Pastor Adeboye, Corona and the end of Christianity/Islam?

ASHE Foundation has stated that the General Overseer of Redeemed Church, Pastor Enoch Adeboye’s recent statement that he predicted the current coronavirus during his New Years Predictions was false, misleading, trivalizing and patronizing.

Prince Justice Faloye, President ASHE said, ‘Apart from not showing proof of making such a prediction, it is misleading for Pastor Adeboye to claim “the world was on a vacation’ , and not a total change of jobs, since it robs Nigerians of the new opportunity to change our global consciousness to one that can uplift the Black Race. It is trivalizing to equate the once in 2000 years change of Ages to a mere New Years Prediction, and it is patronizing because it indirectly means he publicly accepted the end of the supremacy of Christianity/Islam dogma predicted in the Bible book of Revelations’.

The Apocalypse four Horsemen

Prince Justice continued, ‘Infact it could be regarded as blasphemy when you consider Revelations Chapter 5 – (1)”Then I saw in the right hand of him who sat on the throne a scroll with writing on both sides and sealed with seven seals. (2) And I saw a mighty angel proclaiming in a loud voice, “Who is worthy to break the seals and open the scroll?” (3) But no one in heaven or on earth or under the earth could open the scroll or even look inside it. (4) I wept and wept because no one was found who was worthy to open the scroll or look inside”.

Therefore the Christian and Islamic leaders claiming spiritual revelations of the scrolls are false. None could claim to have been sacrificed and redeemed at age 33 on August 11th 1999. Second, it would take full astrological understanding of not only the four beasts in chapter 4 required to bring about the change in Ages, but also that of the solar system and its boundaries to know the exact date. Lastly, it would require a Yoruba Royal to understand and rightly interpret the perspective and steps required to uplift the Black Race in this Age. So, it is callous to misguided the Black Race in this once in 2000yrs opportunity, which is why ASHE Foundation feels compelled to caution Rev Adeboye.

Back in 2016 when producing The Blackworld Documentary, we approached the Catholic and Pentecostal churches to interpret and give the timing of Revelations Chapter 4 to 6 known as the Apocalypse Horsemen. The Redeemed Church turned down the request but the Catholic Church Lagos diocese took up the challenge even though they failed.

It was while filming the interview with the Cardinals secretary in the Catholic Lagos headquarters that it became apparent that the church could never rightly interpret and correctly time the Apocalypse Third Horseman now unfolding with the coronavirus, since it would rightly show that Jesus, Christianity and Islam were the manifestations of the Second horseman, the (second) New testament.

The First Horseman is the old testament, Judaism, the beginning of White supremacy, and Iron age. Revelations 4 to 6 is the only relevant part in the Bible to Original Africans, which is why the Ife Palace, the core of Original African culture, has been the only leadership chosen to have prior knowledge and understanding of what is happening. Not Rome, not Mecca, nor their representatives. The second horseman had been revealed to the House of David, not this third horseman.

The Biblical book of Revelations story of the Apocalypse Horseman is not a Saint John’s personal spiritual revelation or an exclusive Biblical prophesy but what had been known for thousands of years before it was adopted in the Bible. It is a 2000 year cycle of changes in global consciousness and structures.

The 2000 year cycles were known as Great Years by the ancients, in Hinduism it was called Yugha, in Ekiti Ugba, in Yoruba Igba. Scientifically, based on binary knowledge, it is known as the Precession of the equinox based on the fact it takes 24000yrs for the complete revolution of the Sun, which is divided into twelve like you divide a clock or a year into 12 months.

Civilizations fall and rise in Great Years while a people forget their previous civilization and knowledge banks. The current cycle of human evolution started about 12,000yrs ago in the Age of Orunmila, but over several great years, Yorubas and people in general have forgotten about some phases.

In this outgoing phase of Olokun/Pisces, we no longer fully understand the origin of some spiritual essences like Oduduwa, Orunmila, Esu, Oya and others that existed several thousands of years ago, but are only attributed to their manifestations this great year. This is what created the absurdity of Oduduwa at the point of creation as well at inception of the present Olokun dynasty across Yoruba, not knowing that spiritual essences are repeated in each year according to the essence of the Age.

DNA evidence has shown beyond doubt that Yorubas and other Southern and Middlebelt Nigerians have existed for 87,000 years – Simons Human Genome Diversity project conducted at Harvard University. Therefore we have witnessed three 24,000 year cycles plus 12,000 years of this current cycle, whereas Caucasians have existed no more than 8,000yrs ago. So while we Southern Nigerians are experiencing the 7th Great Year/Horseman, Europeans are just about to experience their 3rd cycle.

In the book of Revelations, John outlined what is known as the Four Apocalypse Horsemen. The first horseman recounts how White people emerged from the Central Asian mountain caves (Andronovo Complex) with bows, arrows and horse chariots used to overcome Black civilizations across Eurasia. The most important White takeover was that of Black Egypt reflected in the story of Abraham and the White/Afroasiatic herdsmen takeover of Original Black African Egypt.

The first Great Year of John’s ancestors was the Age of Ogun/Aries around 2000BC that resulted in brutal wars, as shown in the Old Testament, which he called the First Horseman. The second horseman is the story of the use of the sword of God to annihilate other people from their lands to exploit their resources. The Roman Catholic Spatha was used to annihilate Blacks in Europe while the Islamic Scimitar was used by Afroasians to overwhelm Original Africans across the Sahel from Bornu to Morocco. This was the Age of Pisces/Olokun from 1AD to 1999.

The fishes in Churches and baptism are symbols of the Age of Pisces/Olokun

On August 11th 1999, the once in 2000yr event of all planets placed in Cardinal points, ushered in the era of the Age of the Apocalypse Third horseman, known elsewhere as the Age of Shango/Aquarius. Even if a few Bible scholars could decipher the start of the Age by understanding that the four beasts described in Revelations Chapter 4 meant the four Cardinal astrological signs, they couldn’t have predicted the exact year when all the current systems would crash as currently witnessed and new ones would spring up.

As published in national dailies on 5th January 2020, ASHE Foundation revealed that the once in 250 year meeting of Pluto/Oya and Obaluaye/Saturn in the House of Babaluaye on 12th of January 2020 would inspire Amotekun on the physical side to bring positive benefits to challenge cultural injustices, while their meeting could bring negatives as it did with Aids when they met in Scorpio/Oya in 1982 and the Spanish Flu in 1918 when they met in Cancer/Yemoja.

In 1770, 250yrs ago we saw the rise of USA, beginning of the end of Oyo etc, in 1520, we saw the breakup of Christianity into Protestanism, Nupe invasion of Oyo, in 1270 paper money, gunpowder used to free Europe from Afroasiatic Islamists etc, however this Oya/Babaluaye conjuction is amplified several times over at the change of Ages as seen with the rise of the Romans and Christianity 2000yrs ago.

There is more to it than meets the eye with this pandemic Coronavirus, the Crowned Virus that attacks the powers that be, making them bow, destroying global and local hegemonies, to bring about a change in global consciousness, than being trivalized by Pastor Adeboye and others.

Moreover, since there is more to come before the end of the year, and actually before the end of the decade, we challenge Pastor Enoch Adeboye to use his alleged link to the true God to tell us what he sees. ASHE Foundation can confidently outline from now to 2041 when Oya moves to Olokun to cause floods and lack of drinking water.

Nigerians like to trivialize and monetarize everything but this is just too much of an important time. The ongoing change in global consciousness whereby global kingdoms and religions are demystifed will inspire Nigerians to rise and head for global ascendancy like China, its birthday mate also born on October 1, the month of the balance of scales/justice. Trying to forcefully glue Nigerian destiny to the business of the second horseman of White Supremacy, would be resisted because this is our time, after years of suffering, slavery, exploitation and annihilation. We would not allow the likes of Adeboye, Oyedepo etc to pull wool over our peoples eyes.

The Ogun first horseman had given the Aare crown, and now the message of the third horseman was only given to Ooni Enitan Ogunwusi, the head of the Original African cultural sphere, and not to our lovable pastor from Ifewara. Apocalypse means the revelation of hidden knowledge that would bring about the change of global consciousness and all those who resist will be destroyed.

This information, the revelation of the true genetic and cultural Origins and linkages of Original Africans could only be pushed by the Ooni of Ife, which is why he received the revelation and set out to articulate, highlight and unite Original African culture with all other paramount monarchs of South and Middlebelt Nigeria like Obi of Onitsha, Aku Uka of Wukari, Attah of Igala, Jaja of Opobo who are trustees of ASHE Foundation.

This new 2000 year era will bring global cultural justice and enlightenment that exposes the false foundations of Abrahamic religions. Like the Age of Ogun/Aries and brutal war of the First horseman never disappeared with the change to the Age of the second horseman and its religious and political dogma, the 3rd Horseman of Enlightenment might not totally wipe away the vestiges of the second horseman but Abrahamic dogma would lose its spiritual, economic, cultural and political supremacy.

This is why the Adeboyes and Oyedepos are now struggling to maintain relevance by claiming to be pallbearers of their own Abrahamic dogma, even though their healing and deliverance ministries have failed against Corona, the Crowned Virus.

When the second Horsemen overwhelmed Original African cultural sphere, they claimed theirs was the living God. But we Original Africans know better to now revenge with a gloat of “where is their God” , as their healing and deliverance ministries have been shown to be ineffective with Coronavirus. Instead of trying to claim God’s glory given elsewhere, they should use the billions acquired in God’s name to help the deprived masses in this tough times.

But then again the prophecy won’t be fulfilled until the people cry in the hunger and angrily pull down the current spiritual, cultural and political structures that have misguided and exploited them for the last 2000yrs..

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