ORISHA DNA – Panacea to Global White supremacy 1

Until Ooni of Ife calls our own Council of Nicea and issues a global Black Code, the Black Race won’t rise. May the true Omoluabi (God’s child) please stand up!

2000yrs ago, at the beginning of the Holy Roman Empire, Europeans had the problem of being in the shadows of Pyramids and its glorious Black African history.

This was despite the previous 2000yr successful takeover with horse chariots, bows and arrows of Black civilizations in South China, India, Iran, Sumner and ancient Egypt, by light-skinned humans that emerged from the Central Asian mountains and caves.

Just like in present day Black Africa where European and Arabic perspectives affect every aspect of life from the family unit to the independent national government, the Romans and other Europeans had to contend with the overbearing influences of Osiris, Horus and Isis in their moral beliefs, taxation, control and unity.

It dawned on the Romans that they had to create God in their own image and articulate their own cultural identity and beginnings. To do this they had to look back to Greece, the first White nation, and the Jews, the first White herdsmen, to arrive at ancient Egypt. The Greeks had takeover Egypt and in conjunction with Jewish scholars had built Alexandria library in 323 BC.

While in slavery in Assyria/Babaylon (Iraqi), the Jews had taken the advantage of the Assyrian papyrus to write down their oral history in five books known as the Torah, starting over a 1000yrs with the advent of Abraham (father/first ancestor) in Egypt. With the fall of Assyria and the takeover of ancient Egypt, the Greeks welcomed the Jews and translated the Torah written in Hebrew into Greek, the official language.

The Romans could see with hindsight the effectiveness of the Jews book of origins, values and universal laws in the takeover without war of Ethiopia to the South or Egypt. Ethiopia black Erecha (Orisha) civilization, who first king Ori ruled in 4470 BC, was older than Egypt but was replaced with the Afro-Asiatic Solomonic Dynasty.

Emperor Constantine took the step of calling the Council of Nicea, composed of leading scholars from North Africa, Arabia and Eurasia, to compile a single document that articulated their cultural origins, linkages and aspirations. This document was called the Bible meaning the book.

Like the Jews that had written about Adam and Abraham centuries before, based on oral history with no tangible evidence, but empowered with the universal laws of 12 moons (months) as brothers/tribes around the Sun, the new book wrote about Jesus that lived centuries before but backed by 12 moons (disciples).

Regardless of the faulty foundations of origin, the universal laws made it an immensely powerful book used to denigrate and wipe off the previous Black cultural influences, giving birth to global White supremacy. Portraying God in their own image, they became the Omoluabis, God’s children and chosen ones.

This new White supremacy dogma became a unifying tool that could used to mobilize and control humans far and wide, as seen with the Crusaders. This was the era of the Second horseman with the Sword of God. First the Roman Spatha, then the Islamic Scimitar when Arabs saw the need to articulate God in their own image and collective aspirations.

The unity of the fake European Omoluabis remained strong for a thousand years until 1470s when they got to the home of the true Omoluabis in Western Africa.

It took less than 20yrs after the stepping on the true Eden for cracks to appear in their cultural unity. When the head of the Roman Empire that initiated the writing of the Bible, Pope Alexander VI made a ruling splitting the mythical Adams inheritance only between Spain and Portugal in the 1490s Treaty of Tordesillas, the illegitimate Omoluabis of the house pulled the roof down. The British and French protested, attacked the Latinos and wrote the Bible in their own language to share in the riches of the true Eden.

So it is necessary for a collective to have a document that clearly states origins, cultural linkages and values based on universal laws. Ironically, the true and first Omoluabis have not cared to articulate their origins, cultural linkages, collective values and aspirations based on natural laws.

The blame falls squarely on Yorubas and Igbos, the two largest original African groups, who have failed to articulate and present an understanding of Black African origins, linkages and aspirations, but instead are the greatest purveyors of Christianity and White supremacy, not only amongst themselves but across Africa.

This is why the Black Race has failed to rise. Yes, it was easy to unite in the global Black movement against the White enslavers and colonizers, but that is where it will stop unless the Black Race can articulate its relationship with God as the true Omoluabis.

Until recently it has been difficult if not impossible to discern true Black history due to the effects of the initial 2000yr era of sheer brute force known as the Iron Age, Ogun, 1st Horseman, followed by the last 2000yr Olokun/2nd horseman era of white supremacist dogma.

Fortunately, the universal laws, even captured in the Bible Apocalypse horsemen era, has recently revealed hidden knowledge to help in the articulation of Black history required to challenge White supremacy.

The Apocalypse meaning hidden knowledge is the DNA evidence that reveals the true Omoluabis and their cultural linkages, as well as linguistic and cultural anthropological evidence to show the underlying philosophical foundations of the Orunmila civilization, the world’s first.

What is required is for the paramount monarchs and cultural custodians of Original African culture to come together, like the Council of Nicea, to arrange and disseminate the cultural unity and uplifting platform to defeat global White supremacy.

The defeat of global White supremacy is to not to bring about another era of a different racial supremacy dogma, but to bring about global cultural equity and a just world, where every ethnicity, no matter how small or weak, has the right of self determination in a fair international community.

The true Omoluabis must stand up to show through DNA how humanity is linked and how the Orunmila civilization pantheon of Orishas is a wide philosophical and spiritual spectrum that can explain and accommodate, not only the Ogun Osoosi Abrahamists but all the 401 spiritual entities that make up universal laws.

Only this can bring about a sustainable global community. So please can the true Omoluabi please stand up with the DNA of the Orishas universal foundations.

One comment on “ORISHA DNA – Panacea to Global White supremacy

  1. Reply Yinka Mar 11, 2020 17:00

    Even if Ooni calls for the equivalent of the Council of Nicea, the battle for supremacy won’t allow it to be successful. They would never agree on anything that would take away their assumed power that only came off conquests, having nothing to do with Origin.
    The Arabs were quick to understand situations through awareness by Prophet Mohammed, who established Islam for his people in opposition to Christianity he grew up in.
    Africans sold themselves to either of the two and aligned with them, believing themselves as inferior as they had been brain-washed.
    Both slave masters are always at logger head with each other since they they both know their motives.

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