Aworawo, Yorubas Greatest Loss! 3

The disappearance of Aworawos in Yorubaland has resulted in loss of its traditional ability to articulate its chronological history and ability to project the future based on past trends, like modern Economists. For the lack of knowledge, my people might perish.

The Bible said ‘number your days right so that you can gain wisdom of the heart’, so the argument that Aworawo was a sin is a cultural misunderstanding.

It is through timing that we know when to plant, when we menstruate and the occurrences of all other natural phenomenons.

Time keeping in every civilization was based on astrologers since the calendar is based on the Moon. A Month represents a full moon which comes roughly every 28 days. There are 13 full moons (Moonth) in every full cycle of the Sun, which makes a year.

The lunar calendar started by Yorubas/Igbos and other Original Africans 10,000yrs ago was based on 13 months, until the advent of a solar calendar 5,000yrs ago and its perfection as the Julian calendar 2000yrs ago.

This swept away all previous Yoruba Original African history and resulted in the continued disorientation of the Black Race.

The time in Yoruba calendar is 10,500+ years but we can only now relate to 2018yrs only. A loss of over 8,000yrs and ability to discern long term trends.

For example in the Bible, those that earned the title of the Wise Men were astrologers who tied concepts to astrological placements in order to outline history and predict the future. The Wise Men were aware that Jesus was about to be born because they knew the astrological trend. Some say they followed the Sirius star that comes every 4,000yrs.

This means that Jesus was a reincarnate, which ties to Yoruba mythology that most of its Orishas like Oduduwa, Orunmila, Obatala reincarnated and continue to reincarnate with the same spiritual essences in different physical manifestations.

Our inability to discern the trends that brings about the spiritual essences/natural concepts deprives us the ability to know which era brought a specific Orisha, or system. It led to the mix-up between Orunmila and Oduduwa.

Historical evidence based on the number of Oonis placed the advent of Oduduwa around the 11th century. This makes it impossible for him to be the progenitor of the Yoruba Race proven by DNA evidence to have existed 87,000yrs ago. Iwo Eleru caves attests to human settlements around 10,000yrs ago.

Also, if Orunmila is truly the Orisha of the Ifa information retrieval system, then he must have lived several thousands of years ago before the Igbos and other Southbelt ethnic groups diverged and left with the system.

Ifa is believed to have spread to Ethiopia, where it is known as the Erecha belief system, before the reign of the first Ethiopia king called Ori that ruled in 4470BC. Ifa is believed to have been transfered to Asia around 3500BC. So, which Orunmila was with which Oduduwa and what era, trend or time.

Some authorities have rightly pointed out that there were different reincarnations of Orunmila, Shango, Obatala and many others. However, the inability to time their previous manifestations prevents us from calculating their next coming like the Three Wise men.

It was John Dee, Queen Elizabeth 1 astrologer, that informed her when to strike for freedom from the Roman Empire. An act that made Britain Great till today. Now, if Yorubas want to strike for freedom from British and Fulani bondage, how do you know when there are beneficial trends?

Yes we known short term trends of when to plant and harvest, but do we even know other short term trends like that of Esu, ‘Ijo ti Esun rin lono’, not to talk of 84yr trends of Shango and justice, or the 246yr trends of Oya revolutionary spiritual essence?

Basically, we are a people lost in a time capsule. Like a blind man that can’t see the sky to know day from night or the gathering of clouds, we can only knee down submissively with our eyes closed hoping for deliverance.

After completing my book, The Blackworld: Evolution to Revolution in 2005, a fateful visit to Convent Gardens in London landed me in Mysteries Shop that housed the greatest collection of spiritual beliefs from every civilization including Ifa, as well as in Equinox Shop, one of the world’s foremost astrologers. I decided to investigate cosmic knowledge of major ancient civilizations, which led to major personal and Yoruba discoveries.

I discovered that I carried the reincarnated spiritual essences of Shango, the Orisha of Justice, and Esu, the Orisha of Information. I discerned the trends that Jesus, the truth, the light and the way was the reincarnated spirit of Mercury, the Eurasian, equivalent of Esu. He was the truth, the light and the way for Jews.

I suggest watching The Zeitgeist documentary to understand the astrological concepts behind every religion – Christianity, Islam, Ifa etc.

The most important Christian festival, Easter is calculated with the moon – the Aries moon, the moon of the sacrificial Lamb. The same applies to Muslim’s whose every fasting and celebration is based on the placement of the moon.

Most importantly was the ability to use it to project the future. I wasn’t fooled by the false cry for revolutionary change, inspired by the ruling class, to bring about Goodluck Jonathan and Badluck Buhari. As predicted, there was to be a backlash from 2017 against the ruling class tricks, which could lead to revolution or war by 2020.

Restructuring was on the cards but couldn’t be achieved peacefully before 2020 and if stalled would led to war by 2023.

Longer term trends showed that 2023 would kick off the 2000yr Shango era of global Yoruba prosperity and social justice.

However, astrologers say trends are just opportunities that have to be worked upon before being fulfilled. You have to know the time the train arrives and get on it, otherwise you will remain on the same spot.

Unfortunately Yorubas have lost the timetable, don’t have the time and even if the train stops right in front of them, are not ready to go since they haven’t gathered their possessions and family.

Christian, Islamic and Chinese interests that still know the timing of the universe are getting ready, gathering their peoples and moving into positions, for the great transit between 2020 and 2030, in which all global systems will crash and new ones implemented.

China’s economy is to surpass that of the USA in 2020. However, Nigeria, the astrological twin of China, that should strive to take advantage of the advent of the era of the Biblical third horseman, the era of Shango, have no idea of the time. They are asleep like the virgins waiting for the Messiah.

Original African groups will be caught unaware and unprepared but will be dragged on the global revolutionary train, without its full Original African family.

No doubt the divide and rule policy against Original Africans will continue, if when on board we find ourselves on our own against the United Europeans under United States, United Kingdom and United Nations, while the Afro-Asians are united under the ban of united Jihadist caliphates.

I won’t be surprised that Buhari and the Fulani are aware of this trend and inspired them to break the indirect rule with British and takeover its Southern Protectorate as everybody dashes for the frontline.

The US Deepstate and religious right are aware of this imminent transit and probably informed their backing of firebrand Trump into office, who switched the focus away from Russia, a spent force, to China – the clear and present danger to US global dominance.

Yorubas simply have to wake up, clear its cultural identity and history to unify all Original Africans for the next 2000yrs of prosperity. Otherwise, those who have numbered their days right and gained wisdom of timing will use the incoming spiritual essence of Shangos Justice to cause war and come in as peacekeepers to recolonize us.

Until we wake up, they will inspire injustice then come as Messiahs as we see unfolding in the present political reality.

For the lack of knowledge a people perish. If we don’t gather the cultural knowledge and unite all original Africans, we would be like stupid sheep scattered and singled out by a pack of wolves.

Also, if we don’t gain the knowledge of timekeeping, we won’t have the wisdom of the heart to know the time that the spiritual essence of Oya revolutionary and Shangos Justice arrives.

3 thoughts on “Aworawo, Yorubas Greatest Loss!

  1. Reply Adewale Apr 9, 2020 08:17

    This is a great eye opener as a young man I have always want to know more about Yoruba tradition especially the IFA , I believe this is our root , no matter any religion we choose our root still have more answer to our existence than the foreign religion.

  2. Reply Muda Dayo Feb 12, 2020 06:37

    My forefathers worshipped Ogun and by our oral tradition passed on to us, they believe that Ogun was an incarnate of Jesus or the other way round.
    According to them,
    1. Ogun was born ni ile Aro while Jesus was born in the Manger.
    2. Ogun, olomi Nile feje we, alaso mile fi moriwo Bora while Jesus too was bathed with blood and equally worn palm leaves on palm Sunday
    3. Ogun o fero m, Ogun o feke while Jesus too was known for his down to earth truth.
    4. Meta logun while Jesus is being described as three in one, the God, Jesus and the holy ghost.
    5. Ogun wole ni ile Aro while Jesus was kept in a thumb that disappeared by the third day.
    7. Invoking the name of Ogun on falsehood can lead to destruction.
    8. And many more.
    All sentiments a part, with some of these revelations about Ogun, could anybody say that Ogun is or was devilish?

  3. Reply Shorler Feb 11, 2020 10:26

    This is thought provoking and highly loaded. I hope every Yoruba is reading and working towards the timing.
    For the political class in Southwest, you will agree with me that this folk ain’t thinking for their masses, all they care is their pockets and the ruled were neither informed nor ready to be informed.

    But reading about the timing, 2020-2030, sincerely your prediction about China adjust to timing is correct (owing to their success in pioneering 5G technology which is a threat to US and the entire Europe), how do we help ourselves for history not to repeat itself.

    If we.dont get it right, am afraid, we might spend the next 2000yrs in slavery.

    God bless the ASHE Foundation

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