WARNING: Yoruba/Igbo Original African unity essential to collective survival of humanity!

I have written a lot about how, without a Yoruba/Igbo Original African alliance across South and Middlebelt, the Fulani Afroasiatic hegemony can’t be defeated especially towards 2023. However it goes far deeper than uniting to gain control of the reins of power and destiny of Nigeria. It involves saving humanity.

A few times especially about 50 000 years ago, following the Indonesian super volcanic eruption, the Sun was blocked and the world dried out into an Ice Age, whereby humanity could only survive in Southern Nigeria and the Central Eurasian cave complex, where we became white people. Humanity only survived in Nigeria. Now once again we are reaching another epoch with global warming and we need to save the last vegetation, the true Eden.

Putting religious and ethnic agenda aside, the Fulani herdsmen are heading south because the North has dried up. Lake Chad and many rivers have dried up, and humans will do everything to survive. Due to their Abrahamist mindset, they justify their aggresions in the name of God. As I have always stated, I don’t hate any group of humans no matter what atrocities they have committed against my people. I see everything clearly as interests, and there are no permanent friends or enemies but permament interests.

Now, some may argue that the poverty and Islamic agenda are enough reasons to justify breaking up Nigeria into Odua and Biafra, but fail to realize that borders can never stop a hungry and thirsty people from beating immigration walls. They will enter dig a tunnel or jump over it. Instead of sitting down to die of thirst, they would rather die fighting for their survival – shout down the walls of Jericho. So we must look for a win win situation or be guaranteed of Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD). Make we no go Mad oo, hmmm!

Therefore what can be done. First we must take control of the country and put some major changes in place which the Fulani can’t do themselves. Cow meat has too much of a carbon footprint and must be stopped urgently. Already, the Fulani herdsmen have moved the cows into our rainforests and if care is not taken our rich forest from Ogun state into Ondo state and Delta to Cross River will become barren. Now, our lowland rainforest supplies a significant percentage of the oxygen required by the world. If those forests go, we will be in serious trouble which will grow exponentially.

So, the question is what will the Fulani and other Afroasians in the North survive on? Unfortunately, the misguided Northern leadership is fixated on crude oil, which in itself is also part of the world’s ecological problems. The right thing to do is to cover most parts of Northern Nigeria with solar panels which will supply energy needs of the world and bring in huge returns greater than herding.

Most important is that the solar panels covering the desert soil, would keep away the heat and reduce lost of moisture, which will enable the growth of vegetables. This would eventually bring about more rain, the energy will be used to bring up water from deep inside the Earth crust, and the ecosystem will change. The North neither has the resources, political will as invaders or knowhow to do this and would need the help of Southern Nigeria to make this turnaround. And even after this we must ensure our water supplies are not poisoned with electronic waste by our smartphones by 2041.

Failure to put aside emotional, ethnic and religious considerations will lead to all of us being destroyed. If Yorubas and Igbos don’t unite to take power over In Nigeria to enable them take the right decisions over their ancestral lands of South and Middlebelt, we will all perish. As we can see the Coronavirus is the beginning of the crash of all world systems as predicted by astrologers.

The global economy is already in bad shape and once UK and USA shutdown that is it. Even without them, China, with 1.2 billion people, the production center of the world has not produced anything for 2 months, the world can not escape a global economic crash.

In Nigeria, though we might not be hit by the coronavirus pandemic, our greatest problem lies in the fact that ordinary pure water we can not produce without importing raw materials like Chlorine. Prices would quadruple, anarchy and riots will spread across the world, as the leaders won’t be able to pacify the masses with excuses.

Ultimately, the economically destroyed Western Powers and arid Islamists would head for the West African coast, the true Garden of Eden. We can’t keep them out but must take control to make sure everything is done orderly, otherwise they would bring pestilence and we will all lose. If Fulanis/Afroasians and Western Powers (Eurasians) rule unchallenged, they would end up killing us off for the valuable resources, in their survival of the fittest ideology garbed in religious and political dogma.

This new 2000yr era known as the Age of Shango/Aquarius is best described in the Bibles Revelation Chapter 6 verse 5 to 6, the Apocalyptic Third Horseman with scales of balance on the Black horse. “5 When the Lamb opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, “Come!” I looked, and there before me was a black horse! Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand. 6 Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, “Two pounds[a] of wheat for a day’s wages,[b] and six pounds[c] of barley for a day’s wages,[d] and do not damage the oil and the wine!” This astrological prediction of Apocalyptic horsemen which we know are 2000yrs circles is about global Black ascendancy based on restructuring and just allocation of resources. Nigeria, China and Oonirisa all bear the astrological sign of the balance of scales.

Now there is no way we can get the power to fair restructuring and economic justice, without Yoruba, Igbos and the rest of the Southbelt coming together to win democratically or military. Abrahamists – Christians and Muslims/Eurasians and Afroasians – are products of the Second horseman from 4AD to 1999. Revelation chapter 6 verses 3 to 4 – “When the Lamb opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, “Come!” 4 Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make people kill each other. To him was given a large sword.” The Christian great sword was the Roman Catholic Spatha, which is also the Cross, while the Islamic Great sword is the Scimitar which presents the Moon Crescent. In the last 2000yrs, they have taken peace from the world and brought racial hated that resulted in millions of Original Africans killed and enslaved.

Revelations is not a personal vision of John but universal astrological interpretations. Now, the new cycle started on August 11 1999 when all heavenly bodies were in cardinal points and we Nigeria, the country of Libra scales regained democracy. It takes Oya to activate the awaited change and it took until 2007 for Oya to reach Obaluaye (structure), which immediately lead to global economic crash, on a smaller scale as a warning shot.

The angle that Oya and Shango were caused the illusion of change with the likes of Goodluck Jonathan, Obama. But as Oya progressed and eventually met Babaluaye on January 12 2020, her winds not only shook the structure of the world, but spilled Obaluaye bag of disease carried by Soponna to affect the structure of humanity in form of Corona virus. Babaluaye leaves her in his house to visit Shango on March 21 2020 until May 7 2023 during which time he would inspire us to create structures to help or obstruct the fight for justice, before Oya arrives in Shangos hours in 2023 to set the war for justice alight for 2000 yrs. So we must act now by building that alliance.

The question now is would Yoruba and Igbos collective leadership be wise enough to take this huge task for their survival and that of the world? Can they put aside petty sentiments to come together for the rescuing and uplifting of humanity. Can the world’s largest Original African groups rise to the challenge or would they be swept away in this epoch, as other groups fight for the land under Original African feet, like the herdsmen are currently doing.

We must unite to take over power in Nigeria, restructure not only administrative boundaries but what and the way we produce. We must stop cow production, increase solar production and ultimately push for cultural and economic justice for everyone, including our half brothers, the Afroasians. Only we can judiciously manage our ancestral home, the true Garden of Eden, and we can only do so as a family of Original Africans, the Southbelt alliance.

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