Can a true African be an Abrahamist?

Some believe that you can think like an African, being Afrocentric, as an Abrahamist – Muslim or Christian. Even though many have questioned how one can adopt the God of their enslaver, they are told to get over the evils of the transatlantic slave trade, colonization and neocolonialism.

The question is are the philosophical foundations similar to enable integration, syncretism? No, if you understand that African philosophy is based on Binary complementarity, while Abrahamist philosophy is based on binary opposition. This is why Africans led by Eurocentric leaders have no being able to progress and appear in a permanent state of perambulation.

First and foremost, to the African Almighty God is good and bad, and there is no devil. Western philosophy believes God is Good, while devil is bad. African philosophy is backed by modern science that you can’t separate negative from positive, in atoms protons and electrons exist side by side and can’t be separate naturally.

Basically African philosophy is based on duality while Abrahamist philosophy is based on linearity. This is reflected in the study if history, whereby Abrahamist and especially Western history is linear while Original African history recognizes the cyclical pattern of history and ties events to spiritual essences. This is why the issue that Oduduwa, Ogun and other orishas repeat throughout history confuses those with an Eurocentric mindset that tie occurrences to specific individuals and events.

Western philosophy believes spirit and matter are separable while African philosophy believes they are one and inseparable.

African philosophy believe difference is necessary even if not beneficial while Abrahamist philosophy believes compromise is weak or a necessary evil, which is results I’m the extremism witnessed in Islam and Christian sects, as well as between capitalism and communism. Rather than being extremes, from an African viewpoint they are just points on a cycle. As we see, capitalists engaged in the greatest direct government investment during wars to build their industrial complexes, while communist Russia and China became business incubators. If both extremes are perfected they become the same thing.
From an African philosophical standpoint between is a place of power, while the Eurasiatic perspective believes between is a place of not belonging. Africans believe hybridity is powerful and desirable while Eurasians take hybridity as impure/inauthentic.

Rather than see God as universal, Western philosophy makes him tribal. Muslims and Christians base their worship on demonization of all others, while IFA tends to be all receptive. Unfortunately, this all encompassing approach of IFA has left it open to attacks by the Western extremists, who disseminate their beliefs on the demonization of African culture. They wrongly and stubbornly equate Esu in Yoruba and Ekwensu in Igbo, symbols of communication, to be Satan, while Original African philosophy does not recognize wholly positive or negative entities.

However, when Original Africans reciprocate by labelling and tagging Western deities to IFA, the Western extremists get hot and shout blasphemy. Due to this it is often argued that African freedom can only be won with African philosophy and spritiuality.

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