Black Cultural Power and the symbol of the Leopard

Culture is the most power unifying bond between a people. It could be articulated and unified to be a source of power or could be disoriented to miseducate a people into self destruction.

We have heard of the positive contribution of Original African culture like the 7 day Ogun festival from August 14 to 21 1791 that kicked off the Haiti Revolution and inspired the beginning of the end of transatlantic slavery of Africans, but we also can’t forget the corruption of Arochukwu long juju and Ogun in Yorubaland that fed the slavery trade.

Amotekun, the leopard, is the cultural totem of Original African culture, the Niger-Congo family of languages that spread from Nigeria to Gambia and South Africa. The leopard is the African equivalent of the Christian cross (Spatha) and Islamic crescent (Scimitar), both swords. While the Abrahamic totems represent the swords and war of Ogun that earned them global ascendancy, in Yoruba culture the leopard totem represents Orunmila, the epitome of wisdom (the beginning of human civilization) and Ifa, the world’s first knowledge bank and religion.

In the very beginning, Original African culture of dual complementarity that evolved in the bountiful rainforess of Southern Nigeria, expressed in Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa, led human migration and spread of civilization across the world to South China and beyond. From Southern Nigeria to the Central Nigeria Nok to the Lake Chad Sao civilization to Ethiopia and Egypt to Iran Elam to the Indus civilization to South China, all along the same peaceful egalitarian farming and trading societies headed by priests.

The global Black African Leopard civilization continued until about 2000BC when a new Ogun civilization rose out of the Central Asian mountain cave complex with bows and arrows and horse chariots to brutally annihilate across Eurasia until they got to Egypt under Original African cultural leadership. At the end of the Age of Iron (Ogun), 2000 years ago and the start of the Age of Pisces/Olokun, the Romans decided to back their sword imperialism with cultural imperialism based on cultural appropriation, the stealing and conversion of Origin African culture.

The stories and images of Black culture were whitened, but their essence of duality and peaceful coexistence was lost. Nevertheless, it was effective in cultural disorientating the Original Africans whose human and natural resources they wanted to takeover and exploit.

They gradually inspired global White supremacy from taking over Egypt and Ethiopia then Carthage (Tunisia) to Morocco and then along the coast until they got to Southern Nigerian coast, the core, the heartland, the Origin of Black African culture.

The Edo Original African civilization with a strong bias for Olokun welcomed the Christian Europeans, whose religion they saw as Olokun. The baptism of water and its sign of pisces with two fishes made them feel some misplaced cultural affinity with the fishers of men.

Behind the Olokun facade was the sword of Ogun used to provoke a war and an arms race to feed the transatlantic slave trade. While they preached the Olokuns new testament, they practiced the Ogun old testament of war. The failure of Original African cultural leadership to protect its people led to a total loss of faith in the peoples belief system and racial inferiority complex experienced till today.

This cultural disorientation has continued until the present change of Ages, so when Amotekun, the Leopard, was recently adopted as the totem of Yoruba Justice at the cusp of the Aquarius/Shango Era, people instinctively applauded the effort. However, the deep sound a note of caution. The promoters are not traditionalists and there is a question of whether this is not a continuation of using Black culture to fool Black people.

Some quarters have suggested that it is mere political grandstanding towards 2023 Yoruba presidency ambitions, with no legal backing, and just a lot of motion without movement towards our collective aspirations, like restructuring. It is argued that in Nigeria where soldiers were reported to have killed policemen to free kidnappers, it was politically questionable to send the poor to a battle without legal backing and superior firepower. Yes something has to be done to stop the insecurity but it is pointed out that the problem was not that of not having enough well trained officers, but political and ethnic bias in the prosecution of the criminal elements, especially when they are of the president ethnicity. .

Culture enthusiasts and cosmic scientists say regardless of the selfish interests and personal ambitions at its inception, the use of Original African Yoruba cultural totem and leadership at the cusp of the Age of Shango, project Amotekun will develop its own life to the benefit of the Yoruba in the long run.

The Abrahamists that feel that they can use the Sheep and Shepherd mentality to herd the masses, represented by the Leopard, are in for a surprise. Leopards can’t be domesticated and are very independent and true to nature. Most important is the timing whereby unlike the Age of Pisces/Olokun when the mists and deep seas could be deceptive, the Aquarius/Shango Era will lighten up our global consciousness towards the right direction.

Examples are rife in contemporary Nigeria politics whereby politicans set up bodies in the Niger Delta and Bornu which developed a life of their own and their creators lost control. The soul of Amotekun will be fought for and hopefully the truthful will prevail. Like the Leopard with brown, white and black stripes, Amotekun appears to be a motley of various interests, apart from those that bathed in its political publicity, who will try to take control.

Hopefully Amotekun won’t become a White pussy cat in the hands of an ambitious Governor, known for his links to Western and Afroasiatic interests and role in the Western backed deceptive Change mantra. Instead, the spirit of Black Original African Yoruba civilization, Orunmila would make it a true Black Panther.

Being born on the cusp of the January 12 2020 conjuction of Oya and Obaluaye meant to signal the beginning of the end of Yoruba and global Black subjugation, we hope this baby Leopard turns out right like a Black Panther of Wakanda instead of Queen Elizabeth’s Corgis. Ajobi a gbe waa oo, may our ancestors guide us.

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