Nigerian Traditional knowledge system beats all world systems! 1

Prince Justice Faloye, President of ASHE Foundation has decried that for too long we have suffered in silence the denigration of our culture identity and systems by foreign Abrahamic cultural imperialists.

The painful part is that our own scholars propagate such White/Arabic dogma that regards us as children of lesser gods, subhuman dumb savages, Negroes, Kaffir etc. This is what the African Sociocultural Harmony and Enlightenment (ASHE) Foundation was established to challenge and reverse.

Well the jury is out and ASHE Foundation caterigorally states that we civilized and continue to civilize the world despite all setbacks. Without a doubt, our African knowledge system, the African Information Retrieval system, also known as Ifa in Yoruba, Afa in Igbo, Iha, Eha and all other groups in the South and Middlebelt trumped all other world system which they did by rightly stating from evolution of Man, to evolution of vaccination and modern medicine, as well as the evolution of the computer system.

Ifa had clearly depicted the evolution of humanity and civilization long before the Western academia theorized about the breakup 66 million years ago of the super continent named Pangea and spread of landmasses known as continents to their present locations. The breakup of the America landmasses is what is known as Ile Ife meaning where the land widened. The northeast coast of South America fits like a jigsaw into Nigeria’s coast where it broke off and drifted away.

Several thousands of years before the start of evolutionary science, Ifa had clearly stated that Ijimere, Baba Obo, the father of all monkeys, missed out the chance to evolve with modern day humans due to its fight with Orunmila. Till date, it is revered as the ultimate spirit through Egungun (masquerades). European treasure hunters digging up the East African coast inspired the creation less than a century ago of the Western academia branch of archeologists and evolution scientists, who made belatedly publicized the link and divergence of monkeys and Man dated to around 7 million years ago.

However, they came to the wrong conclusion that Ethiopia and East Africa were the origins of humanity due to the discovery of skeletons there, not realizing that skeletons were found in Ethiopia and East Africa, because they were arid areas that preserved skeletons, unlike the acidic rainforest of West Africa.

Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa that stated Ile Ife, where the land widened, was the true Garden of Eden of Yorubas, Igbos, Ijaws and all humanity was rubbished as myth by ignorant natives. Culturally enslaved academic and political elites proffered creation stories that tied them to their Abrahamic dogma – Yorubas from Mecca, Igbos from Jerusalem, Jukun from Yemen, Hausa from Baghdad etc.

Fortunately the fact of Ifa has now been backed by the latest genetic anthropological evidence that shows that Yorubas are the oldest full statured humans, placing their divergence to about 87,000yrs ago. However, knowing this little fact will lead to the true identity and unification of Original Africans across South and Middlbelt, Sub-Sahara, Western scholars falsified results to place the true Eden in Botswana instead of the Nigeria coast where land widened.

The cultural bias and academic mischievousness goes back to the foundations of Western medicine whose hidden origins was Soponna, the Orisha of Smallpox, and Osanyin, Orisha of Medicine, but feriously been kept a secret. In the early 1700s when smallpox ravaged the Americas, it was an Original African slave from West Africa that leaked the vaccination technology to Cotton Maher, his master. Cotton Maher had been influential in the Salem Witch trials where Tituba another Original African slave had been wrongly accused of witchcraft. The West African slave made it known that it was the Soponna vaccination technique that made Yorubas and some other groups highly valued due to their resistance to smallpox. When in 1720, Cotton Maher made public his findings and was able to successfully stop the smallpox epidemic in Boston, the source of the knowledge was kept secret from the masses of New England region that just gone through the social upheaval of Tituba, to prevent it being labeled Black witchcraft once again.

Nevertheless, Cotton Maher was to profit from it as he and others founded universities that are today regarded as the world’s best. It took another 50yrs before vaccination could be reintroduced to mainstream medicine and sold as an idea developed from England instead of Yoruba Soponna.

Not only did Western medicine benefit from their Original African enslaved populations medical technology of Soponna, but also that of Osanyin, especially the herbs sellers that were commonplace across the Americas, like they are still in Nigeria. Whites courted the Black herb hawkers, Iya Alagbo, who sold herbs and roots for cheap, and stole their knowledge to build the multi billion pharmaceutical industry.

The Original African Information Retrieval system, Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa, based on binary was the basis of mathematics and all advanced thinking including religion. This spread to the Arabs and was the foundation of Buddhists of Asia. Ifa was not only the source of ancient knowledge systems but the source of the current computer knowledge systems based on the electromagnetic generation of 256 pulses present in Ifa – 16 by 16 system. Ifa 256 pulses generates electromagnetic fields that can interpreted our individual DNA history and future.

So how exactly has Western and Islamic civilized Original Africans in South and Middlebelt?

Morally, the 16 Odus operate a higher moral code than the 10 commandments. Politically, we had mature political systems whereby we didn’t have absolute monarchs. The post of the Chief Executive (Oba) was separated from that of the Commander and Chief of Armed forces (Bashorun) who led the Congress (Oyo Mesi), which prevented egoistic wars of USA, where the president is also the commander and chief of armed forces that has fought a war every day of its existence 250yr existence. There was proper female representation as the powerful Iyalode role (womens leader) could impeach a king with the backing of the Bashorun. There was freedom of association and worship. All now replaced with unstable, unfair and wasteful government types across Africa.

The question is if we Nigerians have the best knowledge and societal systems, why have we ended up the way we have? Why don’t we use the common sense in our traditional systems to pull up ourselves from being the most deprived and disenfranchised race?

In a nutshell, we have been culturally bamboozled and derailed with guns and religion. Our mental chains have immobilized us physically. Since contemporary Original Africans don’t know about their Original African Information Retrieval systems, they know nothing of the information above-mentioned that would enable their cultural linkages to provide a unifying political unity to confront and break the chains arresting their political and economic development. By discarding their our knowledge foundations, they have no leg to stand to adapt modern technologies. The knowledge of Ifa and the social concepts represented by Orishas will make it easier to progress technologically and sociopolitically.

If Yorubas knew fully well that Igbos, Igalas and other Southern and Middlebelt groups possess the same Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa, the source of their cultural identity and knowledge bank, they would have united a strong sociopolitical platform like the Fulani that unite the core North, or like Britain unites the White world to uphold global White supremacy. The lack of knowledge of their complete cultural sphere often represent with the Leopard totem across South and Middlebelt, restricts the groups to divisive pan-tribalism models incapable of withstanding Western and Islamic cultural imperialism.

The ignorance makes basic natural and social concepts difficult. The inspired self hate and racial inferiority complex make Original Africans hate their reflections in other groups, therefore preventing cultural unity and real political power of Original Africans that form 70% of Nigerians and Black Africans as a whole. .

Without the full appreciation of their culture origins, identity and linkages, it is doubtful the Original Africans can ever rise politically, technologically, economically or socially to achieve racial parity. Charity they say starts at home!

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