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Niger War will break us into civilizational states and uplift the Black Race in the long run!

For so long, the Northern Afro-Arabic peoples have been choosing civilizationism over nationalism. When the Nigerian nation conducts elections and census, Northerners always bring their Afro-Arabic civilizational cousins to vote or be counted.

Buhari even choose to build a railway to Niger Republic while he sabotaged Lagos-Calabar railway, the most important economic liberating infrastructure that could multiply our economy tenfold. It was once reported that Buhari backed the appointment of a non-Nigerian Afroasian over a Nigerian Southerner for an AU post.

This commitment to the Afroasiatic civilization over and above the Nigerian nation has frustrated Original Africans of South and Middlebelt into wanting to leave the amalgamation.

Don’t get it wrong, the world is based on civilizationism so the Afro-Arabians are right to hold their civilization, that goes back to their very beginnings, over recent colonial nationalism by Europeans of another civilization. The problem is colonial epistemicide, killing and discrediting of our knowledge banks – Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa, and Western education that obscures the fact that all indigenous Africans share the same genetic and cultural origins, and civilizational philosophies. Therefore the nation is our biggest political conglomeration unlike the Afroasians.

Robbed of our indigenous African civilizational identity that spreads from Nigeria to South Africa and Gambia, we can only act as disparate tribes that are ineffective against the Afroasiatic civilization that spreads from Northern Nigeria to Egypt and Indonesia, or the Western civilization that covers Europe and extends to the Americas. The two most populous and prosperous Original African groups, Yoruba and Igbo, have vouched for separatism into tribal states which are unachievable since the larger civilizational blocs will fight it, and undesirable since it reduces and balkanizes the Original African civilization political and economic impact.

It is only recently that the South and Middlebelt of the Original African civilization, who make up 70% of the Nigerian population, have united for common aspirations of restructuring for cultural justice for every group. However the narrative can’t be complete and strengthened by blood, if we don’t know and disseminate our common genetic and cultural origins and linkages. Unfortunately the neocolonial guard made up of Eurocentric scholars and Abrahamic opinion leaders, among us have prevented the civilizational unity, which has made both the nationalists and separatists mere paper tigers.

In continuation of Northern Afroasiatic civilizationalism, contrary to genuine nation building efforts to rotate the presidency to Igbos Southeast region, the North unfairly backed a Muslim-Muslim ticket. Unknown to them, in continuation of Western imperialism divide and rule, the West secretly intended to use the Muslim-Muslim ticket of Tinubu to retrieve their Sahel Afroasiatic colonies lost to Russia.

Now, the North is threatening treason against the Nigerian national interests that have decided to attack Niger. They claim it is a civil war within their Afro-Arabic civilization which would be resisted. It appears these are not empty threats as Nigerian Hausas will resist fighting against the Hausa majority in Niger Republic, for what they see as Fulani and Western imperialist controlled Nigeria. Therefore they will attack the Fulani Caliphate and Nigeria as a nationstate, at the end of which they will unify themselves into an Afroasiatic civilizational state.

This is a reverse of the Gideon Orkar perspective that wanted Nigeria to cut off the seven Northernmost border states. Instead of Nigeria, majority of which is the Original African civilization, expelling the North, the North will be expelling itself. It would not be that straight forward, but in the likely event that the Nigerian forces are beaten back, especially with internal sabotage by the seven border states, the invasion of the opposing Afroasiatic civilization backed by the powerful Algeria, Niger, Mali and Upper Volta, heading towards Abuja will warrant the Original African civilization to draw the civilizational state lines at Kaduna.

Unlike in the past whereby Yorubas and Igbos, the leaders of the Original African civilization, have neglected the Middlebelt Original African groups to the ethnic cleansing by the Afroasiatic civilization, the military advance of the Afroasians to defeat and takeover entire Nigeria, will force the entire South and Middlebelt indigenous Africans to unite to stop being Islamized.

At the end, the Sahel and Desert Afroasiatic civilization will be free to unite into a civilizational state that spreads from Senegal to Somali, while the Original African civilization will unite into a civilizational state that covers from Guinea to South Africa, know as sub-Saharan. This will enable peaceful negotiations between the two civilizations across Africa, without the interference of the Western civilization.

It is predicted that the Third World War that starts in West Africa, as a continuation of the Ukraine War between Russia and NATO, can only end in a nuclear holocaust that will consume the Northern hemisphere, leaving us to settle our issues in Africa, and birthing a new world order based on a multi-polar civilizational power bases replacing the current two superpower arrangement..

So we keep our fingers crossed to see how the foreign civilizations push and break the present world order. At least, Original African groups are not the ones pushing the war.

We have heralded that a new global consciousness is unfolding as Oya, the revolutionary change agent blows into the house of Shango to bring about global cultural justice and parity. Right in front of our eyes, we can see the budding political, cultural and economic revolutions unfolding.

This is what is known as the Age of Shango/Amadiora, the Age of Aquarius, the Biblical Apocalyptic Third Horseman, which no one can stop. We initially thought the Obidient movement could usher it in, but the rot is too deep that we needed someone like Tinubu to break the camel’s back to inspire a revolution, unlike Obi that would only redress the situation.

To birth a new global consciousness requires a lot of pain and blood which is doubtful Peter Obi can bring to bear on a people he loves. He would probably reject the war and won’t push Nigerians off the economic and political cliff like Tinubu. A Christian Igbo can’t wage a war against the Afroasiatic civilization, it would be asking too much and another Igbo genocide for the Nigeria state.

Moreover, the West can blackmail Tinubu due to issues surrounding his presidency but not Peter Obi. May be after storm, Peter Obi or another Igbo, but now, hmmm. Let just assume the universe knows what it is doing to bring us to this stage through the hard way

Indo-European/Niger-Congo civilizationism, tribalism and nationalism cycles of violence

Prince Justice Faloye

Contemporary critics of tribalism that advocate universalism miss the key element in human conglomeration which is civilizationism, without which neither nationalism nor Pan Africanism can work. I was inspired to write this article first as a response to the Rothschild’s publication, The Economist, article on how Europe was moving towards civilizationism, without the author examining the different phases of European tribalism, nationalism and civilizationism on the global stage. Then, Prof PLO Lumumba’s video on African tribalism, pointing to the fact that both Africa and Europe alike have tribalism. Most important was his belief that we should adopt universalism and also in the same vein advocated a more ideological approach to politics. The problem is even universalism like modernism has Western civilizational philosophical foundations. And, every human organization has to be guided by a narrative from origins to aspirations based on specific philosophical and moral values.

Prof Lumumbas citing of President Julius Nyerere example is flawed because he overlooked the fact that Nyerere suppressed tribalism not by articulating the common civilizational traits of the Tanzania indigenous groups to unify them, but imposed Afroasiatic Swahili in continuation of European coloniality. East Africans, especially Tanzanians, lack powerful populous tribes that can resist subtle Afroasiatic cultural imperialism like Yorubas and Igbos, the two most populous Indigenous African groups, have resisted Afroasiatic/Afro-Arabic imperialism and the imposition of Hausa, the West African Afro-Arabic trade language, like Swahili is the East African Afro-Arabic trade language. Due to the comparatively arid geography that made Eastern Bantus migrate often, robbing them of long territorial histories, when European colonists arrived they claimed to have rented the coast from the Zanzibar Arabs whose trade language with indigenous Africans was Swahili. It was this coloniality that Nyerere insitutionalized to make Swahili the unifying language, suppressing the cultural identity of the Sukuma etc. The jury which is time is still deciding on Prof PLO Lumumba second reference, Rwanda where the Western imposed Tutsi minority government of Paul Kigame forcefully robbed the Hutu majority of their ethnic identity, and time will tell if and when a Hutu president comes to power, if ever.

The universalists that jump from tribalism to universalism without civilizationism will only entrench divide and rule as competing tribes divisively competitive for validation and empowerment of the civilization whose philosophy is the foundation of the universalism, better known now as Western globalists. Therefore Africans must approach universalism only after they have articulated their own civilizational narrative and values.

Essentially Africa is composed of two civilizations – Original Africans and Afroasiatic civilizations. Indigenous Africans share the same genetic and cultural origins and linkages, and are a continuum of dialects known as the Niger Congo languages like Yoruba, Igbo, Akan, Kongo, Kikuyu, Zulu. They still retain their traditional institutions and African Binary Complementarity philosophy. Afroasians are products of different waves of Eurasiatic and Afroasiatic imperialism that changed their languages, philosophy and institutions to Binary Opposition philosophy.

For indepth understanding, we must evaluate the differences between Original African and other Eurasiatic civilizations (Judeo-Christian, Arabic and Buddhist). It is pertinent we understand the different evolutionary phases and their underlying philosophies fashioned by their enabling environments. Original African civilization, being the first and oldest, is different from the Eurasiatic civilizations. It is much easier to understand when we categorize African civilization on the basis of an Osun philosophy of common origins and brotherhood in a bountiful environment, as opposed to the Eurasiatic civilization based on the philosophy of war necessary in the freezing arid wildernesses that imbibes a sense of scarcity and need for control.

The Indigenous African civilization is based on natural laws understood from evolution of humans from hunter gatherers to settled communities that spread across Africa and Asia with Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa the global civilizational narrative. Eurasiatic civilizations were forcefully amalgamated through wars, especially those of the Greco-Roman that used surplus food from conquered North Africa to attract other Whites into Europe from the Central Asian mountain cave complex, and used Christianity and the inverted cross sword in the Spatha movement to rid Europe of it’s Black indigenous population, as done across Southern Asia.

From about 7,000BC, Eurasians started coming out of the Central Asian cave complex to join the already established Black civilizations. In what is academically known as the Iron Age, astrologically the Age of Aries (2000BC to 1AD), Age of Ogun and Ajagungbade, and biblically (Revelations 6:1) the Age of the Apocalyptic First Horseman, when the lightskinned used horse chariots and bows and arrows to annihilate established African civilizations from Egypt to Mesopotamia to Iran to Indus Valley civilization to South China. In what is called the First Axial Age from 700BC to 1AD, Eurasians began to adopt African civilizational tenets as their own. The Greco-Roman classical philosophies were crafted from Black Egyptian philosophies while Hinduism, Buddhism and other Asiatic civilizations used African Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa civilizational tenets from the Indus Valley to compile their Rig Veda etc. In doing so after the unjustified killing of Blacks, they had to engage in religious dogma and positive laws to justify their actions and existence.

The Roman Catholic Empire crystalized an Abrahamic civilization funded by sharing their exploits of African food and gold. However when Afroasians realized that Rome and it’s religious dogma skewed the sharing of African resources towards fellow Europeans, they split the civilization into Christian European and Islamic Arabs since the African trade passed through their lands. When the Roman Empire eventually found a sea route to bypass the Afro-Arabic lands, Pope Alexander VI June 7th 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas skewed the benefits of African and South American exploitation to the Iberians (Spanish/Portuguese), resulting in the French and British revolting and once again Europe went back into tribalism. The African exploitation that prompted the falling back to tribalism also inspired the concept of nationstates, first by the Dutch in mid-1600s that wanted to keep their African exploits to themselves away from the Roman Catholic and French empires, and finally in the post Napoleonic Wars 1815 Congress of Vienna treaties that globalized the concept of nationstates.

Following the Haitian Revolution that brought the beginning of the end of transatlantic slavery, the need for extended economic nationalism for resources brought about the colonization of African territory as part of European nations. Most important is that Europeans came together as a civilization at the Berlin Conference to wage the civilizational war against Africa for money, once again showing that war and money was the foundation of Eurasiatic civilizations. After the colonization of Africa as a civilization, they once again fell back to tribal nationalism, though they retained the semblance of a civilization that had been inspired by Queen Victoria and the mid 1850s creation of European Conservatism after slavery that resulted in the formation of the British Conservative Party, Republican Party and Christian Democratic parties. Nevertheless, the European tribal nations, especially Germany, resorted to a war over colonies later renamed the First World War. The Second World War was a retrial by Germany to get more colonies off weaker nations like France. The aftermath of the two European tribal nations wars for colonies known as World Wars, the largest European ethnicity, the Russians sought to get a level playing global marketplace by arming the freedom of the African colonies. With the loss of the colonies, Europeans once again came together as a civilization under the auspices of the European Union, which was clearly civilizational as the majority of them opposed the inclusion of Afroasiatic Turkey. The Economist article claiming Europe was just resorting to civilizationism is half truth.

With the outline of the dynamics of Eurasian tribal and civilizational identities and aspirations, it is necessary to understand the difference to the African experience. It is fashionable to label the continuum of 2240 dialects that make up the Niger Congo ethnolinguistic family as tribes, but the continuum of Indo European dialects as civilized nations, which in reality are tribal nations with an encompassing civilization. The irony is the Original African civilization was colonially balkanized into so called African tribes by European tribes that unified as a civilization.

In the African case, unlike the Europeans that moved from tribal to civilizational perspectives with conquest and quest for resources, Africans existed as a civilization right from the beginning without the need for tribal identification caused by scarce resources. The change came with the 1415 European takeover of Ceuta Morocco and dumping of weapons across Africa to fuel the slave trade, before finally colonizing Africa. Though guns were used to overrun and colonize Africans, guns were not the most important aspect of the African balkanization, but epistemicide and coloniality that denigrated and derailed our traditional knowledge banks and obscured our civilizational identities. The replacement of our African Information Retrieval System aka Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa with Western civilizational education was to obscure our common origins, philosophies and worldviews. Their Western academia made sure that our history was inconclusive either by skewed archaeological surveys towards East Africa while neglecting West Africa, and the deliberate inconclusivity of DNA results to obscure the West African origin of humanity that could furnish civilizational unity.

Also, the European colonists employed institutional violence to institutionalize the balkanization of the Original African civilization when they divided it’s core and heartland into three. First, in 1914 by adding the Northern part of the Original African civilization known as Middlebelt with over 300 indigenous groups to the Northern Afroasiatic civilization of the Northern Protectorate, then on April’s Fools day 1939, split the Original African civilization colonized as the Southern Protectorate into Western region of Yorubas and the Eastern Region of Igbos and Deltans minorities, thereby splitting the anticolonization movement created by the two most populous Indigenous African groups, leading to divisive debilitating sibling rivalry till date

The task at hand is for African scholars to articulate and unite indigenous Africans as a civilization to enable us compete fairly with other civilizations. Humans naturally seek the comfort of big groups from clans to tribes to nations to civilizations then universalism, so it is redundant to tell Africans to shun tribalism for a void or for universalism where they will be tribes against other civilizational blocs. Civilizational destitutes. The African has to adopt civilizationism for political and economic development, not only in their respective neocolonial nations but in the African Union where the Afroasiatic civilization is united and have an unfair advantage over the disparate indigenous tribes and nations without a sociopolitical narrative from common origins to collective aspirations based on our common civilizational philosophical values. The question is whether we can achieve civilizational unity through education or the impending proxy war by the world powers or Abrahamic wars that will force us to unite as a civilization or perish.

Ilorin Afroasiatic civilization provoking Indigenous African cultural revolution

The recent threats of violence issued by the Emir of Ilorin and his thugs against Isese traditionalists to prevent them from exercising their constitutional rights of freedom of worship, has rightly attracted the Youth Wing of the International Council of Ifa Religion, who have now declared that Ilorin will be the venue of their next Isese festival.

Just like the Muslims excesses in India led to the crystalization of a violent Hindu backlash, Nigerian Islamists are overstepping their bounds which will lead to a violent final conflict by Indigenous Africans to protect their rights of freedom of worship and cultural justice. All indigenous African ethnicities of the South and Middlebelt share common genetic and cultural origins. Every single ancient town in South and Middlebelt was established by the 16 sector African Information Retrieval System known as Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa.

Before the Black Race can be uplifted, indigenous Africans that are 70% majority in Nigeria and across Africa must go through not only political and economic revolutions but also a cultural/civilizational revolution and reawakening. However, being natural pacifists, it appears that the Islamists are about to wake the sleeping dog of Original African civilization.

There is an ongoing peaceful political revolution started by the Original African civilization decision and unity to support an Igbo candidate based on the morally correct and just rotational presidency that made it obvious that it was the turn of the Southeast region. However, the Afroasiatic civilization had other ideas and backed Islamist candidates.

It was obvious that the Muslim-Muslim ticket would embolden the Afroasiatic civilization to push their cultural imperialism further. The capture of the presidency by Tinubu, the Jagaban of Borgu, the Frontline Fulani imperialists, has led Islamic extremists like El Rufai to openly boast that it was a well hatched strategic plan towards the Islamization of Nigeria. Unfortunately, the Northern Afroasiatic backed powerful Yoruba minority that actually lost the elections in Yorubaland used the prevalent Pan Tribalistic perspectives to paint Igbos as enemies in Lagos. The attempt was to isolate Yorubas from their natural South and Middlebelt civilizational partners, in order to embolden the Islamists to finally destroy the Yoruba cultural sphere.

We at ASHE Foundation try to change the colonially induced Pan Tribalistic perspectives of South and Middlebelt groups back to their civilizational relationships and worldview. Unfortunately, while the progressives of the Yoruba political spectrum took the civilizational advice to unite into South and Middlebelt leadership alliance, which successfully challenged the Afroasiatic political hegemony, the Isese traditionalists remained largely Pan Tribalistic and failed to unite with other Nigerian ethnicities that they shared the Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa civilization, wrongly believing Ifa was only a Yoruba cultural foundation.

Instead the traditionalists rather reached out to the dollar spending Diaspora and not the Igalas, Igbos, Edos and all other South and Middlebelt peoples that will be needed to challenge the unfied Afroasiatic civilization of Fulani, Hausa, Kanuri that not only deny Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa traditionalists freedom in Ilorin but across the Middlebelt. Unfortunately, majority of Southerners and Middlebelters are Eurocentric universalists and modernists that have been fooled by the Western concept of nationstatehood, thereby ignoring the 1000yr civilizational war in the belief that civilizational identities have been rested and overtaken by tribalism and nationalism.

Ilorin was never captured in a war by the Afroasians, but was taken over through Afonja that employed them as mercenaries to fight against his Oyo leadership, which eventually led to his death in a coup and takeover. However, Yorubas had regrouped and started fighting back to reclaim their lands before the Europeans caused a civil war amongst them and then colonized us all, allowing the Ilorin Afroasiatic takeover to continue.

Following the colonization and amalgamation of Nigeria, South and Middlebelt peoples rested their oars and became civilizationally derailed with European Abrahamic epistemicide and coloniality. The British broke the Original African civilization into three by first adding in 1914 it’s northern territories known as the Middlebelt to the Afroasiatic Northern Protectorate, then in 1939 the British divided the Original African Southern Protectorate into East and West regions, thereby giving birth to the Yoruba-Igbo fracas.

Yorubas and Igbos, the two most populous ethnicities of the Original African civilization fell for the fallacy of Pan Tribalistic perspectives, especially their competing politicians and civil servants. Instead of tackling the continued Afroasiatic civilizational imperialism, they could only relate and understand things from a divisive Tribalistic perspective. Though Afroasians dropped their weapons, they kept their civilizational focus and advanced with soft power, dismantling traditional institutions and populating indigenous African cities with Afroasians. Many of the Afroasians seeped into Osun State, while some headed all the way to Lagos where they were assimilated and became Islamist sleeping cells. Ilorin and even Offa where they suffered their last defeat was slowly and insidiously Arabized, with the direct support of the Fulani Sokoto Caliphate and indirect support of the British colonists.

Immediately after independence, with the brewing divisive competition between Yoruba and Igbo, Nnamidi Azikwe choose to align with the Northern Afroasiatic civilization, instead of his natural civilizational and genetic partners, the Yoruba through Awolowo. The Northern Afroasiatic civilization took the opportunity and attacked Yoruba cultural and political leadership, jailing Awolowo and removing Ooni of Ife as the governor and head of the Yoruba region. With Nnamidi Azikwe disempowered, the North thought they had achieved a takeover, only for young Southern soldiers to overthrow their government in January 15th 1966. This derailed the Northern plans but increased their divide and rule tactics to ensure that there was no unified Original African civilizational challenge to their Afroasiatic civilizational imperialism.

The derailed Original African civilization failed to check the insidious Afroasiatic advance as mosques were built around traditional spaces, especially around every traditional palace across Yorubaland. In Ilorin, they strengthened the stranglehold on Original African traditions and belief systems. The Emir of Ilorin was made supreme in Kwara state where over 75% of the populace and 12 of the 16 local governments are Yoruba. This was achieved by controlling the central government that was biased to the Afroasians. The Islamists also resorted to violence to have their way in many cases, but unfortunately the Original Africans didn’t respond adequately. The Islamists violently attacked and destroyed the Moremi statue in Offa without reprisals. They attacked the main Middlebelt cultural center, Wukari the capital of the Kwararafa Confederacy, nearly destroying it’s palace. They also led attacks in Ife, the source of Original African civilizations a few years ago, and in the last year unsuccessfully attacked the Ooni of Ife palace.

However, there is a new Woke conscious generation of indigenous African traditionalists that are ready to stand up to defend their rights, culture and lands. However, to successfully beat back the Afroasiatic civilizational imperialism, Original Africans can’t fight back as tribes but as a united civilization. To put an end to Afroasiatic imperialistic agenda in indigenous African lands, all Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa traditionalists must unite against the united Afroasians that include Fulani, Hausas and Kanuris. Original Africans never in their histories have been the first to launch attacks, but are more than capable of defending themselves, if they have the right uniting perspective.

Despite various pleas by universalists and modernists to the Ilorin Emirate to allow peace to reign by following the constitution that enshrines freedom of worship, they have ignored nationalistic considerations and hell-bent on pushing their civilizational agenda. Therefore the Original African civilization has no choice but to unite to defend their inalienable rights. We at ASHE Foundation fully support the call by International Council of Ifa Religion Youth Wing to all traditionalists to meet at Ilorin to protect the rights of Yorubas to worship anyway they choose.

Touch not my anointed Igbos, Ifa’s Prodigal Sons of Yorubaland.

When you put your childrens education in the hands of a stranger, how do they learn of their lineage and heritage. Generations down the line, your descendants would go to war amongst themselves while adopt the stranger as family. This is the sad state of Original indigenous Africans whose forefathers allowed colonists to miseducate them. Instead of education, the colonists committed epistemicide, the killing of the traditional knowledge of our origins, linkages and philosophies. Oyinbo turned the world upside down for the African.

We are no tribes but a continuum of dialects that spread from Ife all the way to South Africa. The word Yoruba doesn’t exist in Ifa, instead Yoruba, Igbos, Ijaw, Igala are all children of Ifa, and woe be unto an Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa descendant that attacks or deprives any other child of Ifa. Every single Yoruba, Igbo, Igala and other Original African town was established based on Ifa. No one can point to exactly where Yoruba land or Igboland starts or stops. It was the European colonists that balkanized the Original African civilization into competing divisive tribes by derailing the 16 sector knowledge bank that we all had accumulated knowledge from observation of natural and social phenomena over 89,000 years. We were one people that evolved from Ife and spread across Africa.

There is now genetic and cultural anthropological evidence to back surviving oral histories initially ridiculed by Western academia that Igbos migrated out of Ife. Not only the Igbos, but Ijaws claim that their progenitor named, Ojo, later corrupted into Ijo and Ijaw, was the first born of Oduduwa who migrated with Ogun out of Ife Ooyelagbo, to investigate, navigate and habitate the swamps and delta. The Igala are the genetically closest to Yoruba followed by Igbo. The Jukun of Kwararafa, the Middlebelt Confederacy of Middlebelt groups have historical accounts of splitting with Yorubas. None of us Waka alone into South and Middlebelt.

Ooni of Ife is recognized by the Nigerian nationstate as the head of the Original African civilization of South and Middlebelt, while the Sultan of Sokoto is the recognized head of the Northern Afroasiatic civilization, which is why Ooni of Ife and Sultan of Sokoto are the co-chairman of Nigerian Traditional Council. Unfortunately, while the Sultan of Sokoto can unite the Northwest Sokoto Caliphate with the Northeast Bornu Empire to establish a successful Afroasiatic powerbase, the miseducated academic and political rascals continue to sabotage our paramount cultural leader, Ooni of Ife, Oonrisa Adeyeye Ogunwusi that has stated clearly, backed with Odu Ifas, cultural and genetic anthropological evidence, that the South and Middlebelt peoples share the same origins. Unlike the Afroasiatic civilizations that came in different waves just a little over a thousand years but have attacked and conquered our lands from South Kaduna to Oyo Ile, there is no record of war between Yoruba and Igbos in tens of thousands years of coexistence. The Oba of Benin respects Arole Oduduwa of Ife, the Obi of Onitsha respects the Oba of Benin because they know we are one family, but the Oyinbo educated push the divisive tribal rhetoric and bickering.

Southern and Middlebelt psuedo elites whose education and relevance is tied to our colonists resorted to disrespecting our cultural leadership. They are quick to bask in the pride of calling Ile Ife the origin of humanity, but can’t accept that Igbos, Ijaw and other indigenous Africans also came from there. Instead of listening to their cultural father that wants to unite and uplift their civilizational powerbase, they push Pan Tribalistic perspectives fed them by colonists, and go begging for political power from those of the Afroasiatic North that listen to their uniting civilizational leader, Sultan of Sokoto, to create their own powerbase. This is why the North don’t respect our Western miseducated cultural almajiri.

Our inability to recognize the obvious fact that Yoruba, Igbos and others are close genetic and cultural relations all stems from the denigration and departure from our culture. If all Southerners and Middlebelters had retained their Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa, it would have been obvious even to the illiterate that we are all related, just like illiterate Christians and Muslims identify their co-believers. No matter how Western educated, Afroasiatic scholars hold their own civilization as superior. Unlike our own Professors, academic and opinion leaders that become pompous, believing that their Western education that couldn’t teach them their genetic and cultural origins, or effectively transfer technology to them, was superior to their own traditional knowledge bank. The irony was the Original African knowledge bank was the source of Western philosophy, medicine, history and other disciplines up to the computer technology based on the 256 electromagnetic pulses of Ifa.

Some scholars argue that the disunity and degradation of the Original African civilization started not with European colonists that wrote the ‘tribal’ Bibles that institutionalized the divisive Pan Tribalistic worldviews, but when from 1400s some kingdoms dropped the 80,000yr Osun brotherhood philosophy that united all of us at the source, replacing it with the Ogun gangster Paradise philosophy 500 years ago that embolden them to run shod over their neighbors and challenge the Source for supremacy. Bringing about an unsustainable Might is Right philosophy to replace our original Right is Might mantra


Another issue was the adulteration and killing of the economic foundations of our Original African Civilization. Every civilization is buoyed by the economics that enables all adherents to profit. Kolanuts and beads were at the heart of our Original African Civilization upon which huge trade was conducted between Yoruba, Edos, Igbos and others. The Ife Segilola beads were to indigenous Africans like what the rosary and cross was to Christians. To destablize our civilization, the imperialists began to make fake imitations of our beads, kolanuts and clothing. Our sacred kolanuts were turned to multi billion dollar Coca Cola and soft drink industry. Our beads economy was faked and the huge income to Ife was diverted to England through new beads industries. Our clothing Aso Oke industry was destroyed and it’s income diverted to USA where Cotton became king used to industrialize. So with the economic foundation of our civilization destroyed, our people became economically reliant on the Abrahamic civilizations, that demanded that they left Original African civilizational knowledge for the colonists knowledge. Our rich and elites were made and dictated by the West, our scholars and leaders were ennobled by the West, and therefore denigrated our cultural leadership and prevented it’s leadership from reuniting our civilization as Ooni of Ife wanted.

To gain riches, recognition and power from the external civilizations, they were made to denigrate and disunite their own African civilization. Instead of identifying as Original indigenous Africans based on Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa and African spiritual sciences, they identified as Southern and Northern Christians which couldn’t bring about unity or full support of the Christian powers that were genetic cousins of the Islamists. Yorubas were mainly Anglicans while Igbos were Catholics, transferring the schism between the two Abrahamic sects to their tribal interrelationships. With the waning of European colonial influence, they both opted for the Christian prosperity sects of the new American Pentecostalism. It was only after long suffering under the North hegemony, which had produced a flawed constitution and political economy, that our true leaders united the South and Middlebelt with our common aspirations of Justice, Equity and Freedom, not knowing that we shared the same aspirations because we shared the same civilizational origins and attributes.

However to breakup the recent crystallization of an Original African powerbase, the North played an unfair game of divide and rule by backing Tinubu against Peter Obi, who was backed by the South and Middlebelt sociopolitical leadership alliance based on merit, equity and justice through rotational presidency. Yorubas had already earned their turn through Obasanjo, and the Afroasiatic North knew backing Tinubu would drive a wedge among the two oldest, most populous and prosperous Original African groups whose unity was pivotal to the uplifting of the Black Race. To drive the division, even after the flawed election they increased anti-Igbo rhetoric which won’t only drive away Igbos but all other Southern groups from Yorubaland. To an average Yoruba, the North starts from Ilorin and Igboland starts from Edo.

The painful part is that ignorant Yorubas pushing this xenophobic rhetoric can’t think deep enough to know they are endangering Lagos prosperity by driving away investors, employers and workers. They can’t see that if any tribal war starts, it would only occur in Yorubaland and give us the tag of being inhospitable wicked people. This is how bad our miseducation is and it is not only limited to Yorubas. If Lagos was in Igboland, the Igbos would do the same thing because that is how colonial mentality makes you hate your reflections. Yorubas versus Igbo, Jukun versus Tiv and all across Africa. But the most disheartening is the miseducation between Yoruba and Igbo, being the largest and oldest that should unite their civilization.

Unfortunately, Ooni of Ife no longer issues curses on those that sabotage our civilizational collective. But enough is enough, especially in this new 2000yr Age of Shango, and I, Prince Justice of the oldest surviving palace in Black Africa, who has worked for decades for Original African civilizational unity calls on our ancestors that Any Yoruba that unfairly targets Igbos or any other Original African in Yorubaland, may Shango the essence of Justice strike them with thunder, may Oya, the essence of revolutionary change sweep them into the dustbin of History, and Obaluaye, the essence of structure trouble their generational structure for preventing or harassing Ifa sons that return to Odua land for any positive reason. Just as for selfish economic and political reasons, they break the Indigenous African family structure and Orunmila civilization so shall their descendants be spilt with rancor by outsiders. Ase! Ise! Every Original African that comes in peace and for prosperity has the right to return to our collective origins without harassment. A united family is the only way to prosperity.

Lagosians blood sacrificed to Oro for political ambition

It is the height of political irresponsibility to use ethnicity, religion or spirituality in politcs as seen with Tinubus APC. It started with Muslim-Muslim ticket to exclude the Middlebelt peoples. Then advanced to fake Bishops to fool Christians. The ultimate sacrifice was the sacrifice of Lagosians to Oro.

Yoruba culture is deep with dual ramifications in the physical as well as spiritual realms. On the physical realm, the Oro rites were to scare away Igbos and other immigrants, a voter suppression act to be challenged in courts, however it was invoked to have far reaching devastating spiritual effects. One that might end in the death and displacement of millions of innocent people, and ultimately risking the recolonization of Lagos. That’s how far Tinubu is willing to sacrifice for his personal ambitions.

Oro is a kind of collective exorcism. A socially beneficiary cleansing rite to rid the host of bad spirits. Catholics and other Christians, as well as Muslims excorise bad spirits. However this particular Oro rite was aimed at ethnic cleansing for selfish political motives. With the Presidential election lost, but shabbily rigged, knowing it couldn’t stand judicial scrutiny, Tinubu launched the most diabolical political scheme in human history. The plan was to ultimately provoke ethnic cleansing if nullified, blaming it on Igbos and push for Odua nation if all failed.

Immediately after the faked presidential results were announced, Tinubus APC launched a vile propaganda to turn the Yoruba collective comsciousness against Igbos, and assembled armed thugs at Alausa. It was public knowledge that there was to be spiritual warfare from the 14th to 17th, as published on This spiritual war was to include Olokun (Neptune) for propaganda/consciousness/leadership, Esu (Mercury) for information, Orunmila (Sun) for Ifa and religious beliefs on one side attacked by Ogun (Mars) for brute force. This was what the Tinubus APC Oro was supposed to invoke.

However, since it takes two to tangle, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour thwarted the plan. A coalition of Yoruba self determination groups had vouched their support to protect everyone of the 13,250 polling booths, being partners in the quest to free Yorubaland from the stranglehold of one man for the last 24yrs. At the last minute, GRV backed off and told them to step down. A whole lot of groups were disappointed and believed he had been bewitched since it was unthinkable, to go to an election without local security. But the logic was if they had been unleashed, the clashes would have resulted in hundreds of deaths, which Tinubu would have painted as an Igbo attack to enable his planned ethnic cleansing of Igbos. It would have been a case of two fighting and if you wrestle with a pig, people won’t know the difference. So the whole world saw clearly Tinubus unprovoked attacks.

Its become more obvious that it was far more than the governorship contest, because even after the elections, APC has ramped up the tribal hate speeches exponentially. Why? Despite the fact that Peter Obi was majorly a Yoruba candidate advanced by Afenifere and the likes of Obasanjo based on equity and justice of rotational presidency, Tinubus propaganda machine paints it as Igbo imperialism. The propaganda became ridiculous as his own ‘Lagos is no mans land policy’ of the last 24yrs, called Gedegbe Leko Wa in Yoruba, was blamed on Igbos. A policy that made Lagos distance itself from Amotekun, Odua republic or any Yoruba collective agenda. The aim of the anti-Igbo rhetoric and scaremongering that Igbos want to take over Lagos, is to agitate Yorubas to a point that when the courts see the obvious rigging and cancel his stolen mandate, he would provoke ethnic cleansing across Yorubaland. Ultimately, he will call for Odua Republic, if he can’t rule Nigeria he would settle for Odua presidency.

For Tinubus political ambitions, he doesn’t mind destroying Lagos prosperity by scaring away investors and labor. However, he overlooks the fact that the Western Powers, the largest investors in Lagos, also have designs to take Lagos. Their plan would be to exaggerate the deaths and send in peacekeeping troops that would take over Lagos administration and be here for at least 20yrs during which we would be charged 25% of Lagos revenue, like previously done in Haiti and other Black nations.

We can’t siddon look while one man destroys our collective destiny. Even though some believe his Ogun (brutal force) will rust like Iron in seawater (Olokun), its being vouched that self determination groups like OPC rise to keep the peace in Lagos to prevent ethnic cleansing and millions of deaths, and the chance of foreign peacekeeping troops pushing humanitarian militarism and imperialism. The self determination groups have threaten to rout Tinubus thugs all the way back to Bourdillion, if he goes ahead. If Gbadebo was conscientiously reluctant to enage in the spiritual and physical war for his governorship bid, as a true son of Lagos he can’t look on while millions of innocent Lagosians are sacrificed on the political altar of an ethnic cleansing Oro for Iragbiji ambitions in Lagos. The problem is that the Oro has been unleashed like a genie in the bottle, and it might be too late too little to prevent an Apocalypse in Yorubaland. All for the ambition of one man

Spiritual and mental slavery of Yorubas, Igbos and other Original African groups

With all due respect, we are so painfully stupid if over 95% of us believe Esu/Ekwensu is Satan. Our ignorance is on the same level as not knowing 1+1, or not knowing Jesus is the main character in Christianity even if you are not Christian, or not knowing Mohammed even if not Muslim. Esu is the equivalent of a messenger, our own Messiah like the other two, but the Abrahamists managed to convince us that our concept of a messenger to God was their own Satan. Honestly we are the world’s number one Mumu but think we are smart.

Until the 1700s, religion served as the educational and sociopolitical template of all peoples in the world, organically evolved from the observation of natural laws and recording their sociopolitical organization and evolution. Religion was the basis and what accords political power to the ruling class before USA decided to break free from European monarchy that used religion as the template for organization, politically and economically, and instead wrote a constitution. The USA constitution was still based on Judeo Christian values but natural laws pertaining to their relationship with other races and civilizations were negated. The key differences were justifying power in the hands of politicians backed by people, and not God like monarchs, as Vox Populi, Vox Dei, the voice of the people is the voice of God. And, restricting the equal participation of Africans, not regarded as people, but were the economic foundation of the system. Britain till today doesn’t have a written constitution, but records its sociopolitical organization and evolution in laws and stature, which are still influenced by Judeo-Christian civilizational values.

Obviously full sized Africans who are genetically proven to have existed 87,000yrs ago, had a longer observation of natural laws and record of social organization and evolution, compared to the lighter skinned that evolved just 7,000yrs ago, 80,000yrs younger than us. The knowledge bank of 87,000yrs was called Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa by Yoruba, Igbos, Edo, Igala and others of South and Middlebelt, which is the origin and core of the world’s first civilization. Unlike the 7,000 years young Judeo-Christian civilizational knowledge bank and belief system that later evolved in the USA as secular democracy and academia, we Black African had evolved from monotheistic religions to secular religion.

Nowhere in Yoruba or Igbos lands would you find a temple for Eledunmare or Chukwu, the Almighty universal God. Instead, we had observed the universe and its natural laws to a point that we conceptualized each essence into Orisa/Agbara/Alusis, which have now been mischievously labeled by Abrahamists as idols, gods etc. Indigenous Africans understood the universe moved in a cycle whose total accumulation of scientific, philosophical and spiritual essences was what was regarded as the Almighty God, but for more effectiveness we observed and recorded each specific major essence in our lives. It wasn’t till the 1700s that the likes of Cotton Maher and his 1720 book, The Christian Philosopher, the first scientific book which it should be noted was inspired by our Soponna knowledge of vaccination/immunization and Adams Smith 1776 book, Wealth of Nations inspired by African exploitation, that Europeans started a different secular knowledge bank, without God, that became academia. Before then in Harvard and other universities, the main courses of study was Latin, literature, philosophy and Christianity. What became known as faculties and departments in Western academia were our Orisa/Alusi – Aje for Economics, Ogun for work and metallurgy, Esu for Information, Soponna for vaccination, Osanyin for pharmacy, Shango for Justice and innovations, and 400 other philosophical, scientific and spiritual essences known to man over 87,000yrs. This is why it is better described as African Spiritual Sciences.

In actual fact, it was during what is labelled by Europeans as the first Axial Age (700BC to 1AD) that all Eurasian groups acquired philosophy and religion. It appears miraculous that they all became awoke around the same time, if you don’t understand that they had waged a brutal war against Black African civilizations across Eurasia and North Africa, after which they copied the Black African knowledge banks of the civilizations they took over. The Eurasians that attacked Black Egypt copied it’s knowledge bank in Greece and Rome as classical philosophy and Judeo-Christian religions, while the Eurasians that overwhelmed the 96 cities of the Black Indus Valley civilization of Pakistan and India copied Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa into Rig Veda which became the source of Hinduism and Buddhism. In China, the light skinned races that attacked Black Southern Asia derived Taoism and I Ching.

However, they, especially the Abrahamists that adapted African spiritual science, misunderstood and misrepresented its philosophical foundations. Most important, since Eurasians evolved in arid freezing environments that required forceful acquisition of Black resources to survive, they rejected and replaced the naturalist cyclical and dualistic principles of Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa that inspires Binary complimentarity, and instead adopted the philosophy of Binary Opposition and linearity. This brought about Eurasiatic extremities and belligerence since they regarded everything or every body else as negative and opposing. The Original African civilization regarded everything as complimentary, with good and evil, positive and negative in everything including God, therefore there couldn’t be a wholly evil figure like Satan nor a wholly good figure like the Abrahamic conceptualization of the Universe and God. No Original African belief system has a concept of devil/Satan, so the Eurasians misrepresented our most important Orisha/Alusis as Satan/Devil.

Unfortunately due to colonization, based on the Eurasiatic perfection of the essence of war, Ogun/Ekwensu, European colonists were able to imposed their limited unnatural worldview on us, despite we having evolved a more scientific and philosophical secular worldview. Eurasians had evolved during the Age of Taurus/Osun, 4000BC to 2000BC, the era of international trade but only joined the global community during the Age of Ogun, 2000BC to 1AD, using bow, arrows and horse chariots to brutally overwhelm and annihilate the Black African civilizations of South Asia and North Africa. After the era of brute force of Ogun, the universe moved to the Age of Olokun, 23AD to 2023AD, when the Asiatics used stolen African knowledge banks to articulate their own civilization, restarting the calendar at 1AD, whitewashing their own past banditry and the African beginning of human civilization, negating natural laws between humans. In order to control us, they misrepresented our knowledge bank in what is known as epistemicide, wrongly misrepresenting it’s key characters as Satan/Devil, a concept that doesn’t exist in Original African philosophy.

Killing the African Information Retrieval System aka Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa, they effectively decivilized and tribalized us by balkanizing the Indigenous Original African civilization into tribes. In what hitherto was and remians a continuum of dialects that spread from Southern Nigeria to South Africa and Gambia, they choose single dialects to become the standard regional langauge known as tribes, which were institutionalized by translating the Bible into that dialect, like the Oyo dialect became the standard of a new group known as Yoruba. Once the Bible was written in 1861 in Oyo dialect and Esu was wrongly misrepresented as Satan, our epistemicide was institutionalized by compelling every indigenous communication in churches, schools and other colonial institutions to be in the Oyo dialect known as Yoruba. This tribalization process was what they did across the Original African civilization all the way to South Africa, creating groups that were competitive and divisive in nature to prevent Original African civilizational unity to fight off the imperialists.

In addition to misrepresenting and the bastardization of our knowledge bank to prevent civilizational identity and promote Pan Tribalistic perspectives, they carried out institutional violence and injustice by splitting the Original African civilization into three in Nigeria. First they mischievously added the Northern frontiers of the Original African civilization, known as the Middlebelt to the Northern Protectorate of the Afroasiatic civilization, then divided the Southern Protectorate of the Original African civilization into West and East regions, to cause divisions between the two largest Original African groups, Yoruba and Igbo.

If you wrongly believe Jesus and Mohammed are Satan, how can you be a Christian or Muslim, and act according to your civilization, which is the problem with majority of modern Yorubas and Igbos that wrongly believe Esu and Ekwensu are Satan, and therefore throw away 87,000yrs of accumulated knowledge of natural laws, science, philosophy and sociopolitical organization and advancement. The cutting off of our civilizational roots is why the Black Race is at the bottom ladder of global human advancement.

Well all is not lost because our trend analysis of natural laws coded as Orishas or astrology makes us understand that everything is a cyclical phase. We know that the colonial epistemicide that occured in the mid to late 1800s would wane after 165yrs and we can see people are becoming Woke from the ignorant phase of the last 165yrs of Olokun cycle and Oyinbo coloniality. Especially when we tie the rot to the 1849 fall of Ile Ife at the heart of our civilization, we can see 165yrs later a new Ooni of Ife has come to reinstate our civilization through Decoloniality.

We know that when a new cycle starts in 2023, we can reverse the Oya 250yr cycles of revolutionary change, especially the last two cycles in 1520 and 1770 that brought slavery and the fall of Black African civilizations. We know the 2000yr cycles of civilizational change and global consciousness, as the last two thousand years of Olokun era, known as the Biblical era of the 2nd Apocalypse horseman ends in 2023 and the 2000yr Age of Shango, the era of the Biblical Apocalyptic third horseman starts. The young Eurasian collective discern what they call the first Axial Age, since they only evolved a few thousand years ago, we Africans that evolved 87,000yrs ago and have gone through three and a half full 24,000 year cycles, made up of 12 two thousand Ages each, know there is always an Axial Age before every 2000yr change of Civilization and global consciousness. The Axial Age of the incoming Age of Shango, the essence of Justice and Innovation started 500yrs ago with our unjust slavery and resulting quest for Justice and innovation that brought the industrial and now digital revolution. So ultimately this is the time for change but we must be aware of what is wrong first and then what we want to change to.

If we remain ignorant calling the key to our knowledge banks Satan and falling for foreign exploitative religious and political dogma, we would continue to fall for their imperialism tricks. In this era when we should strategize to reclaim our global racial parity through cultural, political and economic restructuring for Justice, other civilizations will knowingly create problems and injustice then turn around to act as our messiahs in what is known as humanitarian militarism. We won’t be able to discern right information from foreign propaganda if we equate Esu, our essence of Information, to Abrahamic Satan/Devil.

Nobody but us can free ourselves from mental and spiritual slavery. Abeg our Mumu don do, wake up and move!

Peter Obi, blessed are the meek syndrome

It is obvious that the Obidient Movement is greater than Peter Obi. One can’t but wonder the magic or hardwork that makes every door he knocks open with wide applause, and for the first time ever people are actually using their own money to sponsor a presidential candidate. The Obidients make it clear that they are not mere supporters but employers of Obi, sending him to represent them.

It is what Obi is and not what he says that makes him popular and loved. It is his modesty, his humility. Lack of trappings of the rich and powerful. People are tired of politicians acting like monarchs whose role is to flash the culture. His trim Black safari against the bigmanism of Agbada. His meekness strikes the chord of Ghandi, Mandela and others with cult following. While his opponents come with a sense of Emilokan entitlement, he comes across as unassuming and simple.

With his opponents recovering from the initial shock of the ‘outsider’ taking over the political space and resorting to throwing mud of corruption, painting him a liar and what have you, it is unlikely to work. People don’t believe Peter Obi is sparkling clean or a genius, it is his humility.

Even if he is corrupt, the logic is ‘Corruption get level’. No matter the amount of allegations of corruption or lying over the next 7 months, it can never catch up to the public perception of corruption that people have of Tinubu and Atiku over the last 20yrs, especially with the recent primaries that Obi had to flee because he couldn’t compete with corrupt dollars buying delegates. Yes, he is corrupt but when corruption met corruption in the primaries, we all know who are the fathers that won. Actions speak louder than words.

Moreover, it’s not only about being corrupt but having the decency not to use the proceeds of robbing our commonwealth to intimidate and control us. You are less vexed with a mosquito that bites you on your feet than the one that lands on your nose. That’s clear provocation. This long term provocation of the electorate was heightened with the crass display of buying presidential tickets and delegates that can’t be erased from public consciousness any time soon.

Comparative corruption levels aside, one can’t but wonder why the Nigerian electorate weren’t provoked earlier and follow the likes of Gani Fawehinmi, Aminu Kano and other non ostentatious politicians. There is definitely more than meets the eye of even seasoned politicians and political scientists. The answer is in the sign of times predicted by various ancient Knowledge systems from religion to astrology known as the Age of the Biblical third horseman, the 2000 era of Shango/Amadiora also known as Age of Aquarius.

This is not an overnight phenomenon, the world has been building up to this stage as economic and political injustice became more obvious. We have had serious riots and anti-establishment voting in the US, across the Americas and Europe, but the masses were still taken for rides between 2010 and 2020. Now, the masses are taking the political process in their hands. In local parlance, Dem Mumu don do!

The Obidient Movement for an equitable and Just society had started with the 2012 Occupy movement, known as the Fuel Subsidy Protests, during which the people were taken for a ride. Instead of stating the simple economic reason that fuel subsidy regimes prevents private investments in refineries since nobody will invest $8b of their own money into a market whose price was set by the government. The government fell for the trap and eventually became the hallmark of anticorription movement which eventually saw Jonathan losing power. The people desired real change but were misled by APC that made things several times worse. Now, people don’t want to hear lies that only remain in manifestos, like business advisers would say, employ character first, skills could be learnt on the job, not character.

It has all come to a boil as we approach the new 2000yr change of global consciousness in 2023/2024 which Abrahamists called the Judgement Day, which is an Age of Universal Justice. This is encoded in the Bible when Jesus was asked when would he comeback for the Judgement Era and he advised according to Luke 21v25 that they should study the Sun, Moon and Stars. What specifically to lookout for astrologically is in Revelations 6 v5 known as the Apocalyptic 3rd Horseman with scales of balance, Justice. Most importantly, he predicted that the Meek will inherit the new higher state of political evolution, which signified the change from the era of Might is Right to the era of Right is Might.

With so much Might and abused power, the people yearn for the Right. They don’t seek an angel or someone with untold riches, but someone to come to their level. Politicians usually adopt the optics trick of carrying babies, eating with the poor and riding okadas, but people have become more sophisticated and demanding. Those that can’t understand the Might of Peter Obi is in his meekness would continue to waste money and time trying to denigrate him.

It’s too late because his opponents can’t now fake humility. Though everyone knows Peter Obi is a billionaire, his simplicity is the complex that drives the Obidient Movement. For example when political opponents complained of the vawulence (social media bullying) of his supporters, and Obi tried to caution them, his supporters told him off which his opponents supporters dare not do to their candidate they treat like a demigod.

Though the March towards Universal Justice didn’t start with Obi nor would it end with Obi since this is a 2000yr change of global consciousness to a higher state of political evolution based on universal Justice and equity. People have become irreversibly conscious on Universal Justice so if Obi is sabotaged, stopped or can’t fulfill the collective aspirations, the Masses would rise by all means possible even if violent. But for now this potent peoples power adapted by Obi with his meekness will led him to power as written.

The meek will surely inherit Aso Rock after Buhari regardless of what his opponents throw at him.

Let the real Shango, the Biblical 3rd Horseman, please stand up!

Some people have asked whether Peter Obi is the true horseman/Shango that we had herald is coming to move the world and change our global collective consciousness.

First, we believe there would be various horsemen for the change of consciousness from Olokuns/Piscean religious and political dogma to that of Shango/Aquarius based on Justice.

This 2000yr change in global consciousness is called the Biblical 3rd Horseman, Rev6v5, being the 3rd change in global consciousness witnessed by the White Race. Their first horseman is the Old Testament, while the 2nd horseman is New Testament.

We, Southern Nigerians that are 80,000yrs older than Whites, have witnessed not only seven 2000yr civilization changes (Horsemen) since the Orunmila Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa beginning of this human civilization cycle 12,000yrs ago, we have witnessed three complete 24,000yr humanity cycles.

The science of the precession of the Equinox that explains the 2000yr civilizational changes is known to all ancient cultures, including those of Black Africa that encoded the concept into pyramids. However, I first stumbled on the concept around 2004 on a Catholic website, Crystalis, that put up a convincing argument that Vladimir Putin was the third horseman with scales that will bring pestilence, nuclear war and total collapse of the Western civilization.

With further studies, I came across the Indian version and later saw it in other cultures. Though the Catholic astrologers had linked it to Revelations 4-6, I realized the civilizational change would be different to different civilizations.

The era actually started on August 11 1999, the same week Putin came to power first as Prime Minister before taking over from Yeltsin. The Biblical astrological depiction of the era of the Third Apocalyptic Horseman on a Black Horse holding a pair of scales showed that the person or polity belonged to the astrological house of Libra represented by a pair of scales. Now Putin was born 7th October and his birthdate added up to a primary number 7.

Though from the Original African civilization and the rest of the world, the symbol of the balance of scales, Libra was tied to Nigeria and China both born on October 1st.

At the change of eras in 1999, Nigeria restarted democracy which was a work in progress towards finding a just and equitable structure for it’s multi religious multicultural makeup.

In astrology, it is believed Oya, the planet Pluto, was the revolutionary change agent that triggered off the change in global consciousness. However in 1999, Oya/Pluto was not in Shangos house of Aquarius to enable an immediate takeoff but was in Obatala/Jupiter Sagittarius house of knowledge, civilization pushing the frontiers of information to reveal hidden knowledge necessary to bring about the change in global consciousness.

One of the most important hidden knowledge revealed was the genetic code and makeup of humanity that put to rest the origins and linkages of South and Middlebelt groups in Nigeria, the Original African civilization that spread from Southern Nigeria to South Africa and Gambia.

Oya/Pluto in Sagittarius/Obatala revealed a lot of information to help South and Middlebelt unity until it left in 2007 to Obaluaye house of global structures where it immediately crashed the global economic system. It also crashed the political barriers to minorities by enabling Jonathan Goodluck and Obama to power. However both the economic and political changes were countered and the status quo reinstated.

Nevertheless, Oya continued to set out to weaken and sweep away political and economic structures with mass protest like the Arab spring, and in Nigeria from Occupy Fuel Subsidy Protests to Change to EndSars and now Obi movement. It appears that Oya has reserved her destructive best for economic and political structures in its last 7 months of its 16yrs reign in Obaluaye/Saturn Capricorn house of structure which ends in March 2023.

Putin appears to have bide his time according to cosmic science until USA reached its first Pluto return in February 22 2022. Empires are at their weakest at their /Oya/Pluto return, which is when Pluto returns to where it was in its orbit when the polity was created.

Not only using the Oya 250yr cycle, he used the all important 165yr cycle of the Olokun (Neptune)-Obatala (Jupiter) conjunction cycle that sets collective consciousness every 165yrs. The last cycle was the Crimea War when the Russian Orthodox was defeated by the Western Churchs and Muslims. No wonder the Catholic astrologers were apprehensive that Putin was a reincarnation trying to reverse the defeat. It is very likely that the war between the West and East will be settled by nuclear war that will bring mutual destruction and enable a multipolar world from 2026.

However our focus is how do we Original Africans of Southern and Middlebelt fare in this global change. Who is our own third horseman like Putin, who will uplift us since we are already down and should be compensated in a world based on universal Justice and equity? We can pinpoint Nigeria is a Black Horse born with scales of balance but who in Nigeria will lead it.

Peter Obi is born a Cancerian and not a Libran with scales. He is to give birth to the Justice movement, like Yemoja that rules Cancerian, his followers will be plenty like fishes in the ocean. Though some will argue that according to Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa Original African civilization, Obi which is Ogbe in Yoruba is the Odu for leadership. Like Oduduwa, he will lead people into the new global consciousness of Justice/Amadiora/Shango.

When we look away from the colonial induced tribalism and nationalism and examine ourselves as the Original African civilization, then the leadership shall be that of Ooni of Ife recognized as the co-chairman of the Nigerian Traditional institutions, he heading the Original Africans while Sultan heading the Afroasians.

Now, like the Crimean War was used to defeat the Eastern Orthodox Church in 1856, the Original African civilization was defeated and our collective consciousness colonized at the core with the first invasion of Ife in 1849, Atiba Oyo in 1852, the Ajayi Crowther epistemicide of Yoruba and Igbo culture with Biblical translations and the colonization of Lagos in 1861.

Now at the end of the 165yr cycle, we had the new Ooni of Ife enthroned whose focus has been the revival and renaissance of the Original African civilization, and guess what he is a Libran born on October 17 with an Oya moon. But that is the cultural sphere, what about economic and political spheres and leadership.

There are many more twists to this tale and the most important of which will not only start in March 2023 but will solidify in 2026. At present there are some invisible hands also involved in the Obidient Movement but by 2026, it will be purified to push for true universal justice probably by another stakeholder.

All we need to know now is that this is the time to wake up people to move for Justice and Equity worldwide, and as we move things will get clearer. But it is not just a sprint to power in 2023 but a 2000yr campaign to empower the entire Black Race and it’s thousands of ethnicities, no matter how small or distant. It is only when universal Justice is achieved that humanity can rest.

So we must Soro Soke to awaken our people put to sleep with religious and tribal political dogma.

We Move


Detailed Orisa Mathematics of a possible 2022 Nuclear War and definite rise of the Black Race!

3 Obaluaye/Saturn 29yr cycles of structure = 1 Shango/Uranus 84yr cycle of Justice

2 Shango/Uranus 84yr = 1 Olokun/Neptune 165yr consciousness cycle

3 Shango/Uranus 84yr cycle of Justice = 1 Oya/Pluto 250yr revolution

3 Olokun 165yr cycles = 2 Oya 250yr revolutions.

8 Oya 250yr revolutions = 2000yr civilizational change

Despite Jesus telling his disciples in Luke 21:25 that ‘there shall be signs in the sun, moon, and stars’, modern Africans, mentally and spiritually enslaved with Abrahamic dogma, are miseducated to hate the science of the signs in their own Original African civilization. These spiritual and philosophical essences of planets that we call Orisas have an effect on humanity, especially when they align or oppose each other to bring a massive change in humanity as we are bound to witness over the next decade. Unfortunately, it is not in the interests of those profiting from Christianity for Christ to return in what is known as the Judgement Day, astrological known as the Age of Aquarius/Shango/Amadioha, therefore they would rather hide the signs of the incoming new era.

After several decades of international talks and global appeals to scrap nuclear weapons, with the Northern hemisphere remaining intransigent, the world might have to experience the horrors of a nuclear holocaust before the collective will is strong enough to obliterate the weapons, and make a move away from the Might is Right perspective to one of Right is Might. The first lesson by the Universe was that of Corona Virus that showed that the smallest common living thing could shut down the entire world. Despite first reading about the new 2000yr era in a Christian website back in 2006 that even predicted that Putin will set off the holocaust, the military industrial complex still refused to do away with nuclear weapons.

Unfortunately we might go through a nuclear war anytime from 2022, being a full Shango/Uranus cycle of 84yrs since 1938 when the idea of nuclear fission was born in Germany, or in 2026 being a full Shango cycle of Justice from 1942 when the Manhattan project was commissioned to produce a nuclear bomb or in 2029 when it becomes 84yrs when the first atom bomb was used in Hiroshima/Nagasaki Japan.

2022 appears to be likely due to the February 22 2022 Oya/Pluto return to the point USA was when it was created on July 4th 1776, which normally spells the downfall of empires. In addition to USA Oya/Pluto return, the April 12 2022 momentous meeting of Olokun/Neptune (consciousness) and Obatala/Jupiter (civilization) in the house of Olokun has kicked off a new 165yr cycle of global leadership. However some will say 2022 is just a start and it won’t be until the 2026 meeting of Olokun (leadership/consciousness) and Obaluaye (structure) that the change will be solidified into reality, moreover with the meeting being at the doorstep of Oguns house, Aries, it signifies the old world order will come to an end violently, and not bankruptcy, probably nuclear war.

Being that the war has started has started in 2022, shortly after Covid economic shutdown, one wonders how long Russia or USA can push the war and worsening economic conditions, or conventional military losses, before firing the first nuclear bomb.

In addition to the completion of the 84yr Shango Justice cycle of nuclear science, the outgoing Olokun 165yr cycle of Western dominance was enabled by the Western Powers Ogun military industrial complex whose decisive new weapons are normally developed during a previous major war. The precursor of the machine gun, the Gatlings gun was developed in 1861, which was fully developed for the World War 1. A Shango 84yr cycle later from the 1861-1865 US Civil War 1861 was 1945 when Japan was nuked. A Shango 84yr cycle earlier from 1861 US Civil War was the 1776 US War of Independence.

The use of the atomic bomb in 1945 against Japan was not as decisive weapon since Germany had fallen and Japan was about to fall without it’s use,.but was used as a test and warning. The Justice of that action might now boomerang to the user. Not only might we see the Shango karmatic use of the nuclear bomb, but the global economic and political hegemony earned by the USA might come to an end.

The question is what happens to Black Africans worldwide in what has been a global economic caste system that extends beyond the current cycles, even though we have witnessed changes from slavery to colonization and neocolonization/coloniality. The last 500yrs can be best understood as the Axial Age, the preparatory stage fo the incoming 2000yr Shango/Aquarius era of Justice.

As stated, two 84yr Shango/Uranus cycles of Justice equals one 165yr Olokun cycle of leadership and consciousness, so a collective goes through cycles of quest for Justice before being able to change the consciousness. The last Olokun cycle started from 1847/1862 and ending from 2011 and 2025. This cycle was the era of colonization and coloniality, when our mental and spiritual slavery was initiated with the epistemicide, killing, of our knowledge banks by labelling Esu as Satan etc.

The preceding cycle was from 1684/1698 to 1947/1862 when slave plantation economy grew exponentially, resulting in more anarchy as 400,000 guns were dumped on our coast every year and new slave empires evolved to subject our Original African civilization. The slave trade moved from the coastal slave ports to inland kingdoms – from Allada to Dahomey, from Kongo to Bobangi Loango port, and from the Angola port to the underbelly of the Kongo basin. This was after the initiating Olokun cycle of 1520/1534 to 1684/1698, when millennial civilizations were broken by new slave economics of sugar, and the outlying areas of Senegambia and Angola had been drained for slavery, necessitating the move into African heartlands witnessed above.

As stated 3 Olokun 165yr cycles are equal to 2 Oya cycles of revolutionary change, especially when in Obaluaye house bringing down global political structural change and collapse of kingdoms within a civilization. The revolutionary change that brought up the Axial Age of Justice through the injustices of slavery started two Oya cycles away in 1520s which coincided with the Olokun cycle. The Oya 250yr cycle from 1520 cycle oversaw the break up of the Roman Catholic Empire, headed Spanish/Portuguese and Italians, overshadowed by new Dutch, British and French empires, as well as the Original African Ifa-Afa-Iha-Efa-Fa civilization centered in Ife by Oyo, Edo and other empires.

The following Oya 250yr cycle in Obalauyes house was around 1770s and brought about the beginning of the end of the British and French global empires, as USA broke away from the British and Haiti the French jewel colony got its independence and ushered in the beginning of the end of African slavery.

In Oyo Empire, the militarization and territorial expansion following its 1530 defeat by the Nupes, had become excessive and its military commanders eventually overwhelmed popular sovereignty of the Alaafin monarchy. In 1770, Alaafin Abiodun had to fight and defeat the military commander, Bashorun Gaa that had put to death several Alaafins, in what essentially was a clash of interests between military class that wanted to continue slavery to get more weapons and the Alaafin moral leadership to save his empire.

Although Alaafin Abiodun won with the backing of Oya revolutionary essence, the lack of a change of Olokuns collective consciousness, led to his son clashing with the military class that aligned with a foreign consciousness that led to the 1835 destruction of Oyo. Unable to strengthen and renew its Original African consciousness, it would soon fell prey to the British that brought their own consciousness that has lasted till now. Oyo was fooled by the British colonial consciousness of expanding Oyo leadership over a new Yoruba social construct backed by British weapons but was soon colonized with the rest. .

Now, for the first time since 1770, we have Oya back in Obaluaye house of Capricorn from 2008 to 2023 where it is supposed to blow away unjust global political and economic structures. Oya meeting with Obaluaye/Saturn in January 2020, shook the world to its foundations with Covid epidemic as Obaluaye Soponna is known for infections diseases. Oya will shake and probably destroy the global political structures before it leaves in March 2023 from Obaluaye house to Shangos house, where it was during late 1700s Haiti and French revolutions.

As stated in the equation above, 8 Oya cycles equals one Universal/civilizational change. The full cycle of human civilization is about 24,000yrs which is divided like all cycles into 12 houses/segments, whose specific essence is tied to a particular Orisa/planet. With DNA evidence showing Yorubas and San diverge 87,000yrs ago, being the first of full sized humans, Yorubas have experience 3 full 24000yr cycles and currently in middle of a 4th civilizational cycle. As we move every 2,000yrs into each of the twelve houses in the 26000yr civilization cycle, the global consciousness changes. However, the new 2000yr global consciousness would have been developed and honed about 500yrs before the actual start, which is known as the Axial Age and normally ushered in by Black Africans.

The current human civilization started in Orunmila house/Sun bringing creativity and wisdom between 12,000BC and 10000BC, followed by the Yemanja/Moon house of Cancer, when we started calendar and time keeping from 10,000BC to 8,000BC, then Esu/Mercury house of Gemini brought information, writing, improved Ifa from 8,000 to 6000BC, followed by Osun/Venus house of Taurus from 4000BC to 2000BC when international trade blossom between Original African civilization that spread from Africa across Asia and the world.

It was during this age that light skinned evolved from the Central Asian mountain cave complex, then from 2000BC to 1BC we entered the Ogun/Mars house of Aries era, when though Black Africans were the ones that started metallurgy for agriculture and arts, light skinned people used iron for brutal force to annihilate Black Africans from South Asia, Europe and North Africa, in what is biblically describe as the Age of the First Horseman..

From 1AD to 2000AD, we have been in the Olokun/Neptune house of Pisces Era that brought religious and political dogma that was gleaned from our own Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa African spiritual and social sciences to dominate the world. The fishes sign of Pisces is the sign of Christianity and the era is known as the era of the Apocalyptic Second horseman.

Though the new 2000yr Age of Shango/Aquarius /Justice officially kicked off in August 1999, before there could be a change in global consciousness to Shango, Oya wa waited upon to go through Obatala house to reveal hidden knowledge, then pass through Obaluaye house to bring down global political and economic structures, as she is threatening in Nigeria with the election and Russia-Ukraine war.

The May 29th 2022 meeting of Obatala with Ogun in Oguns house might plant the seeds of war if it comes with an unjust result. Shangos meeting with Iyamis on July 31st and August 1st is another date to watch, as we battle for the soul of the nation and humanity as a whole..

It won’t be a straightforward battle as Oya will move forward and backward between Shango and Obaluaye houses during 2023 and 2024, raising issues of Justice, restructuring and destroying intransigent structures that refuse, before settling down in Shangos house till 2041, lightening and keep alight the quest for global justice. This Oya cycle that will be kicking off the 2000yr era of Shango will magnify the Haiti Revolution that brought an end to global African slavery tenfold to bring about the freedom of the Black Race. Unlike 1770s, Oya will have the help of the new Olokun/Obatala cycle of 2022 to provide a well grounded Original African consciousness required to revamp the Original African civilization in the new multipolar world that will last for the next 2000yrs.

Everything moves in a cycle. The most important essences of life are cycles tied to the Sun/Orunmila the source of all creativity and wisdom, captured in Yoruba Epistemology. However to mentally and spiritually enslaved us, the European colonists committed epistemicide of our knowledge bank by labelling Esu as Satan, and replaced our understanding of the cyclical nature of the world with meaningless linearity, replacing our spiritual sciences with scientific materialism. Though for thousands of years, we had identified and interrelated all the important spiritual and philosophical essences as Orisas, the Oyinbo education limited our scientific and mathematical understanding to the materialism in Economics, Agricultural sciences and other spheres only related to reproduction of human and natural resources.

The key to resolving our arrested economic and political development were hidden. Mathematics and trend analysis of our cultural linkages and political sciences were deliberately left out to mysticism and religion.

Orisas worldview

In the beginning Yemanja, the sea gave birth to Obaluaye, the land which later oozed out Osun to become mother of humanity. With the help of the science of precession of the Equinox based on Binary, we can outline our history and future.

We started human civilization with Orunmila about 12,000 yrs ago, started calendar through Yemanja 10,000yrs ago, started writing and information channels through Esu 8,000yrs ago, then international trade through Osun 6000yrs ago, then Whites evolved and took over with brutal force of Ogun 4000yrs ago, then adapted Black civilization as philosophy and religion through Olokun till present day.

As in our cosmology, Ogun married Osun to bring prosperity, then combined with Olokun to cart away Mother African/Osun to slavery in the Americas (we shall see wickedness).

Now, Osun has eventually got fed up with Oguns violent ways and is moving to marry Shango, who is for Justice and creativity that will make the world more just and equitable from 2023. Shango is married to Oya, a female like Ogun, to fight Oguns excesses, and with the help of Esu (information) and Obatala (civilization) Shango will shed light on the lies of Olokun religious and political dogma to reveal true spirituality.

Our ancestors were more brilliant than a million professors as they captured world past, present and future in Orisas better than a dozen libraries.