Blacks are the world’s number one fall guys/Mumu for propaganda

It’s like we are dropped on our heads when born, the way we fall for propaganda.

Now, every dumbass that has a smartphone, probably made in China, is passing on Western propaganda of Chinese colonization, when they don’t even know how we were colonized by Europeans in the first place.

I just had to block one dumbass on Facebook, who called me a sellout after I defeated his arguments.

We fall for Abrahamic propaganda that Esu, who created our knowledge bank called Ifa, is Satan. Therefore we rubbish our long history and knowledge of our ancestors to become culturally disoriented.

We fall for corruption propaganda inspired by the outsiders and trash our true leaders. The large number of Africans now known as Afro-Asians lost their cultural identity, when they sided foreign Islamist corruption propaganda against their true leaders.

The Islamists took over only to bring about greater corruption and made them lose their cultural identity.

After decades of fighting for African liberation, within five years leaders like Nkrumah were overthrown on a CIA inspired corruption propaganda that also saw Nigerian, Brazilian and many other presidents toppled in the Mid Sixties.

The military took power in all Black Nations following the Western inspired corruption propaganda, only to destroy their economies and arrest their economic and political development.

Following decades of suffering under military rule, Nigeria returned to democracy and was set to launch its industrial takeoff, but the Western Powers that wanted to keep the Slave Coast, the Negro Area, in chains launched another corruption propaganda and the Nigerian Mumus lapped it up and supported the military takeover by General Buhari. Buhari came to stop the Ajaokuta steel complex and destroy the currency and economy.

Once again, the Black heartland toiled under military rule that arrested its economic and political development for 15yrs.

It took a very bloody prodemocracy movement to get us back on track and you would have thought the mantra would be ‘never again would we fall for propaganda’, but guess what? Our Mumu never do oo.

From 1980 to 2000, the African economy was totally destroyed by the Western Powers and IMF. Our mines were deemed uneconomical and closed down, our commodity markets were sabotaged and depressed, our currency was devalued and tarnished, our infrastructural development was stopped.

Africa was pronounced dead and left to rot by the West. Even millions of Africans, including me, left their dead body continent for the shores of America and Europe.

However, Africans being God’s true children, a ray of hope was shone by the Chinese. They came in and revived our economy within 10yrs and everyone shouted ‘Africa is Rising!’

They reopened our mines, increased our commodity prices, stabilized our currency and started building economic liberating infrastructure, which made millions of us return around 2008.

The Chinese did this because of self interest stated in international communism that until the Western Powers were relieved of their African colonies, they, the Russians and all other non-slaving Nations could never enjoy a level playing field in the global marketplace.

More like freeing the slaves of your enemy so he can’t use his slave army to dominate you. Something like what Abraham Lincoln did to break the South during the 1860s Civil War.

The Russians had armed African Liberation movements towards political freedoms, but was bankrupted by US armed Afghan Islamists while it tried to secure African economic liberation by building infrastructure like Ajaokuta.

Therefore, the task of economic liberation had to be taken up by the Chinese, who had been armed to politically free itself from British-Japanese domination and had it’s infrastructure like 13 steel mills built by Russia to launch its industrial takeoff.

So, the Chinese set out to build economic liberating infrastructure, first in South America then in Africa.

The West threw up all tantrums and propaganda but South America stayed focused and allowed the Chinese to complete their work.

Not a single South American nation was colonized or had its assets or land seized by the Chinese.

But, if the Western propaganda failed to sell in South America, in Africa it had good customers (awon customer Dada aka perpetual mugus).

It took Hilary Clinton to raise the scaremongering alarm that China was taking over, even though the West still controlled the largest chunk of the African economy. The West then started the new Cold War between them and any African leader that took Chinese investment through corruption propaganda and Islamic terrorists. Their most effective tool was propaganda.

The Mumus in Nigeria, Brazil, South Africa and Ghana, buoyed by their Diaspora, took to the streets and online to echo their Masters Voice and propaganda.

Nigerians, the world’s greatest Mumus, whose economy had been growing at a fast rate, threw out its most professionally educated government to date and replaced it with a semi illiterate Jihadist named Buhari.

Yes, the same Buhari that had destroyed the previous democracy, stopped Russian infrastructural development and destroyed the economy in 1984 and made us to wallow for decades before regaining our steam.

And guess what, within 3 months, before choosing a cabinet, he deliberately sabotaged and destroyed our currency and economy, stopped the Chinese infrastructure development of Lagos-Calabar line while also arresting our political freedoms.

In Brazil, the second most populous Black nation, the regime change inspired by the corruption propaganda led to the sabotage of the only constitutional amendment that helped uplift Afro-Brazillians – culture provision.

Those who came into power through western inspired corruption propaganda in Ghana and South Africa are window dressing. Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenya president and Africas best, who managed to survive the propaganda, was also savvy enough to know that the only way to build infrastructure NOW and not when Jesus comes is through Chinese.

Kenya, Ethiopia and a few others have modern railways and other Chinese financed and built infrastructure to show. The Chinese had earmarked $60b about 3yrs ago which had their desired effect, and were once again offering another $60b, which will definitely change the continent.

Africa was to continue rising with the exception of Nigeria where Buhari had sabotaged China’s largest foreign investment, the Lagos-Calabar railway, that would have revolutionized economic growth in the Black heartland like the 1800 US railroads transformed the US economy.

To fool his Mumus and buy time till he leaves office, he claimed the contract was re-awarded the to US military industrialists, GE that had never built a railway or raise such funding.

Since Kenya was the showcase of Chinese infrastructural development, Uhuru Kenyatta was summoned to London and Washington before heading to the China-Africa Summit and warned not to be another Nkrumah that made them lose huge parts of Africa.

Instead of taking to Davidos lyrical advice that ‘if you no get money, hide your face’, Theresa May of Britian and Angela Merkel brought their ugly faces to warn the others.

To cap it all, they brought their regular trademark of propaganda to their good customers, customer Dada, that the Chinese were seizing Zambian national property for outstanding debts.

How vile! It’s like your bad Belle friend spreading rumours that your fine new car has been repossessed by you car dealer when it’s only off the road because you want to add a few custom features.

Like most propaganda, I have learnt to ask vital questions, starting from where, who and why? This is not your regular loan sharks and car dealers.

We are talking of a whole nation being partially repossessed by another nation. Abeg who passed the judgement? The Zambian Supreme Court or who? Who are the bailiffs, the Chinese army or Zambian?

With the exception of US invading Cuba, Argentina and a few other tiny American Nations in the 1800s and early 1900 for debts, which was done under a disguise of human rights.

We, Africa, owed Paris Club and the rest of the world several times the amount that we owe the Chinese for decades until it’s was forgiven. The worst you can do is to go to court, Supreme and International court, and even if you secure a favorable judgement, the only way you can seize property is if it is on your home country or a friendly ally.

The mere suggestion of it makes my blood boil, because Zambia freedom and land belongs to all Africans who fought that every single inch of Africa would be free from direct foreign colonialization or ownership.

In the unlikely event that any African nation is invaded without the normal Mumu humanitarian propaganda, the invader will face stiff resistance from the whole of Black Africa.

The only way Africa can be colonized is like how it was done by the Europeans, who dumped millions of weapons every year to fuel anarchy, war and slave raiding then turned around to come in to save us in colonies called protectorates!

Some scoffed that what will we do if the Chinese come gung-ho to seize infrastructure for outstanding debts?

Well, they will first have to fight the British and Western Powers, who created the nations and still own most of the infrastructure and debts, and after they win them then they have to battle the whole Black Africa. Not worth it.

The only way you can invade Africa is though humanitarian militarism of coming to Save Africans. The Chinese number one condition is that they would not be interfering in our local politics, judging of Democratic standards, of saving of twins like the European Mary’s. So, how can Chinese takeover Zambia Airport.

To put the matter to rest, I showed them reports that the Zambian-Chinese relationship was actually blossoming from the China-Africa Summit last week.

Like with most propaganda that I see through, although it insults my intelligence and makes me angry, but I cool down and ask who spewed the rubbish and what were their intentions?

In this case, I believe that the Zambian president will soon come under immense propaganda and if we fall for the trick, a new government will be brought in to stop all Chinese backed infrastructure. It has happened in Nigeria.

We saw how they revived a 90yr old Malaysian, who started a new party and within 6 months had taken over and stopped Chinese infrastructural development in Malaysia.

I am not saying they would bring Kenneth Kaunda back from the grave to cry for freedom from the Chinese, but be very wary of those old men that would stand up like Mr Integrity Buhari in Nigeria, who will block the slave underground railroad and hand Zambia back to the colonial interests.

They will inspire the propaganda and many Blacks especially Nigerians will spread it.

Like with the Abrahamic dogma, if you say Esu is not Satan, they will call you Evil cultist, an unbeliever, kaffir/keferi!

Tell them it’s corruption propaganda, they would label you a thief, beneficiary of corrupt proceeds.

Tell them, Africa can’t be colonized by Chinese, they would say you are selling out to Chinese.

This is the way of the knuckleheaded African Mumus, whose ignorance and love of spreading rumours keeps pulling us down, but we must not relent.

Yes, there are dangers from every corner of the earth but always ask the right questions. You can’t scare a grandmother with a big dick, not to talk of a Chinese one.

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