Nigeria, God’s own country, of shepherds or leopards?

The meek shall inherit the Earth?

Nigeria is a special place on Earth despite widespread displeasure about its systematic performance. Far from being just a mere geographical expression, it has a few exceptional traits, some of which I have written about – past, present and future.

First, genetic, linguistics and other anthropological evidence point to its coast as the true origin of humanity. And the people recount history back to the breakup of Pangea, the super continent, at a point called Ile Ife, meaning ‘where the land expanded’, as South and North America broke off to form new continents.

And not only land broke off, but it was from the coast that humanity evolved and dispersed to populate the world across the different continents.

Second, Nigeria, the Negro Area is the African Giant, the Black heartland that houses the two largest Original African ethnic groups, Yoruba and Igbo, and the second largest Afroasiatic language, Hausa but rather than be the powerhouse of the Black Race, it fell to being the infamous Slave Coast and now the poverty capital of the world under seige of Abrahamic dogma and terrorists.

However, despite all the present predicaments, cosmic sciences point it out that Nigeria will regain its global dominance at the change of ages. According to laws of precession of the equinoxes and its 2000 year eras known as Great Years, Nigeria will achieve global ascendancy when the universe moves from the Age of Pisces (Olokun), a time religious and political dogma, to the Age of Aquarius (Shango), a time of true Enlightenment in a digital age. Biblically, Nigeria is the 3rd Horseman with the Libra scales and Shango etched into its October 1 1960 birthdate.

So God has a plan for Nigeria but which God and for what people? Islamization, Christianization or Original African Ifa/Afa/Iha?

At the beginning of the outgoing Pisces/Olokun Great Year two thousand years ago, religious and political dogma was devised by those who had previously migrated out of Africa to the ends of the world but were returning for its resources.

Initially setting out from the Central Asian mountain caves with their livestock, bow and arrows and horse chariots, they brutally overran Black civilizations from South China to Egypt to become Shepherd kings in the Aries/Ogun era before adopting religion to penetrate Black Africa starting with Ethiopia in the new era of Pisces/Olokun.

With the mix in populations, the Afroasiatic mulatto Arab descendants modified the White Jewish and Christian dogma into Islam to penetrate the Original African sphere, first taking over the Lake Chad Sao civilization around 1000AD before moving westward to take Hausa land.

The Afroasiatic advance under the guise of Abrahamic dogma was halted at the fringes of the Great forests by Yorubas, Igalas, Jukun and other Original African groups, but the older Abrahamists, the Eurasians were to colonize from the coasts and amalgamated the two cultural spheres – Original African and Afroasian – into the Negro Area aka Nigeria.

The Amalgamation didn’t distract or derail the well articulated Afroasiatic advance to the true Eden, the birthplace of humanity in Southern Nigeria.

It was the unarticulated Original Africans cultural sphere that became susceptible to further cultural disorientation by the Christian colonists with measures like breaking the Original African cultural sphere into West and East regions in 1935. The Western academia blurred the fact that the 700 million Original Africans that spoke the Niger-Congo ethnolinguistic family were a continuum of dialects that shared the same genetic and cultural origins from Nigeria to Gambia and South Africa. Caught between the blue eyed devil of the Sea and the red eyed devil of the desert, Original Africans departed from their original African belief system and used one devilish colonist against another.

The people blessed with the best resources, land and people, now ignorantly prayed for less and poor alternatives. Those who natutally picked wild Yams, the world’s largest carbohydrate, vegetables and palm oil, now prayed for a wilderness of milk and honey. Culturally disorientated and mentally enslaved they prayed hard to their Conquerors ancestors and God whose Jesus boat had carried them into slavery. They equated their Original African ancestral lands that had survived tens of thousands of years, to the land of Israel known to have been destroyed at least twice by fellow Asiatic shepherds.

Despite their prayers, the Lord of Shepherds that had permitted Cain, the Shepherd, to kill Abel, the farmer, is not likely to favor Original Africans farmers against the Afroasians herdsmen, whose viens carry the true blood of Abraham and shepherd kings. European colonists had always favored the Afroasiatics over Original Africans because they understood and respected their Abrahamic cultural linkages with the herdsmen. And no matter how many times the Original Africans tries to be born again, he can infuse the dogma but not the Shepherds blood lineage.

The Original African had the bloodline of the leopard not sheep. Unfortunately, the African could no longer relate to Orunmila, the emblem of wisdom represented by leopards, and therefore can’t be called to the rescue when we don’t understand his wisdom. If Yorubas, Igbos and other groups in South and Middlebelt of Nigeria understand the Orunmila platform and realize they share the same genetic and cultural origins, then they would realize that they are 70 percent of the population and all that is required is their cultural identification and unification.

It is said that for the lack of knowledge a people will perish and deservedly so, if Original Africans can’t value their culture and history. As long as Original Africans remain cultural enslaved, unable to articulate their full cultural sphere, they will never find the numbers to defeat European and Afroasian imperialism, and their lands will be overtaken by their shepherds kings while their native language and customs discarded.

In this clash of civilizations and change of ages, Abrahamic and political dogma can never unify nor save the Black Race. We have seen the Europeans rise and back conservatives like Trump and Boris Johnson, Afroasians have pushed Jihads and see Buhari as a Mahdi, but Original Africans have no fixed cardinal point or vision. Instead we are limited by myopic tribal aspiration without a global perspective and aspirations.

Ooni of Ife has pushed for the Original African platform, as Eze of Aguleri stated recently that it was not about who was first but that all Original Africans come from one source, as proved by modern sciences and oral traditions. The foundations of Yoruba, Igbo, Igala, Idoma and other Original African cultures is based on the Orunmila 16 sector Original African Information Retrieval system aka Ifa/Afa which the Attah of Igala called the connecting link between all Original Africans.

Far from vouching for the adoption of Ifa as a religion, especially since moving from the faith-basedPisces/Olokun era into the fact-based Shango Era, we need to enlighten ourselves about the facts of our genetic and cultural linkages to survive and achieve our collective aspirations. Instead of being led like sheep by religious and political dogma, Original Africans must be like leopards. Wise like Orunmila.

The meek can inherit the Earth only if they apply wisdom and unite.

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