Yoruba Political Economy – Ogun, Shango or Osun philosophy?

The world seems intimidating when you view and conceptualize it in foreign languages and perceptions.

Like the Japanese and Chinese, until Yorubas and by extension all Original Africans (Niger-Kongo) ethnolinguistic groups can analyze and understand the world in their traditional philosophies and wisdom accumulated over 12,000yrs of Orunmila civilization, we won’t be able to uplift ourselves and give the world a sustainable economic model.

I will explain in Yoruba philosophy because it is what I am used to but applies to all Original Africans.

The current Western global economy called the military industrial complex is better understood as the Ogun industrial complex. In the Nineties dot.com boom, many proclaimed the end of the Ogun industrial complex, heavy manufacturing, for a new digital age, the age of Shango.

However the question arose whether we can skip the Ogun industrial complex of building railways, car manufacturing plants and aircraft industry used to attain global economic and political ascendancy by the USA since the 1800s.

They claimed the world will be free of recessions attached to Ogun industrial complex, which has never been able to leave a recession without war.

The key issue was that once an Ogun economy reached a plateau, the only way out was for the government to go to war to clear the shelf of unsold products and mobilize taxpayers money into building new production facilities that would move the economy to a new level.

This method required the shedding of the blood of their youth and the opponents, showcasing the new technology that would either be sold as military hardware or converted into consumer goods like tanks/cars, radar/radio-tv, fighter jets/passenger jets, spying equipment/computer technology and the latest, drones converted to pizza delivery and aerial filming gadgets.

Although all these gadgets might appear to be new concepts, there is nothing new in the Ogun alomi le feje we methodology.

The oldest proven iron smelting site in the world is in Lejja Nsukka dated to 1900BC and believed to have started the Iron Age. And right from day one, if Ogun made a sharper cutlass and tested it on someone’s neck, he would get orders for more.

However, Original Africans blessed with the most bountiful environment and the full range of Orunmila civilization turned to Osun philosophy of music, fertility and the Owambe complex. Rather than fine tune Oguns products into weapons, they stuck to agricultural production.

This was not the case of the Whites that originated from the Andronovo cave complex and wildernesses that made them turn to weapons to harvest humans in wars over 2,000yrs that pillaged established Black civilizations from South China to Ancient Egypt to Europe.

At the end of the age of Ogun, the Biblical 1st horseman with bows and arrows, and the advent of Olokun era, the Biblical 2nd Horseman with the giant sword, Europeans once again like they converted agricultural Ogun products for war, converted African ancestral veneration into religion and shift from brute force to fighting for God with swords. They used the swords to clear Europe of Africans and take North Africa.

Eventually their Afro-Asiatic descendants designed the bigger Islamic Scimitar to challenge Roman Catholic Spatha and took territory in Africa and Europe.

Europeans resumed their global domination with the design of the Gun in 1270 to beat back the Afro-Asian Caliphates and arrived on the West African coast in 1470s.

Mixing Ogun and Olokun maritime trade, they prospered as they built ships that could be converted from slave and commodity ships to warships, making Britannica rule the waves.

Europeans exchanged the tools of Ogun for the blood of the children of Osun. While the British isles need ships to link its Atlantic triangular trade, USA a continental territory need railways to link its plantations to the ports, which brought the 1800s Railroad boom.

After all railroads had been laid and skyscrapers had been built, the Ogun boom came to a plateau which was only relieved with the birth of the Ogun industrial complex, as described above.

Russia, the White Race motherland, that tried to compete in the Ogun industrial complex lost out and was bankrupted since it didn’t have the blood of Osun, a Black underclass to exploit like the Western slaving Nations.

It was China that was to show the world a new economic model – mixing of Ogun and Osun. Instead of resorting to war to move the economy out of periodic recessions, it set out to build Ogun structures in form of economic liberating infrastructure across Africa and South America. This has made China catch up with the West and will surpass USA in 2020.

Now since we know the existing economic models, the question is what production philosophy can Yorubas adopt to uplift themselves, the Black Race and set the world on a sustainable economy?

Yes, the era of Shango is here and the digital economy is predicted to be the growth sector but can we ignore Ogun industrial complex? The answer is No.

Ogun is needed for improved agricultural production and railways that will inspire other aspects of Ogun like cars and aeroplanes, which are huge labour employment sources that would provide millions of jobs and link our markets. The manufacturing of electronics will also need Ogun.

However, the difference would be rather than using war to leave recessions, we can employ Shango digital business, Osun arts and music and Olokun maritime trade with Brazil and the Black diaspora to create a global ascendancy.

Also, the outgoing Olokun era and its philosophy has to be taken into consideration especially the dark side of religious and political dogma which could be used to disorientate Africans, provoke injustice and anarchy, resulting in self serving humanitarian militarism by the Western Powers. Just like Osun is to mitigate the bloodthirsty Ogun industrial complex, Shangos philosophy of enlightenment and justice is the right weapon to defeat the White Olokun dogma.

Now, the Shango versus Olokun showdown is the greatest challenge and will require the revelation of hidden knowledge to enlighten the deep mysterious depths of Olokun. A hidden knowledge so strong that it can shatter the false foundations of Eurasian political and religious dogma.

The hidden knowledge is just being released and involves the truth that Yoruba is the oldest ethnic group and it’s cultural linkages with other original Africans. This revealed hidden knowledge must be disseminated to change the global consciousness.

So to summarise, we must endeavor to build our Ogun complex but tempered with Osun and we must free ourselves of foreign Olokuns mental slavery with Shangos enlightenment and we shall witness 2000yrs of global economic ascendancy.

Specifically, under Ogun philosophy , the Shagamu mixed steel plant must be upgraded to supply the Lagos manufacturing center, Railways have to be built to link every town. Under Shango philosophy, the truth of our origins and linkages would build a well articulated cultural platform on which Original African political aspirations can evolve, especially restructuring, as well as to shatter Olokuns religious and political dogma.

Once this is done, the Black Race shall take its place as first among equals!

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