Where’s thy God in this change of Ages? WHERE?

They came with Iron weapons and later deceitful dogma to usurp, plunder, enslave and conquer Original Africans, then looked into our faces and asked “Where is thy God?”

Might became Right!

Despite knowing there was only one God, they claimed that their victory was because theirs was a living God while we worshipped false Gods, Idols. All humanity professed only one God created the universe, but they brainwashed us with Abrahamic dogma to make us feel like children of lesser Gods.

On one hand, they mischievously equated our Orishas/Alusis/Agbara, spiritual essences/saints to Almighty God, Eledunmare then mockingly rubbished our entire belief system. On the other hand, they camouflaged their victorious spirits of war and dogma as the Almighty God, from Jehovah God of war to Holy Roman Empire.

Starting around 2000BC, with their emergence from Central Asian caves, they waged brutal annihilation of Black civilizations with bows, arrows and horse chariots in what was Age of Ogun/war/Aries, the Apocalypse first horseman, the old testament.

At the dawn of the new Age of Pisces/Olokun about 2000 years ago, the Romans restarted the calendar to blur previous historical cycles of Black global ascendancy spanning tens of thousands of years. This made it easy to claim their war and dogmatic spiritual essences was the God of all Ages. However no matter how long a lie travels, truth will catch up.

Their lie of theirs being the God of all Ages had an expiry date of 2000yrs, which is currently being revealed with Coronavirus, the Crowned Virus. At this point in time, their God of War and all their amassed weapons against Man and the environment can’t save them from the Corona Apocalypse, neither can the repackage spiritual lies called religion heal nor deliver. In this new Age, the most powerful and prosperous will no longer mean the most ‘Godlike’ in Abrahamic dogma. The winner can no longer take all without regards to other humans and environment.

Original African and other naturally evolved belief systems never prayed and worshipped the vastness of the Almighty God/Eledunmare/Chukwu directly, but only through his Saints/Orishas/Alusis/Agbara and their spiritual essences. There were no shrines for the Almighty God or people claiming direct link for which they collected tithes and profited in his name. However, with Abrahamic cultural imperialists, we became culturally disoriented and prayed to our oppressors Almighty God, which in reality was only the God of War and deceitful dogma for money.

Original Africans had believed in a truly Almighty God that was Good and Evil, positive and negative, like everything else down to the atom, the smallest indivisible particle. Our belief system was based on the concept of Duality – Ejiogbe. This is diametrically opposite to the much younger Eurasian Abrahamic dogma, based on a shorter experience that could only afford a tunnel linear perspective that wrongly conceptualized that God is good while Satan, an imaginery figure, was wholly evil.

Original Africans never had a wholly evil figure named Satan/Devil, but our cultural imperialists mischievously equated our Orisha/Saint/spiritual essence of Information to Satan. Yorubas Esu and Igbo Ekwensu was wrongly labeled the Devil/Satan to make us fear our ancestors Original African Information systems and knowledge banks. We became culturally blind and enslaved.

Yorubas, Original Africans have existed long enough (87,000yrs) to know the different faces of God revealed every 2000yrs. This current cycle of human civilization started around 12 000 years ago (10,000BC) with the Age of Orunmila/Sun that laid the foundations of wisdom and advanced social organization. This was followed by the Age of Yemanja/Cancer from 8000BC (10,000yrs ago) when fertility and mensual cycles were tied to 28 day moon cycles that evolved into month calendars and time keeping. Yoruba calendar is 10,060 years old. Then came the Age of Esu/Gemini in 6000BC (8000yrs ago) during which the Original African Information Retrieval system, Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa, became an advanced social organization tool that spread civilization across the world.

From 4000BC (6000yrs ago), we had the Age of Osun/Taurus, the tough masculine spiritual essence, as opposed to the feminine essence of Osun in Libra. The Age of Osun/Taurus brought the hard quest for money and international trade. It is believed that the White Races evolved during this Age of the raging Bull where the Euroasians worshipped the Golden Bull.

This was followed by the Age of Ogun/Aries from 2000BC (4000yrs ago) when Europeans created during the previous 2000yr Age of money worship fashioned weapons to wage war against Man and his environment for profit. Iron had been first discovered in Southern Nigeria, as proven by the Lejja Nsukka iron slags dated to around 2000 BC, but Africans adopted it for peaceful means of agriculture and arts.

As recounted in the Biblical Revelations chapter 6, this was the Era of the first Apocalypse horseman on a White Horse with bows and arrows to take crowns and begin White Supremacy. Herdsmen used bows, arrows and horse chariots to annihilate peaceful Black civilizations in Europe and Asia until they got to ancient Black Egypt.

When the Ages changed from Ogun/Aries to Olokun/Pisces 2000yrs ago (around 4 AD), the Romans tried to whitewash the cultural legacies of ancient Egypt by imitating Original African ancestral worship practices, which they did by adapting the oral traditions of the first Whites and Afroasians in Egypt. This was inspired by the Greeks first successful use of the Hebrew Bible to culturally colonize Ethiopia.

Based on this cultural forgery, the Romans developed a Holy Roman Empire that has lasted 2000yrs as its capital, the bastion of White Power, shifted from Rome to London to Washington DC based on the misconception of their limited experience that Might was Right, and the known face of Almighty God – Osun money, Ogun war and Olokun dogma and maritime trade.

However Almighty God is revealing a new face, the Age of Shango/Aquarius, which is based on Enlightenment, cultural and economic Justice that is diametrically opposed to the foundations of White supremacy. Over the years as we sank to the depths of the Olokun ocean, the outgoing Age had been used to mystify the true knowledge of ourselves. Now the Age of Shango is to enlighten and bring justice.

The Greek word Apocalypse means revelation of hidden knowledge which, although is also used for the other Ages, mainly applies to this incoming Age of Enlightenment. Shango, the third horseman on a Black horse with a scale of balance, to bring an Era of truth and justice as opposed to the two previous ages of Horsemen with bows, arrows and swords that brought the Eras of Might is Right.

Recently DNA and other scientific studies have revealed hidde knowledge that life started in Southern Nigeria and enables us to understand that Original African groups, the Niger-Congo ethnolinguistic family, are a continuum of dialects. Also, science has also proven us right that negative and positive naturally exist together from God Almighty down to the smallest atom is indivisible. We also know the electromagnetic pulses of Ifa and spirits which has inspired the digital economy of the Age of Enlightenment.

As the guiding spirit of humanity changes, our global consciousness will change as we see that Might is not necessarily Right, and the God of Justice holds Supreme, not God of money, war and deciet. The smallest living thing, the virus has taken on the mighty and made them ineffective. It’s searchlight of truth have revealed the ineffectiveness of Christians and Muslims that pushed money making healing and deliverance ministries. Global consciousness must change for the better.

Original Africans must use the revealed knowledge of themselves to unite and rise. It was predicted that China and Nigeria, both born on October 1, would rule the world if they restructure their systems away from the money, war and religious/political dogma to one of Enlightenment and social Justice. China has fulfilled the prophecy and those that tried to prevent it have had their fingers burnt. Nigeria will rise but only after a cultural revolution which might have to come from a bloody armed revolution.

The profound change will come from the very chains used to arrest it. The practice of adopting foreign religion, methodologies and religions will push us into anarchy and revolution due to the conditions inspired by the Crowned Virus, Corona.

Like the Romans and the White Race rose in the Age of Pisces/Olokun with its attendant religious and political dogma, it is the time for the Black Race to rise in the Age of Shango/Aquarius with its attendant quest for cultural Enlightenment, Justice and Harmony. Specifically, Yorubas, Igbos and other Original African groups in South and Middlebelt must unite to fight for sociopolitical and economic justice.

Babaluaye and Oya set the ball rolling to have all systems destroyed around January 12 2020 and now Babaluaye has moved into Shango (Aquarius) on March 21 to build foundational structures and events to inspire the quest for Enlightenment and Justice. Oya will move in around 2023 to launch the official change in global consciousness and structures to fight for Justice.

It is important that the Black Race takes a proactive approach like China towards global ascendancy based on Enlightenment and Justice, which is why we must challenge the ways of those stuck in the outgoing age of money, war and deceitful dogma. Dogma that preached love but inspired the greatest racial hatred against and within the Black Race. Dogma that preaches peace but wages the greatest war against Original Africans. Original Africans shall perish if we refuse to see and accept the fall of USA/Western world to China is based on their quest for economic justice, or the fall of messahanic Abrahamic religions to the natural laws of retributive justice aka Esan, Ofo n Ogu, Karma.

The current Apocalypse will not destroy the world nor make it come to an abrupt end, but all those that refused to accept the revealed knowledge that humanity and civilization came from Southern Nigeria, thay there are no greater belief systems and Gods than those of our ancestors, and that Nigeria has to be restructured towards social and cultural justice, will be conscripted to the dustbin of history in this era.

The Black Race shall rise over the next ten years, no matter how dire our experience over the next decade known as the Decade of Great Transformation. Yes, it will be painful as we give birth to a new consciousness. Don’t waste your time praying to Abrahamic Gods of yesteryears as the true Almighty God is restructuring the Earth and he wouldn’t stop the deaths and pestilence until we give birth to a new sustainable way of life.

This is not sermon but a memo of time change, changes of Ages.

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