and conquered. Because they won, they told our forefathers that we worshipped fake Gods. To survive, to trade, to exist, we were converted to Abrahamic religions. Now the king of viruses Corona comes, they are shielded by their Abrahamic styled government. Yet they complain and mumble against lockdown, labeling it satanic, that it is a 666 plus 5G ploy, which if not addressed will retard our advance into the digital age.

Majority have donated more to their Abrahamic coffers in tithes than to the government taxes. If the government had allowed freedom of worship, I bet the people would take a closer look into the Pastor/Imam past accounts and expenses, and demand the social security that they had always believed existed in the confines of their churches and mosques.

It would be an insult to Original African intelligence to allow them back on the streets after this pandemic, proclaiming the power of deliverance and healing. We, traditionalists, know that it is Soponna, Olode owner of the streets, but Abrahamists have always stated they are superior to everything, so we both shouldn’t be deprived of this once in 2,000yrs event to prove the existence of their living God. The Ooni of Ife, the head of all traditionalists has come out talk about our traditional herbs, please give the Abrahamic prayer warriors the opportunity to prove their worth.

Otherwise, we the masses won’t know whether Holy Water is better than sanitizer. Many have said religion hampers our critical thinking and this is the time to put behind the ghosts of religious and political dogma that has arrested Original African cultural, economic and political development.

We have heard of the huge number of people, many of them priests that died in Italy, the land of Christianity and some have suggested maybe the huge number of African American deaths could be linked to their mega churches. It has been proven that one Church goer in South Korea infected over 5,000 people alone, most of them in church. I bet South Koreans won’t forget in a minute, and it would definitely take away the unjust sense of entitlement.

However many Nigerian Abrahamists claim that the Christians in Italy and USA are not pure like them, because those other lands have offended God, with Catholic priests abusing kids and homosexuality in the Western world among other sins. So why deprive the African Christians and Muslims the right to prove their claims, if they win we will all bow to their beliefs, if they don’t Africans will be rid of cultural and spiritual slavery.

The best cultural revolution is for the government to allow the Abrahamic religions put their faith to public test. By all calculations, including those of the Bible Book of Revelations chapter 6 verses 5 this is the rapture and the government is preventing take off of many ‘believers’ that would enable a new world based on Enlightenment and Justice. Scientific truth over blind faith. It is a great injustice to the millions of ‘unbelievers’ that have been killed, disposed of their lands and their culture, to now legally protect the believers.

There is no hiding and we are just prolonging the issue because until Coronavirus completes its ordained job, it will keep returning every flu season. We know what happened when Pharaoh didn’t allow the Abrahamists to go, ancient Egyptians were destroyed with seven plagues so please let them ‘come and be going’ and don’t endanger the lives of the rest of us.

The story of Pharaoh and Moses is about the destruction of Black Egypt attributed to their superior God, now that we have turned the cycle and approach a new Age that portends to bring about a reversal of roles as the Black Race gets set to reclaim it global ascendancy of Eygpt, please let’s play the return leg. Let the Abrahamists once again put a mark on themselves, on their forehead or round their neck, so we can keep social distance and let the angel of death take the loser.

If Africans are allowed to learn this lesson, we would either all convert to Abrahamic religion and messianic justice or go back to our natural laws of retributive justice as we enter the new 2000yr of global cultural and economic justice. The efficacy of Abrahamic religions must be tested to bring about a change in our collective consciousness that would enable us to advance to a higher stage of evolution.

We can’t allow the return of multimillion naira healing and deliverance circus shows to continue deceiving ourselves if they can’t prove their worth now, or the government would be guilty of conspiracy to defraud.

So Pharaoh, please let the people go worship otherwise we would keep having reoccuring plagues.

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