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December 21 2020: Decade of Great transformation into the 2000yr Era of Justice and Global Black ascendancy.

Finally, a ray of hope might be shone at the end of this profound year, although our Original African duality makes us realize that good and bad walk together.

As predicted 2020 has been a hell of a year from Covid to social unrests, all in the effort to end the 2000yr Age of Pisces/Olokun and its unjust global structures, and the beginning of a new 2000yr era of global Black ascendancy, the Age of Shango/Amadioha/Aquarius.

Many Western astrologers hail 21st December 2020 as the beginning of the new 2000yr age of Aquarius, but we at ASHE are more specific. The Age actually started on August 11 1999, but there can be no revolutionary changes without Oya.

Even though Oya (Pluto) winds crashed the world economy on entering Capricorn, Agbala/Obaluayes house in 2008, she dramatically increased the pressure on the old global structures this year January when she crashed into Obaluaye spilling his Corona (Soponna), and would continue to wreck havoc until 2023 when she moves from Capricorn to Aquarius to light the fire of Shango/Amadioha/Aquarius 2000yr era.

I must explain for new readers that our spiritual essences/Orishas/Alusis are tied to planets and how they orbit to different sides of the sky. Assume dividing the sky into a clock with 12 sectors and each sector is marked as the natural position, the house, of a particular planet/Orisha/Alusi. Now since they are all in permanent rotation, planets meet up once in awhile and their combined energies influence us. Sometimes they are opposite ends of the clock, so they are said to square or clash. Lastly, when we say planets retrograde or reverse, it is a mirage caused by our point of view that makes it appear to be reversing like when two trains pass each other and one appears moving backward.

The 21st December 2020 meeting between Obatala/Jupiter (knowledge/prosperity) and Babaluaye/Agbala (structure) in Aquarius/Shango house is to set the terms of restructuring (Babaluaye) our knowledge/prosperity/law (Obatala), normally for the next 20yrs but being the beginning of a new 2000yr era, it lays the foundations for the quest for Justice.

While Corona was willed by the meeting of Oya and Babaluaye, and the EndSars Protests inspired by the retrogrades of Mars (Ekwensu/Ogun) and Mercury (Esu/Agwu), the year 2020 is to end with the once in twenty years meeting of Obatala/Otutunzu/Jupiter and Obaluaye/Saturn that kicks off the opportunies and restrictions of the next decade, especially this particular decade that starts a new 2000yr era. As stated there are always good and bad outcomes of cosmic alignments, with Oya and Babaluaye, we had Amotekun on the good side, with Corona to weaken all unjust global systems. Both expressing loss of faith in existing political systems.

To make 2020 worse, we have had the prolonged stay of Ogun/Mars in Aries, leading to EndSars protests as well as the current USA election protests. To make things exceptionally volatile, worse, we have Shango/Uranus(Justice) in Osun/Taurus (financial structures).

And, it’s not all over as we might witness a repeat of unrest a few days after the Jupiter/Saturn (Obatala/Obaluaye) December 21st meeting as Oya (Pluto) and Ogun (Mars) once again take on each other at around the same degree they did on 9th October and the EndSars. Although this might be a bit different since in October Pluto was just recovering from a reversal and was stationary so government was caught napping and didn’t respond in time and appropriately, while Esu was in retrograde lending itself to misconceptions, and the anger of the people, Mars was also in retrograde. This time around, all planets are firing forward on all cylinders. However Ogun moves on by the first week of January 2021 and doesn’t retrograde again until just before 2023 elections, which will be an extremely volatile period.

On a personal level, the Obatala/Obaluaye meeting affords us the opportunity to structure (Obaluaye/Agbala) our plans for prosperity (Obatala/Otutunzu) over the next 20yrs and especially since this meeting is in Aquarius, Shango house, digital businesses, Enlightenment and Justice causes are bound to thrive.

The President of ASHE began the journey that started with the writing of Blackworld: Evolution to Revolution at the last Saturn/Jupiter) meeting in 2000 and over the last 20yrs have moved mountains, including creating ASHE Foundation at the same degree that Obaluaye/Agbala was when Nigeria was created, though not planned and was purely ‘coincidental’/universe driven. For this 2020 meeting, ASHE Foundation is backing and will provide structure for Obatala Model Schools towards our cultural Renaissance and revolution, which started on the logical plane before we actually realized it’s cosmic influence. We also have other plans to structure empowering knowledge.

Collectively, we should look towards restructuring Nigerias political economy to enable the takeoff of the Shango/Amadioha era of global Justice and Black ascendancy. On the negative side, Obaluaye/Agbala might constrict the global economy, as the effects of Corona and EndSars lockdowns beginning to catch up throughout 2021 and 2022. This will fuel the fight for economic, cultural and political Justice.

As previously stated, Obaluaye/Saturn had left its home, where he and Oya met for the first time in 500yrs, the beginning of African trans Atlantic slavery.

Obaluaye finished its two and half year stay at home on March 21st 2020 and moved into Aquarius, the house of Shango/Amadioha/Uranus where it built temporary structures to fight for justice, until 21 July 2020 when it moved back home to enable the second wave of Corona as it moved forward from September 29th till December 17th 2020 when it moves back into Shango/Aquarius for the next two and a half years. As Obaluaye reenters Aquarius, Shango house, Obatala rushes into Aquarius on the 19th December and catches up with Obaluaye on the 21st to give knowledge, law, philosophy and good luck to the structures Obaluaye is to build for Shango until 2023.

As we move towards the era of Justice, we shall see Shango/Amadioha (Uranus) clash with both Obatala/Otutunzu (Jupiter) and Obaluaye/Agbala (Saturn), insisting on Justice especially in financial and political structures. While 2020 was the Great Society reset, 2021/2022 will be the years of Great Change, while 2025 to 2030 will be the Great Shift. Shango/Amadioha (Justice) in Taurus (global financial systems) always brings war especially by the Western slaving nations.

The Floyd riots were triggered off at 8 degrees Taurus which was the degree that USA was born with Shango in Gemini, but means Justice is currently in USA 12th house of Karma. Shango/Uranus retrograde/reversed on August 15th and returned to the 8 degree once again on November 3 USA presidential election. Still in reverse it will start moving forward on January 14th, clash with Obaluaye of February 17 and will once again pass that 8degrees in March. So the USA social upheavals won’t be ending anytime soon. Infact it is believed that until Shango returns to where it was at the birth of USA in 8degrees Gemini around 2027, the issue of racial injustice will not be fully resolved.

In Nigeria its all about EndSars and all unjust structures through restructuring. Though as stated we might witness an upheaval before Oguns moves out in January 2021, but the agitation will continue until 2023 when Ogun/Mars/Ekwensu once again retrograde but in the house of Esu/Agwu/Mercury. We will have Oya move into Shango/Amadioha around the election but move back to Agbala/Obaluayes house to crash all structures that prevent the will of the people at the election. This could lead to war and temporary breakup between 2023 and 2027, but the will of the people will be done and the Original African civilization will begin to get its house in order to launch an industrial takeoff and a just political economy. Justice/Shango will clash with Obaluaye/Structure and Obatala throughout 2021, so we are assured of a rough ride.

Once again, it must be restated that every cosmic alignment are influences that could bring bad and good outcomes, so let’s remain positive and with our sight focused on our long term success of the global Black ascendancy and Justice for all, and not the short term downturns and struggles. Powerfully backed by the Universe, WE MOVE!

January 12 2020 and it’s importance to Nigeria and the Black Race?

January 12th 2020 should be the beginning of the end of the structures that have arrested the economic, sociopolitical and cultural development of the Black Race, courtesy of the universe (Eledunmare) through Oya and Obaluaye.

Though I have read that the 16-bit Original African Information Retrieval system – Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa – has indicated that Odu Irosun Oyeku typifies this year, but without a global perspective short term interpretations run contrary to long term objectives.

The Odu advises looking back to move forward not to repeat past mistakes. A short term myopic interpretation of looking back to the ancestors restricts it to Yoruba, as opposed to going back to the roots of Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa that spread across South and Middlebelt. Without the benefit of a longer universal time perspective, the interpretations will only result in the same strategic and tactical errors that have beset the Black Race.

More than the loss of millions of our people to Trans Atlantic slavery and our lands to colonization, the loss of our traditional timing and knowledge banks is the greatest loss. It practically blinded us a people. Stargazers known as Aworawo have practically disappeared from the Original African cultural landscape.

At the beginning of human civilization, it was the understanding of cosmic sciences that enabled our ancestors to not only be able to decipher planting seasons based on the movement of the Sun (Orunmila), but also different human endeavors spiritually linked to other planets attached to various Orishas.

From the short Mercury orbit linked to Esu, Information and its ramifications whereby they knew bad days to avoid going out; to the slightly longer Mars orbit of about two and a half years linked to Ogun, war and positive action; to the 12 year Jupiter orbit linked to Obatala and the 246 year Pluto orbit, the longest orbit in the solar system, linked to Oya and the tenets of revolutionary change. However the longest orbit is that of the entire universe put at 26,000yrs and divided into twelve 2,000yr eras spiritually tied to the coming of God/Messiah/Mahdi. You have 8 cycles of Oya social change to arrive at a change of global consciousness brought every 2000 years.

While the physically blind can’t see the Sun to predict its immediate weather conditions, our cultural blindness prevents us from knowing what time it is apart from those tied to food, sex and partying. Not advanced concepts of social change which will inspire and empower our sociopolitical evolution as a people. We have become like sheep. While the Gregorian solar calendar counts 2020 Sun revolutions since it began compared to Yorubas 10060, they are important orbit alignments not visible to the naked eye since we can’t see the planets to locate their position.

Pluto, the planet attached to Oya, was at the same position it was 250yrs ago, when in 1770s Bashorun Gaa usurped the power of Alaafin of Oyo, signalling the beginning of the end of Oyo empire. Being a global phenomenon, the independence of USA signal led the beginning of the end of British and French global supremacy. 250yrs earlier, around 1520, at the same position Pluto’s winds of global structural change brought the emergence of France and England to challenge the spiritual and political.dominance of Spain and the Holy Roman Empire.

Likewise, Nupe Islamists attacked Oyo Ile making the royal court move to Igboho until Oyo developed it Aare Oonakankanfo military institution. 1270 had ushered in the use of paper money and gunpowder that Europeans used to shake off Islamic global dominance that had ruled them for 500 years. There are 8 Oya cycles in a Great Year, 2000 year epochs, and this present cycle is more poignant because it also coincides with the change of the Great Year.

This 2020 cosmic alignment is also very important because in the 1770 alignment, Saturn (Babaluaye) didn’t meet Oya (Pluto) at that point to make a greater upheaval. The last time they meet was in 1520 leading to breakup of Roman Catholicism by France and England, as well as the Original African cultural sphere by Oyo and Benin. Not only earthly but heavenly constructs were smashed and broken apart by Oya ferocious winds of revolutionary change.

Starting from January 12 2020 throughout the 2020 decade all old systems, political, economic and cultural systems, will be broken and new ones will evolve, as we also witness a global change of consciousness from religious and political dogma to fact based Enlightenment and quest for cultural, economic and political justice in the Age of Aquarius/Shango. Normally a violent time of change, it is hoped that the presence of Jupiter (Obatala) at the same angle of the sky during 2020 will enable a calming intelligent beginning to this transit.

Astrologers say that cosmic influences show favorable periods for certain endeavors but to enjoy or avoid them requires positive action. If the stars show that you will make money, it requires you make the effort to be blessed by favorable influences, otherwise the opportunity passes you by in blissful ignorance. This is why we must never forget that Elizabeth used astrology through John Dee to make pivotal decisions that uplifted Britain into global ascendancy. The potency of cosmic sciences to empower the masses or usurper make the ruling classes demonize and ban cosmic sciences from the general public.

Nevertheless, European powers still consult cosmic sciences and know what Oya time it is. Just as well as the Muslim Sufis that see it as a time of the great Mahdi. This is why the global consciousness of Anglo-Saxons in UK and USA have opted for neo-conservatives to strengthen their global structures in this time of great change. This can also be used to justify the fanatically support of Islamists for Buhari, who is supposed to drain the swamp and empower his people.

Unfortunately, the two largest Original African groups, Yoruba and Igbo, and the rest of the Niger-Congo ethnolinguistic family, despite still being able to read Ifa, have lost their sense of traditional spiritual timing to give them a global perspective. Even though they can be seen agitating under their small umbrella groups, not being able to read the cosmic weather, they don’t realize that this storm cant be withstood with small separatists umbrella groups but by coming together to build a strong foundation that can withstand the storm of ages, to avoid being uprooted and blown across the world and smashed into hard surfaces.

Ifa has prescribed Irosun Oyeku for 2020 to give us a strong platform in preparation of the change of ages, but it is fractionally interpreted to prevent the understanding that it is a call for Original African cultural unity of the Niger Congo ethnolinguistic family.

We must be prepared for the rough change of Ages by articulating our cultural origins and linkages in order to unite as a cultural platform, away from partisan or separatist politics.

NIGERIA 2019: An instance of the fingerpost!

Ordinarily, from Nigeria’s astrological birthchart, one would expect a year of growth and progress, as it experiences its Obaluaiye (Saturn) return to where it was at independence (12 degrees Capricorn) to start a new 29yr cycle of building structures and restructuring.

Also, Obatala (Jupiter) returns to where it was at independence (26 degrees Sagittarius), which should renew the Obatala’s fruits of goodluck, religion, law and philosophy.

However even cosmic sciences subscribe to the concept of free will and that heavenly alignments could only provide the conducive environment but it is up to Man or a nation to shape it’s own reality and destiny with its own hands.

The clearest sign is that of the fingerpost. The cult of the Ikenga is the cult of the right hand from which every man shapes his destiny.

So, despite the heavens pointing us towards our manifest destiny, it is with our thumbs at the forthcoming elections that will decide the route taken to fulfil our destiny. It is certain that we would reach our manifest destiny but what remains to be seen is the route taken – one of increased collective intelligence that will bring peaceful change or one of learning the hard way through hardship, War, and agony.

The problem is that Nigeria is composed of 3 interests – Original Africans (Yoruba, Igbo and the rest of the Southbelt), Afro-Asian (Fulani) and European colonists. I wrote an article last year regarding the upcoming 2020 Decade of Great Transformation, when all existing systems will crash and be replaced with long lasting ones. This is the real start of the new 2000yr era of Shango/ Age of Aquarius.

Now, the British and Fulani are masters of cosmic sciences, dating back to Queen Elizabeth and her astrologer, John Dee, whose understanding channelled Britain to global greatness. Like the British that read the signs and knew when to strike against the great Roman Catholic Empire, it is very possible the Fulani know and plan to utilise the sign of the times to cutoff the West and dominate.

Not all Fulanis are driven by their imperialistic motives as we have ultra-right Fulani Buhari and moderate Atiku, just like we have conservative and liberal Whites.

The British and the rest of the Western Powers are frantic about stopping the predicted 2020 Obatala/Jupiter placement that will make China surpass USA economically and usher in the global Chinese ascendancy.

While the West has been expending resources and arms across Black Africa in the new Cold War to stop Chinese economic liberating infrastructure development, Usman Dan Fodio great great grandnephew, Buhari might be considering a surprise move to cut them off based on his instance of his four finger signpost – the Rabia sign.

The Rabia sign is a sign of Islamic resistance created by the Muslim Brotherhood and popularised by the Turkish President Erdogan, who rode to power on the coattails of Western Powers then turned against them.

Buhari came to power on the coattails of Western Powers, through their corruption propaganda and the use of Axelrod, Obama’s campaign manager. The plans were to use him for just one term to accomplish their imperialistic motives, but he appears to have cut loose and break the British-Fulani indirect rule arrangement. The last time he and Murtala attempted it led to the civil war.

If Buhari has looked at the stars and decided to make a run for a complete Islamic domination, then he will be making a grave mistake that might end with the annihilation of his people.

Yes, he might plan to sit tight and fight anything the West throws at him, with the benefit of home advantages, but he will be greatly underestimating the role of the Apocalypse 3rd horseman.

We are at the cusp of the Apocalypse, a period of great change inspired by revealed hidden knowledge. The Apocalypse horsemen don’t bring destruction themselves but those who fight and resist the change to a new 2000yr era will be destroyed.

Some call it the return of Christ the Messiah, some call it the coming of the Antichrist. Jesus himself said the new era will begin when you see the water bearer (Aquarius). Whatever you call it, the sciencific explanation is the Precession of the Equinox.

The Precession of the equinox is explained as while the Earth’s full rotation is called a year and divided into 12months, the full rotation of the universe is about 24000yrs, divided into 12 two thousand year eras called Great Year, or Yugha by Indians.

This new era as described in the Biblical book Revelations chapter 4 to 6 as the era of the third horseman is an era of restructuring towards fairness, an era of global Black socioeconomic ascendancy and justice, the era of Shango/Aquarius.

This era is not for those who use religious and political dogma to control scarce resources and humans, so all machinations by Fulani Islamists and the Christian Western Powers will fail.

Yes, Buhari might use his four finger signpost to signify a challenge and remain in power, but the West shall wage war.

Just like China, where the nationalists, the Japanese who were like the Fulani used to dominate China, none of the warring parties calculated the rise of Map and masses under communism. Just like the Tsar and the West fought the War of Colonies, later renamed the first World War, none of the parties foresaw the rise of Lenin and the Bolshevik revolution.

Many died fighting on the wrong side and wrong cause, so we will also lose many fighting in the Christian vs Muslim, US/Western Powers versus Russia and China, but original Africans shall rise on a new platform as the winners and peace makers. The meek shall inherit the world.

Normally, one would pray that we take the peaceful and just route by restructuring towards fairness, but if the window of opportunity is not taken by 2020, war and anarchy would be unavoidable because the universe or God will no longer accept this unsustainable arrangement, and not only in Nigeria but in Trumps USA, Brexit Britain etc. There will be a change in global consciousness.

So if Buhari shows four fingers, the universe need only to show him one finger up his behind to wipe him and all those interest that resist true change. One thing I am certain about is whatever decision we make with our finger posts at the election, or Buhari makes with his four fingers, whether through war or peace, we cant lose as the Lamb of God has pointed with one powerful finger to the third horseman.

So happy New Year? The choice is yours at the instance of your fingerpost, whether happy or not, the Great Year will begin.