China Marshal Plan or Debt Colonization

The USA used the Marshal Plan to rebuild post War Europe in the 1950s and created the International Monetary Fund used to solidify the Western economies. It was the beginning of a new world order – East vs West.

In the late Seventies/early Eighties, Milton Friedman and the Chicago school of Economics pushed the classical Economic brand of Structural Adjustment Plans on the Black world through Reagan and Thatcher.

60 Black Nations were forced to take the bitter pill of devaluation and stoppage of economic liberating infrastructure, in the name of free trade and economic liberalization.

For 20yrs, every single one of the 60 Black Nations had their economic development arrested.

However from 1999, the Chinese economic miracle allowed China to create its own Marshal Plan across South America and Africa and announced its intention to create it’s own World Bank with Russia, Brazil, Nigeria being major partners.

That’s how the fight started.

The economic liberalization gospel of the West was now used against them as the Chinese had the money while they couldn’t compete.

The West was to fight tooth and nail to keep its international financial caste system. Currency attacks, terrorists, corruption propaganda, regime change are part of the weapons in the clash of the ages. Cold War II

As far back as 2012, I had read that the Naira would be devalued to 500 to £1. Brazil lost over $60bn trying to defend its currency, so did Russia, China, South Africa witness their currency attacked by international currency speculators.

GEJ used a huge amount of foreign cash reserves to defend the Naira. At a point, Western oil companies that normally contributed to the weekly supply stopped, which forced the government to dip into reserves to keep it stable.

Apart from the prospect of Nigeria in the Chinese World Bank, the move towards a single African currency, which Naira will dictate more than a third of its value, had to be sabotaged.

In anticipation of a financial union of Chinese and South hemisphere (Non aligned market) in which Nigeria would be a leading participant, the Chinese made its largest foreign investment in the form of the $12b Lagos-Calabar railway line.

The West won’t let it’s biggest fish get away like that so it inspired a corruption propaganda and Islamist terrorists to bring about a regime change. Buhari came into power and intentionally destabilized our foreign exchange mechanism and stopped the Lagos-Calabar line.

To continue their Cold War against China, they have sponsored anti-China propaganda of debt colonization.

But it is obvious that we were not colonized through debt, but through anarchy of the slave trade.

It is also obvious that the US Marshal Plan to rebuild Europe didn’t end in its colonization.

We should know the difference between arms for colonization and debt for colonization if ever it was possible.

But then again…

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