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Niger, Mali, Burkina Reunification of French Sahel the only way out for Africa

Prince Justice Faloye

The new military governments of Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso recently announced economic and defence cooperation between them named the Alliance of Sahel States. This is expected to resist expected French invasions through ECOWAS to take back the nations. However, though a good start, it doesn’t go far enough to bring about full decoloniality of French imperialism, nor strong enough to prevent French or any other imperialistic designs on the weak small nations in the long run.

The French ruled 17 Black African nation in two blocs – French West Africa Federation and French Equatorial Africa Federation, but they insisted on breaking the blocs into small unsustainable nations before reluctantly giving them independence. The French know that the only way Sahel could be efficiently and profitably ran was by linking the vast interior to the seaport, preferably by rail. Especially, French Sahel whose sociopolitical and economic geography and trade routes were the foundations of Mali and Songhai empires. Leaving French West Africa Federation together as one civilizational state would have broken the neocolonial barriers the French set in place after giving them pseudo-independence.

For economic viability, the Sahel States must amalgamate towards either the Senegalese or Guinean coasts. Preferably Senegal which was part of the Mali Empire from 1270 to 1672 and recently the Mali Federation from 1959 to 1960 before the French instigated a clash between Senegal and Mali to break them up. The French had started the breakups with Ivory Coast, it’s most prosperous West African colony, where they used Humphrey Boigny, a rich cocoa farmer, to push for separatism in guise of not wanting to share their profits with other West African colonies.

Generally, the French blackmailed and sabotaged all the Francophone African nations to standalone if they wanted independence that was tied to continue military and economic control. This was even more evident in former German colonies split between the French and British after defeating Germany in World War one. In Nigeria, the British side of the former German colony of Cameroon joined Nigeria and is what is now the Northeast region, whereas the French controlled side was made to standalone as Cameroun, despite sharing borders with four other French colonies Likewise, the British side of German Togoland became Eastern Ghana while the French side was made to standalone, despite being next to Benin Republic, an original French colony. Across Africa, the French pushed for small unsustainable neocolonies that could never revolt against their continued exploitation. Therefore it is not enough to chase out French puppet governments, but Francophone Africans have to reverse the economic coloniality.

Another strong French coloniality is that of French cultural imperialism which must be reversed if the nations are to regain their full true independence. Sahel nations must return to their civilizational status as an Afro-Arabic civilization that bred Mali and Songhai Empires. It has been predicted that the world will soon move from a bipolar world order to a multi-polar world, and the only way everyone can be assured of a level playing field, especially in a world of big economic blocs like USA, EU, China, is that small nations have to form loose civilizational federations.

With the current trajectory of world events, it is certain that the French backed by USA/UK will go to war to reclaim the Sahel from Russia, as an extension of their NATO versus Russia War in Ukraine. The most viable way this invasion can be carried out is coming from the West African coast that is largely Original African civilizational territories, which would provoke and forge tighter the Alliance of Sahel States on an Islamic civilizational front.

Morevover, at root of the problems across the Sahel that actually provoked the armies to overthrow the neocolonist political class was the insecurity caused by Fulani herdsmen and Islamic terrorism believed to be sponsored by the French and other Western Powers. A Western military onslaught through Nigeria, where the Fulani hold sway will also lead to intra-civilizational battles, as the Afro-Arabic Sahel revolutionary masses challenge and defeat the Fulani dynastic minority leadership. With Russia and Iran backing the Sahel States, the Afro-Arabic civilization might seek more democratization of its leadership like that of Iran. An intra-civilizational shift from the Sunni to Shia sect might gain grounds in Hausaland, the most populous Afro-Arabic group.

Though Islamic dogma claims to be non-racial, in a world of White Supremacy doctrines there are political undertones and segregation, with the lighter skinned Afro-Arabic groups like the Fulani leadership with just 47% Indigenous African DNA that rule over the more African Afro-Arabic groups like Hausa with 74% Indigneous African DNA. How this transpires depends on whether the resistance against the French and the West is powered by the lighter skinned Algeria army, the most powerful in the region, or by Russian/Iranian military might.

The danger which might also be a blessing in disguise is that since the Afro-Arabic civilization is imperialistic in nature due to its Abrahamic dogma, the Sahel civilizational superstate might venture into taking over the disparate groups of the Original indigenous African civilization to the south. It would be up to the Yoruba and Igbo, the two most populous and prosperous Original African groups, to put aside their tribal rivalries to unite and defend their civilization from the Middlebelt Kwararafa frontiers, like the ancient Kwararafa Confederacy of Original African groups united to restrain the advance of the Bornu and Fulani Afroasiatic civilizational imperialism southward into the source and heartland of the Original African civilization.

Unfortunately, most Yorubas and Igbos still suffer from divisive colonially induced Pan Tribalistic perspectives that favor Western styled tribal nations states. Tribal nationstates without strong linkages to their civilization wouldn’t survive foreign imperialism in the long run, especially against the Sahel civilizational state, just like they faltered with Songhai and Mali Empires. However, the unity of various tribes in the Afro-Arabic Sahel civilization state should serve as an example to Original African groups that beyond their tribal exceptionalism and rivalries, there are common genetic and cultural linkages that must be used to create a loose federation of an Original African civilization state.

If the seven Northern states opt to join the Sahel civilizational state, the South and Middlebelt of Nigeria should unite with other Original Africans in Benin, Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone and Liberia to the West, and Cameroon, Gabon, Central Africa Republic Congo, East and South Africa. Or probably, the Original African civilzation currently balkanized into about 30 nationstates might end up being amalgamated into three or four federations – West African/ECOWAS, Central and East/EAC and Southern African/SADC. This would enable Black Africans to present a united bloc that is able to compete on the international stage with larger domestic markets.

Currently in the African Union, lobbying power has been skewed to the Afro-Arabic League while the Original African civilization lobby is enfeebled due to lack of a civilizational understanding, unity and focus. With the Maghreb North African lobby and now a unified Sahel Afro-Arabic lobby, the Original Indigenous African civilization will have no choice but to articulate and crystalize an Original African civilization narrative, or lose their cultural identity in the long run.

From Awolowo to Obasanjo, decoloniality and civilizational democracy

The Obasanjo command of Obas has once again sparked Indigenous Africans emotionalism as we make loud protestations on superficialities, at the expense of addressing the real issues and miss the opportunity to provide real solutions. This trait has become more evident and worse in this Digital Age whereby everyone has an opinion on the latest trending issues, spending a lot of energy on motion with no movement.

Normally, we should ignore the latest trending news of General Obasanjo stating and enforcing a nearly 100yr old colonial protocol of Obas having to stand up in respect of a Governor arriving at an event, but it would be a dereliction of civic duty on our part to let this issue pass without bringing to fore the real issues for a solution.

It appears to be made worse because Obasanjo didn’t support Tinubu as a Yoruba presidential candidate so many are using it to cast aspersions of his Yorubaness. Instead of attacking the messenger, one should examine the message in place even before the birth of the messenger, which is that our traditional institutions have been placed on the lowest rung of the power ladder of our political system.

In addition to standing up for governors, there are many more ignominies, like any Oba can’t leave his jurisdiction for an out of town visit, without informing the Governor. The noise and abuse against Obasanjo will not stop all Obas having to stand up for the governor tomorrow nor for the next 100yrs unless there is an action plan to challenge this established protocol. If any Oba decides not to stand up for the governor that handed him his staff of office and the governor decides to remove him, there is nothing anybody can do apart from another round of social media tirades.

Some articles have refered to the previous similar altercations between Deji Of Akure Oba Ademulegun Adesida and Awolowo, Bode Thomas and Alaafin of Oyo, but they fail to advocate a means to an end of this issue. Yes, it came with the colonial system but the blame doesn’t fully lie with the colonists but our own Western educated elite that used it to wrestle for power from our traditional institutions. For us to be colonized, the Europeans wrestled power from our traditional institutions, and when we got independence the power should have returned to them. However, our Western educated scholars and politicians wrestled the power through laws that relegated our monarchs to the local government level while they became the neocolonial guard. The foremen of the political plantations known as colonies.

This isssue is very deep since it affects every aspect of our lives, because for the Eurocentric elite to take power from our traditional institutions, they connived with the Europeans to mentally enslave us. This they did by committing epistemicide, the killing of our traditional knowledge systems to derail and balkanize our civilizational worldview into Pan Tribalistic perspectives that have since arrested our political and economic development. To break our collective indigenous civilizational power that could challenge the colonists, they broke the continuum of dialects that spread from Nigeria to South Africa as a civilization into two thousand tribes by choosing a dialect in every subregion and made it the standard tribal language.

This was done with the help of our own Eurocentric scholars, starting with Bishop Ajayi Crowther that wrote a Yoruba Bible in Oyo dialect and institutionalized it as the only acceptable language of colonial institutional communication in Yorubaland, apart from English. This was also to denigrate our traditional information systems by labelling it’s key, Esu the essence of information, as Satan. With the denigration of our information systems that upheld our traditional institutions, our people that were schooled by missionaries and foreign European colleges pushed tribalism in which they could be the foremen to control and be representatives of their tribe within the neocolony, instead of a unifying civilizationalism to challenge foreign civilizational imperialism.

In the pre and post independence movements and legislation, the Southern Eurocentric scholars and academicians, labelled Alakowes in Yoruba, ensured that the kings were relegated to the lowest rung of the neocolonial political system. Monarchs that challenged the neocolonial system were unceremoniously removed like those of Owo etc. In the North, Western educated elites couldn’t denigrate their traditional information system being Islam nor balkanize their Afro-Arabic civilization but they also tried to relegate their traditional rulers. Emirs and even the Sultan of Sokoto have been dethroned in the new neocolonial governance system.

This resulted in a system that placed long term stakeholders under short term stakeholders like professional politicians, which made the system operators look towards their Western Masters backing, adopting their exploitative perspective and neglected their responsibilites to the people and stakeholders. Ironically, knowing that the real power and connection to the people resides in our traditional institutions that shape our identity, politicians kick off their political campaigns in palaces after which they ignore the kings and the people once they get into power.

The effect of the wrestling of power from the long term stakeholders by the neocolonial guard is still visible, as we see that the North that still respects it’s civilization is the most effective political bloc, followed by the Yorubas whose politicians starting from Awolowo drew on Ooni of Ife’s influence. The Igbos led by Azikwe from the US Black Power Movement became modernist and universalists fare the worst. This reminds one of Felas folklore song Alu Jon Jon ki Jon whereby all the youth decided to kill their parents, except Fela that ran to hide his mother. When hunger came, only Fela survived.

Now we have unattached politicians that come from nowhere with unknown sources of wealth to buy elections, then rob the commonwealth and disappear after their tenute ends, with nobody to hold accountable especially when they flee abroad to where they keep their loot with the colonial masters.

We at ASHE Foundation have advocated for the restructuring of our political system from a neocolonial democracy, whose politicians are authenticated by foreign colonial institutions like Chatham house, to what is known as a civilizational democracy in which our traditional institutions chose the INEC makeup and are guarantors of politicians.

This is to enable a culturally representative democracy to force the politicians to be responsible to the people through long term stakeholders. The greatest defect of the current political system is that the Independent National Election Commission is never independent and therefore a democracy in name alone since it is run by neocolonial guards with no local strings attached, apart from those of the foreign colonial masters.

We have vouched that since the Nigeria nation-state recognizes that there are just two civilizations – Original African and Afro-Arabic – which it rightly placed the Ooni of Ife and Sultan of Sokoto as co-chairmen, the makeup of INEC should be done by the two civilizational camps. This will make sure that the politicians are guaranteed by one of the two civilizational camps. We can’t continue the fallacy of Western modernism and universalism which is a guise for Western civilizational tenets to run our African political systems, otherwise there would be a question of allegiance and true representation, which is why all African political systems fail.

So instead of crying over making Obas stand and sit like school children, we must examine the rot that goes down to the root of this neocolonial system. It shouldn’t be all about noise that we are known for. When living in the USA, African Americans used to make fun of Yoruba and Igbos that we shout the loudest when offended but never fight. I hope in this case we won’t only shout at Obasanjo but bite the system that he was only stating it’s established procedures. We should push for restructuring and just don’t be contented with having a Yoruba as president who is also a product and advocate of the neocolonial system. We should push for real cultural revolution and reclamation of power, not just mere cultural tokenism of asking Obas not to stand up for their defacto leaders..

Niger War will break us into civilizational states and uplift the Black Race in the long run!

For so long, the Northern Afro-Arabic peoples have been choosing civilizationism over nationalism. When the Nigerian nation conducts elections and census, Northerners always bring their Afro-Arabic civilizational cousins to vote or be counted.

Buhari even choose to build a railway to Niger Republic while he sabotaged Lagos-Calabar railway, the most important economic liberating infrastructure that could multiply our economy tenfold. It was once reported that Buhari backed the appointment of a non-Nigerian Afroasian over a Nigerian Southerner for an AU post.

This commitment to the Afroasiatic civilization over and above the Nigerian nation has frustrated Original Africans of South and Middlebelt into wanting to leave the amalgamation.

Don’t get it wrong, the world is based on civilizationism so the Afro-Arabians are right to hold their civilization, that goes back to their very beginnings, over recent colonial nationalism by Europeans of another civilization. The problem is colonial epistemicide, killing and discrediting of our knowledge banks – Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa, and Western education that obscures the fact that all indigenous Africans share the same genetic and cultural origins, and civilizational philosophies. Therefore the nation is our biggest political conglomeration unlike the Afroasians.

Robbed of our indigenous African civilizational identity that spreads from Nigeria to South Africa and Gambia, we can only act as disparate tribes that are ineffective against the Afroasiatic civilization that spreads from Northern Nigeria to Egypt and Indonesia, or the Western civilization that covers Europe and extends to the Americas. The two most populous and prosperous Original African groups, Yoruba and Igbo, have vouched for separatism into tribal states which are unachievable since the larger civilizational blocs will fight it, and undesirable since it reduces and balkanizes the Original African civilization political and economic impact.

It is only recently that the South and Middlebelt of the Original African civilization, who make up 70% of the Nigerian population, have united for common aspirations of restructuring for cultural justice for every group. However the narrative can’t be complete and strengthened by blood, if we don’t know and disseminate our common genetic and cultural origins and linkages. Unfortunately the neocolonial guard made up of Eurocentric scholars and Abrahamic opinion leaders, among us have prevented the civilizational unity, which has made both the nationalists and separatists mere paper tigers.

In continuation of Northern Afroasiatic civilizationalism, contrary to genuine nation building efforts to rotate the presidency to Igbos Southeast region, the North unfairly backed a Muslim-Muslim ticket. Unknown to them, in continuation of Western imperialism divide and rule, the West secretly intended to use the Muslim-Muslim ticket of Tinubu to retrieve their Sahel Afroasiatic colonies lost to Russia.

Now, the North is threatening treason against the Nigerian national interests that have decided to attack Niger. They claim it is a civil war within their Afro-Arabic civilization which would be resisted. It appears these are not empty threats as Nigerian Hausas will resist fighting against the Hausa majority in Niger Republic, for what they see as Fulani and Western imperialist controlled Nigeria. Therefore they will attack the Fulani Caliphate and Nigeria as a nationstate, at the end of which they will unify themselves into an Afroasiatic civilizational state.

This is a reverse of the Gideon Orkar perspective that wanted Nigeria to cut off the seven Northernmost border states. Instead of Nigeria, majority of which is the Original African civilization, expelling the North, the North will be expelling itself. It would not be that straight forward, but in the likely event that the Nigerian forces are beaten back, especially with internal sabotage by the seven border states, the invasion of the opposing Afroasiatic civilization backed by the powerful Algeria, Niger, Mali and Upper Volta, heading towards Abuja will warrant the Original African civilization to draw the civilizational state lines at Kaduna.

Unlike in the past whereby Yorubas and Igbos, the leaders of the Original African civilization, have neglected the Middlebelt Original African groups to the ethnic cleansing by the Afroasiatic civilization, the military advance of the Afroasians to defeat and takeover entire Nigeria, will force the entire South and Middlebelt indigenous Africans to unite to stop being Islamized.

At the end, the Sahel and Desert Afroasiatic civilization will be free to unite into a civilizational state that spreads from Senegal to Somali, while the Original African civilization will unite into a civilizational state that covers from Guinea to South Africa, know as sub-Saharan. This will enable peaceful negotiations between the two civilizations across Africa, without the interference of the Western civilization.

It is predicted that the Third World War that starts in West Africa, as a continuation of the Ukraine War between Russia and NATO, can only end in a nuclear holocaust that will consume the Northern hemisphere, leaving us to settle our issues in Africa, and birthing a new world order based on a multi-polar civilizational power bases replacing the current two superpower arrangement..

So we keep our fingers crossed to see how the foreign civilizations push and break the present world order. At least, Original African groups are not the ones pushing the war.

We have heralded that a new global consciousness is unfolding as Oya, the revolutionary change agent blows into the house of Shango to bring about global cultural justice and parity. Right in front of our eyes, we can see the budding political, cultural and economic revolutions unfolding.

This is what is known as the Age of Shango/Amadiora, the Age of Aquarius, the Biblical Apocalyptic Third Horseman, which no one can stop. We initially thought the Obidient movement could usher it in, but the rot is too deep that we needed someone like Tinubu to break the camel’s back to inspire a revolution, unlike Obi that would only redress the situation.

To birth a new global consciousness requires a lot of pain and blood which is doubtful Peter Obi can bring to bear on a people he loves. He would probably reject the war and won’t push Nigerians off the economic and political cliff like Tinubu. A Christian Igbo can’t wage a war against the Afroasiatic civilization, it would be asking too much and another Igbo genocide for the Nigeria state.

Moreover, the West can blackmail Tinubu due to issues surrounding his presidency but not Peter Obi. May be after storm, Peter Obi or another Igbo, but now, hmmm. Let just assume the universe knows what it is doing to bring us to this stage through the hard way

Nigerians are not crash dummies, please!

The Subsidy is dead. Subsidy has resurrected again. The Nigerian political leadership is treating Nigerians like mumus. In local parlance, it’s like they are using us to catch cruise. Won fi ose pa wa in Yoruba, they are soaping us. For several moons this year, we underwent a currency change and cash illiquidity. Instead of stopping those using money to corrupt the electoral system, they stopped us from using our own money to run our families and businesses. At the end of the day, both new and old currency notes remain in circulation with nothing achieved, except unnecessary inconvenience for some people and economic deprivation and even extreme poverty for the masses.

Then in the name of continuity, passing from one Sufferhead APC government to another, it was announced that subsidies are dead and Naira can float to the Moon. Once again instead of stopping the subsidy cheats, namely the oil companies owned by them, the people were made to pay exorbitant prices for petrol. Millions of Nigerians were tossed into an economic washing machine and dryer, only for the government to now stylishly reverse and resume pay subsidies. As Fela sang we go dey parambulate and still dey same same place. We have become as Fela sang, one yeye (aimless) ball that one yeye wind has blown to one yeye corner.

When some of us criticized Tinubu after his inaugural speech, his followers cried it was too early, not knowing that economic direction like a strong wind is easy to know. You simply can’t remove subsidies without breaking the social contract of government to make life easy for the people. Not just about theories and political grandstanding. For crying out loud, how can $10 billion be too much to subsidize a $500 billion economy and 200 million people, amounting to a mere 2%. Yet you want us to pay 25% taxes. No good roads, no social justice, no water, no light. Nothing. The only thing the government can say they are doing for everyone was the oil subsidy, yet you want to tighten the tax net. It’s like Nigerians have no brains.

President Jonathan came out to remove oil subsidies after agreement with various stakeholders, but it was opposed vehemently with weeks of protest organized by those who are now implementing it. While on the Jonathan line, another thing nobody is talking about is the sudden increase in electricity supply. Jonathan was determined to bring to an end to power failures, or at least provide 18hrs of electricity, and went about increasing electricity generating capacity to 13 gigawatts by recruiting the likes of Professors Nnaji and Nebo. President Jonathan came out and announced that there would be light for 18hrs. There was light for a month or two, then darkness. Prof Nebo revealed that there were Gas Wars as gas pipelines were being sabotaged by unknown persons.

When Buhari came into power, he commissioned Siemens, a German company to study the electricity issues and they wrote a report that yes the capacity had been increased to 13 gigawatts from 5 gigawatts by Jonathan but we could only supply gas to generate about 4 gigawatts due to sabotaged gas pipelines. Who was sabotaging and why, we were never told as the electricity power cuts cost us billions of dollars in lost production and lost lives over the last decade. Then suddenly, May 29th 2023, we begin to have electricity like it’s going out of fashion. Did President Tinubu fart the gas now supplying our thermal electricity plants, or are the saboteurs now in government and gone international to sabotage Niger Republic electricity. Is it a case like Asari Dokunbo has come out to confess that he has a private army used to conduct some deep state or illegal actions.

Talking of which, for several years we had terrorists everywhere. Even bold enough to attack our military infrastructure in Kaduna State. Kidnappings everywhere. From a whole school being kidnapped to a whole train derailed and it’s passengers kidnapped. Then suddenly everything went quiet when the elections came around. Come on now, you dey wind us? The African political classes are taking the masses for fools. This is why the armies are being killed in large numbers by terrorists who the political class and Western governments are protecting.

The political class claim subsidy fraud is the problem and reason subsidy has to be scrapped. Instead of killing corruption, they decided to kill Nigerians with overpriced fuel. They claim we can’t afford cheap petrol and have to make collective sacrifices, but they go ahead to increase cost of governance with 48 ministers, getting free petrol to drive around with huge entourages and award themselves huge salary increases and holiday bonuses. They want to increase the tax net but not the job employment net. Fanciful Western economic theories but not practical solutions to create an industrial takeoff. They don’t even have an idea, instead of building railways to spur industrial growth, they would rather conscript the youth to farms or the army to go fight for the Western imperialists in Niger.

Not only Tinubu but the entire Nigerian political classes are pushing us to the wall. They don’t even know that they exist because of a social contract to make our lives better, not for them to get rich. As Prof Obasi Igwe rightly stated the ESSENCE OF GOVERNMENT IS TO SUBSIDIZE LIFE and SOCIAL CONTRACT IS SOCIAL SUBSIDY AND A GOVERNMENT REMOVING SUBSIDY IS IN BREACH OF THAT CONTRACT.

Tinubu proudly announced the death of subsidy and increased the price by 300% to N600. However due to his ignorant policy of floating the Naira, there has been a 20% fall in Naira value since the last petrol price increase which logically translates to a corresponding increase in the price of petrol, but due to the warning signs that another increase in fuel prices might spark anarchy, he has found a roundabout way to offset the costs, thereby reintroducing subsidies through the backdoor. As well as indirectly stopping the floating or sinking Naira. However, the prices are not reversed to what they were before his economic adventurism whose bill is paid by We the people.

The sociopolitical commentator Dele Farotimi gave a profound analysis that the problem of Nigeria is not corruption but impunity. As we say ‘See Finish’ leads to patronizing and contemptuous relationships. Our leadership is taking the piss, excuse my Cockney. Hmmm, one day the African monkey leadership will go to the market and not return, ending up in someone’s pot. We are not crash dummies and mumus that they can be using to test one chance buses driven off cliffs. I can’t shout, I can’t be bothered, but it will get to a point that if pushed to the wall, we would headbutt you.

Those of us that study the trends have heralded the 250 year return cycle of Oya revolutionary change that brings down unjust global political structures. The last Oya cycle in late 1700s brought the Haiti, US and French Revolutions, before that we had the early 1500s revolutionary change to the Roman Catholic, Ife and Nri civilizations, before that was the late 1200s revolutionary change against Islamic rule in Europe etc

Right now, political, economic and cultural revolutions are brewing.


To make life worth living, whether under a communal, capitalist, socialist or whatever order, people surrender some of their individual freedoms and liberties to a central authority, sometimes a ‘Leviathan’ that would apply the economies of scale to harness all the potentials to create a better level of individual and collective freedoms and liberties called civilization.

This social contract is not only the greatest good for the greatest number, but actually the optimal benefits possible for everyone under each circumstance, and such cannot be realized without subsidies, so-called, for the generality.


Governments across civilizations must subsidize the major arteries of life, especially:
1. Security
2. Food
3. Health
4. Education
5. Housing
6. Energy/Fuel
7. Transportation
8. Sports, recreation, entertainment.

Some governments even go much further than the above.

These are basic necessities, otherwise called public goods which, not every citizen can provide adequately if at all for themselves and therefore obligatory upon governments to either procure or ensure the most optimal conditions for their existence in fulfilment of their part of the social contract. Subsidies are the _raison_ _d’ĂȘtre_ of governance and substance of the social contract. When citizens have these basics, others can go on buying private aircraft, bulletproof engines, bunkers called houses, and so on, and pay heavy taxes on them.

Nigerian rulers fully understood the need for subsidies, budgeted for them in abundance, BUT stole or embezzled the monies. Nigerians demanded an end to this scam, not an end to subsidies (which would amount to an end to governance itself).

Ideological emptiness, colonial mentality, pathological corruption, inferiority complex, actual lack of patriotism, and functional political illiteracy, all interconnected, are the actual problems of the post-1970 Nigerian comprador or clientele bourgeoisie and their intellectual cohorts waxing all manner of apologetics in favour of imperialism; hence the mistakes upon mistakes that President Tinubu started making from the very word go, both in domestic and external policy. He should not have removed subsidy, because there was none in the first place; all he needed doing was to end the thieveries operating as subsidy, arrest and jail the perpetrators, snatch the accumulated profits from them, plough the proceeds into education, further reduce fuel costs and, by so doing, jumpstart the economy into actual growth, jobs, etc. But, they have to work by the IMF/World Bank playbook, not Nigerian aspirations.

– Prof Obasi Igwe.
Professor of Political Science, University of Nigeria Nsukka

Tinubu versus the Black Race

Prince Justice Faloye

The hope was Nigeria would gain economic and military strength to free Francophone Africans from French domination, never did the Black Race ever dream that Nigeria would lead the imperialist war to reclaim French neocolonies. Such an international embarrassment and betrayal of our forefathers that kicked off decolonization, from Ladipo Solanke to Herbert Macaulay, Zik of Africa etc. However, Tinubu’s monumental betrayals started at home.

The betrayal of Afenifere, Yoruba foremost collective, made one initially tie Tinubu’s DNA to his slave trading grandmother, Madam Tinubu, but those that disputed his lineage made us wonder whether he was from the Afroasiatic North, being Jagaban of Borgu, especially when he betrayed the Yoruba agenda and aligned with Northern Afro-Arabic interests. Though the current public opinion is that Tinubu is leading the recolonization of Niger for Western Powers approval of his shaky presidency, while betraying the North, there is more than what meets the eye in the story of President Tinubu and how with the backing of the Western Powers, he seized the Presidency of the Africa Giant, the true origin of humanity that includes the two most populous Indigenous African groups, Yoruba and Igbo, as well as largest Afroasiatic group, Hausa.

The question is why has the USA been shielding the truth of Tinubu past in Chicago, withholding his FBI files. In addition to his unclear academic history in a Chicago University, how could someone have been employed by Mobil without background checks that should have revealed that he was involved in the Chicago drug trade, with the confiscation of over $400,000 of drug money in his account in a court case? Is there a possibility that having been caught and negotiated a plea bargain, he was whitewashed with employment, funded with corrupt stolen funds from Mobil and then introduced into the Nigerian political scene, first through MKO Abiola and ultimately through Afenifere that unknowingly gave him the Lagos governorship ticket.

Despite Afenifere/NADECO fighting for the return of democracy, forming parties and winning Yorubaland in 1999, by the next elections they were all swept out of office with the miraculous exception of Tinubu, the Chicago Boy. Tinubu was spared to arrest the economic and political development of Yorubalands and the Black Race key citystate economy. Tinubu’s quest for absolute power led to his parting ways with Afenifere, the Yoruba collective that obviously has a wider reach to talent and experience, leaving him with a small circle of loyalists, including his wife as the senator of one of Yorubas important senatorial constituencies, Lagos Central.

With his limited personal understanding and pool of technocrats, and most importantly, corruption to build a political fiefdom, Lagos and to a larger extent Yorubaland had their economic development arrested. From Jakande, nearly twenty years before Tinubu became governor, it was agreed that Lagos needed a Metroline complex to move to the next level of development, but was sabotaged by Buhari and the military interregnum. On our return to democracy, Tinubu knew what was required but tokenism has taken him 24yrs to build a mere uncompleted 16km out of 160km of Metroline. Apart from the traffic that costs 20% loss in productivity annually, huge pollution and inconvenience to Lagosians that justified the need for a Metroline, railways are the globally recognized foundation of industrialization. Instead, Tinubu built an agbero system through which he drained multiple taxes to fund a political thuggery network. All Tinubu did was to increase taxes of the poor and reduce government responsibility.

In addition to arresting the economic and political development of Yorubaland, Tinubu became a willing useful tool of the neocolonial guards by rigging the huge Lagos electorate to support Jonathan Goodluck and Muhammad Buhari into power at the center, while sustaining his grip on Lagos, with the hope that after Buhari it will be his turn, Emilokan. However for nation building purposes based on cultural justice through the rotational presidency system, Afenifere and other South and Middlebelt sociopolitical organizations clamoured for an Igbo SE presidency since Yoruba Southwest through Obasanjo and South South region through Jonathan had had their turns. Interestingly, this was also the view shared by the powers that be, the neocolonial guards and Western Powers that wanted an orderly peaceful political system.

Unfortunately, despite the support from 2019 of the powers for Peter Obi to be the next president, the rash of coups that led to France losing its West African neocolonies from 2021 changed the international geopolitical game plan. If the French were to use Nigeria to lead a counter attack against the Russia protected Sahel Muslim nations, it could only be done through a Muslim president, especially with a Muslim-Muslim ticket with no trace of Christianity. Therefore the French implored the USA/UK to drop their backing of the popular choice Peter Obi for an obviously politically tainted Bola Tinubu and terrorism linked Vice President. Moreover, it is doubtful that Peter Obi, known to be highly principled and from the Igbo tribe labelled by Europeans since slavery days to be revolutionary, would agree full hearted to work as a counter revolutionary agent against the Francophone Sahel nations. Rigged into presidency, Tinubu had no such scruples having arrested his own Yoruba economic and political development for 24yrs.

Right from day one, since he owed voters no loyalty, President Bola Tinubu launched his imperialistic agenda, home and abroad. Neglecting his manifesto written by those who truly believed that he had good intentions, he claimed that while making his inaugural speech a spirit of courage possessed him on the podium, and led him to strike two fatal economic blows to Africa’s largest economy, with the complete withdrawal of subsidies and government support of the Naira value. Echoing our foreign Masters voice, he claimed $10b fuel subsidy was too much for our $500b economy and 200 million plus Black people. He went ahead with the devastating policies regardless of the fact that over 60% of our raw materials and 100% of petrol were imported, which would further drive down the Naira value and create runaway inflation.

Tinubu was overlooked the fact that UK, France and USA spent trillions in Middle Eastern wars and diplomacy to keep their own petrol prices down. Nor does he know that when UKs Margaret Thatcher tried to let the pound float, it was crashed by currency speculators. China is accused by the West of unfairly propping up it’s currency, even though the USA uses it’s military and economic might to stabilize the dollar with a flexible band. Having sabotaged the great economic hope that Nigeria was to the Black Race, he moved to destroy our reputation as the great Black political hope earned from our backing of liberation movements from Ghanas Nkrumah to the South African liberation movement against apartheid governments.

The early 1900s Black Internationalist students that started African liberation movements had been divided into two major camps – the London group that pushed for political freedom and the Paris group that pushed for cultural liberation, Negritude. The Paris group was composed of French colonials and other Romance speaking colonials like those of Portuguese and Spanish. The Romance peoples of Western Europe that were under Afro-Arabic rule all the way to Paris for five hundred years (750-1270AD), adopted the sublime Arab racism that disguised it as a cultural issue, claiming it was not about the skin color but inferior African culture that had to be eradicated. So the French and Portuguese practiced a type of ‘benevolent’ racism labelled a racial democracy. The Africans could be partially accepted as French if they act completely French. So the likes of Senghor, Toure and Nascimento pushed for cultural revolution.

At independence, France’s Charles De Gaulle enacted a earth scorching policy that forcefully tied the African nations to it’s apron strings, otherwise they destroyed all the economic infrastructure as they did in Guinea. This type of policies were used in 1820s to recolonize Haiti, the first modern Black nation state, whereby they charged a huge colonial repayment cost that couldn’t be settled for centuries. They ensured that only those approved by the French would be allowed on the political stage. Using Felix Houphouet Boigny of Ivory Coast, they broke French West African Federation into small weak nations, governed by puppet presidents that ruled for life. They brutally crushed all resistance to French recolonization, killing Togo’s President Sylvanus Olympio for the Eyadema clan that has ruled for 60yrs, invading Ivory Coast to replace populist president Gbagbo with Quattara currently seeking an unconstitutional third term.

As previously stated, it was thought that only Nigeria could challenge French African colonization, as past presidents like Chief Obasanjo had complained that the French were the impediment to West African economic development that the Economic Community Of West African States ( ECOWAS) had been created to address. Unfortunately, Tinubu has turned the economic community into a military outfit to recapture essentially French slaves since anyway he had destroyed the economic life of ECOWAS that was the Nigerian economy.

Nigeria and Africa as a whole is made up of two civilizations – Original African and Afroasiatic civilizations. Just as Tinubu betrayed the Yoruba collective, and promoted hatred between Yoruba and Igbo, the two most populous and prosperous Indigenous groups of the Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa Original African civilizations, Tinubu is betraying the Northern Afroasiatic powerbase that backed him into power, by launching a war within and against their Afro-Arabic Islamic civilization, obviously for his ultimate Western backers. He can’t see that a war with Niger Republic and it’s Hausa majority will greatly destabilize the Sahel region as he exhumes the Fulani-Hausa battle.

When the Fulani from Senegambia invaded and overwhelmed Hausaland, Hausa aristocracy fled to what is now Niger, where their resistance simmered since the Fulani only held sway in Nigeria. Tinubu’s attack from a Fulani subjugated Hausaland against the Hausa majority in Niger, will end up in uniting the Hausa which will have immense ramifications even for the continued unity of Nigeria. Also, it is very possible that Russia and other backers of Niger could fuel other separatist aspirations in the South through Odua/Biafra separatists.

As it is the rest of the Black and Arabic world are pitted against Tinubu and his imperialist backers. Though Tinubu is trying to hide behind ECOWAS, it is obvious that Nigeria is the economic and military backbone of ECOWAS. Ordinarily, it should be a walkover if Nigeria was to fight against the Niger and even the ECOWAS, but apart from the threat of Russian involvement and a geopolitical proxy war, there is Algeria Niger’s Northern neighbor that is supporting Niger. Algeria is the 2nd most powerful African army with several times more equipment and defense budget that would easily sway the war to Niger Republics favor.

Just like the excessively violent French regime in Haiti led to the revolution and beginning of the end of transatlantic slavery, once again 250yrs Oya cycle later, French and other Western inspired terrorists agitated West African armies against their puppet presidents. Though the Sahel coups were to preserve the lives of the soldiers, they have included the aspirations of the people to end French neocolonization. Tinubu is an embarrassment to Nigeria for leading the imperialist war and he is bound to ignite a chain events that will forever change the Black Race through war, anarchy and political and cultural revolutions over the next twenty years.

Tinubu’s Sufferhead Abrahamic Hope

Prince Justice J Faloye

Millions across Nigeria pray fervently every day for prosperity and against enemies, yet we remain the poverty capital of the world. Some say our brand of Abrahamic religions robs us of critical analysis. After a long sojourn abroad, coming home to be woken up everyday by fervent morning prayers, eventually made me accost one of the loudest voices, that of an househelp. I genuinely asked her what she really wanted from God, what was her vision and it’s obstacles, promising to help if possible. She opened her palms helplessly and responded, ‘he should just bless me oo’. What about the enemies? She didn’t know specifically but believed they were the ones hampering her visionless dreams?

This type of spiritual slavery is also prevalent in the collective, as Tinubu stated that it was the spirit of courage that took over him on the podium that made him announce the removal of all fuel subsidies at once, contrary to his manifesto with well laid plans of phased subsidy removal depending on Dangotes refinery production. Fela rightly linked the suffering and smiling in our religious personal lives to the collective suffering and smiling nationwide. Yet, nearly 50yrs later, we are being given baseless hope that the current hardship caused by Tinubus neo-liberal economic policies of fuel subsidy removal and devaluation would miraculously lead to economic prosperity. The how and when we don’t know?

With the Naira to devalued to the point that a Naira to a dollar is heading to over a N1000, Pounds Sterling nosing towards N1500, our imported petrol will pass N1000, grinding the economy to halt due to cost push inflation? How Tinubu’s planned 300% increase in taxation and removal of government subsidies spur economic growth, when the very sector, the private sector that needs money for investment is drained by a government that doesn’t do business. Who will create the jobs, or better still can government jobs distributed mainly through partisanship and nepotism provide more jobs than private investors and industrialization?

Tinubu raised tax revenue (IGR) by 500% in Lagos with no corresponding increase in social welfare or change in our colonial styled economy based on retailing of imports and light manufacturing and processing of foods, beverages and tobacco. The only change in the Lagos economy in the last decade is globally inspired digital economy, through the likes of Instagram and other global social media networks that spurred our digital retail marketing, as well as international ideas like Uber that brought about internet ordered transport and delivery services. With no government support, the youth that had relied on internet scams gradually moved into digital services also buoyed by Afrobeats and Nollywood. That the unemployed youth of Yaba became the silicon valley of Africa was out of necessity is the mother of invention mantra. Nevertheless, though the IT sector could increase income for a few, it often replaces jobs in the retail, transport and other industries.

In 24yrs of his Lagos hegemony, he never provided the key to industrialization, Railways, being the largest contraption of iron and petrochemicals, which could also resolve the traffic that costs Lagos 20% of it’s production, not to talk of pollution and quality of life. Instead all we got in Lagos was an agbero political economy. On a lower level, an agbero doesn’t care whether the car needs a new tire or repairs, his job is to collect money and distribute to the driver, unions, law enforcement etc. Tinubu’s Elite agbero Omo onile rent seeking governance perspective is not about increasing nor improving the scale of production but to share what’s on ground. Kilo wan le, e gbe kini yi wa, whats on ground, bring it let’s share it.

Like the Abrahamic Pastors and Imams that use religion to sell people visionless hope, Tinubu uses tribalism and personal greed, backed by political thugs, terrorists and now institutional violence. There are a few truly Eurocentric misguided proponents of Tinubu’s neo-liberal economic policies but they have no logical ground to stand. Those that propound theories backing removal of subsidies and devaluation can’t show us a single nation that became developed or industrialized by applying these measures anywhere in the Global South. The same IMF structural policies in the Eighties led to the destruction of 66 African and Black Caribbean economies, which were only revived by Chinese investment from 1999.

They can’t show us how these policies ever helped UK, USA, Korea, Japan and the rest of them. Or even one instance where IMF/World Bank advocated such destructive polices to any of the White nations when their economies are in trouble. Why are USA, UK and France fighting oil wars costing trillions in the Middle East, if not to keep the oil prices low for their economy and people, but $10b is too much a subsidy to spend for a $500b economy and 200m people? Why do all these advanced nations make welfare payments to the poor and unemployed? Why do they heavily subsidize agriculture and the millionaire farmers to the point that they subsidize each cow more than the cost price of one cow in Africa? The neo-liberal economists should take a running jump after the slave ships into the blue seas with these racist economic theories that prescribe agriculture as the means to industrialization, instead of the military industrial complex from railways!

Putting aside the lame propaganda of an additional 500,00 hectares to be committed to agriculture by Tinubu federal government that constitutionally doesn’t own land, it is mental slavery through coloniality of knowledge to continue pushing the rhetoric that increased Agriculture and agro-allied industries can bring about heavy industrialization needed to employ tens of millions of youth to wipe out poverty. If you plant yams, all you will develop are yams snacks and food processing, not electronic industries. If you plant oranges and other fruits, all you will get are soft drinks and beverages industries, not car factories. The only thing that can spur heavy industrialization is the iron and petrochenical production systems of railways whose byproducts and skills will spur the growth of related heavy industries.

Nigeria currently ranks fifth in the world and highest in Africa in value added agriculture indices. China – $1.23trillion, India – $487 billion, USA – $196 billion, Indonesia – $145 billion, Nigeria – $104 billion, Brazil – $85 billion followed by Pakistan, Russia, Japan etc. Nigeria ranks high in the world because we have more than averagely exploited all the multiplier effects tied to Agriculture, especially with Foods, Beverages and Tobacco manufacturing subsector that is the largest contributor to our manufacturing gross domestic production. However, the utilization of our Agriculture sector, it has not been able to provide the required employment for our huge population.

It is only heavy manufacturing that can provide jobs for the tens of millions unemployed, whereby a single company can provide a million jobs on its own, like railways, arms and aircraft industries sectors in USA and other advanced nations. The foundation for these type of industries is not mega agricultural farms that are often mechanized, but in the construction of an expansive railway system.

In Yoruba philosophy and spiritual sciences, common sense shows it entails laying Ogun rails to nearly every neighborhood for it to reproduce various steel and petrochemical industries. Ogun, iron is the blood that circulates every minerals in our body and made us function like humans. When we became a collective, it was iron tools used to develop agriculture that fed our civilization. Therefore, without the need of closing our eyes and praying to an Abrahamic God for what is in us, to facilitate our mega population collective transportation and economic development, it is only Ogun that can do.

For an industrial takeoff, Tinubu needs an accelerated building of three West to East lines – Lagos to Calabar, Ilorin to Yola and Sokoto to Maiduguri, which will spread organically to every nook and corner and reconnect our civilizational economics discarded for the North to South railways to coast colonial economics. While every job created in agriculture has a multiplier effect of creating about 2 other jobs in related industries, every job created in railways has a multiplier effect of creating 20 other jobs in other steel and petrochemical industries. But our politicians and academicians are stuck in the slave plantation economics mentality of providing raw materials to our Western Masters in the blind hope of heaven on Earth.

Felas Colomentality, academically known as Coloniality, affects every aspect of the Black Race. We have coloniality of knowledge sources, whereby our leadership models are dependent on Western approval and acknowledgement through their academic, business and media institutions. We have coloniality of power sources whereby we adopt governance models from the West, and fail to correct the maligned institutions left behind after decolonization like the army, Judiciary and neocolonial guards. We have coloniality of being due to our cultural derailment through colonial epistemicide that results in not knowing our true identity as a bonafide civilization and global relevance. We have coloniality of the ecosystem whereby we produce cash crops and raw materials just to fulfill the needs of the Western Powers and consume everything from the West as they dictate the fashion and trends.

Ultimately, Tinubu is a child of coloniality, and all he has to offer is Abrahamic heaven while he continues to make hell out of our current existence. Suffer suffer for world, enjoy for Heaven…

Tinubu’s Devil’s Alternative gambits for Western Powers approval

When Tinubu made his ECOWAS speech a few weeks ago, before the Niger Republic coup, saying ECOWAS would fight against the recent spate of coups, it was obvious that he was speaking in our Western Masters voice since all the coups were Russian inspired against Western friendly governments. Ever since coming to power, Tinubu has been dancing to Western Powers neo-liberal economic demands of subsidy removal and devaluation to win their approval, at the expense of destroying our economic sustenance. Fighting a Western proxy war against Russia in Niger will destroy our political existence.

As it is, Tinubu’s quest for power has put a question mark on the sustainability of the Nigeria political system by truncating the rotational presidency arrangement, taking SE slot, which will result in Igbos, Deltans and Middlebelters disengage from the rotational agreement since it is based against them. Also, Christians are unlikely to accept a return to a Northern Muslim President after Tinubu, making three consecutive Muslim presidents. However these issues are not giving him any sleepless nights since they would come to play only at the end of his tenure.

Tinubu played and negotiated his way to presidency, raising the question of legitimacy, home and abroad. Normally, a person that circumvents the electoral system is not concerned about legitimacy at home since he didn’t get his power from the electorate, so they can’t take the power from him. African leaders don’t really care about legitimacy at home, otherwise we won’t have leaders like Museveni, Paul Biya, Paul Kigame rigging for the last 30yrs to stay in power. What really matters and sustains them in power is the backing of the Western Powers. Even genuine leaders that rightfully won the elections and are pro-people still seek the backing of Western Powers to prevent economic and military sabotage.

Though all 2023 presidential candidates could be said to be part of the political class of the neocolonial guard, it appeared the Western Powers and some local stakeholders rightly threw their support behind Peter Obi based on the high moral grounds of rotational presidency to ensure peace and harmony. Tinubu rejected the thinking based on the fact that he had served the Western Powers more than his competitors since 1999. First and foremost, he was used to arrest the economic and political development of Yorubaland by keeping power away from the populist Afenifere that would have been spread the dividends of democracy wider and more progressively. He was also engaged to let President Goodluck Jonathan win in 2011 and Buhari in 2015, so that’s where the sense of Emilokan entitlement came from. However, the powers that be were not concerned about past services and personal ambition, but to keep Nigeria peaceful and one by rightfully backing an Igbo.

Having been used and empowered since 1999 with immense political and economic resources, derived from Lagos finances and oilwells through his proxy in Oando, the largest subsidy funds reciever, Tinubu was to play the system and bought his way through against the wishes of the Western Powers and leadership of the local neocolonial guard. The powers that be were intransigent on their choice of Peter Obi, but as luck and international geopolitical expediency will have it, the West were losing the Sahel and especially it’s uranium supply for their nuclear capabilities. Tinubu as an opportunitist saw the opening and offered to take the job of slavecatcher. Being a Muslim to invade another Muslim nation, more naturally Ogun belligerent than Peter Obis Yemoja aura is tempting to the West. But, Tinubu will be chewing more than he can swallow, ignorant that the way to reclaiming Niger Republic is filled with landmines.

First and foremost, Nigeria would be the grass that the two elephants, UK/France and Russia/China would be fighting. Just like Iraq and Syria, the Western Powers are failing to consider the tribal issues. With Russia already taking Mali, Upper Volta and Chad that surround Niger, the only two routes to it’s capital Niamey is the tiny portion of northern Benin Republic and the already volatile Nigeria Northwest region of Sokoto, Zamfara and Katsina states that shares the border. A war might have an unintended consequence of reviving the Fulani versus Hausa war, especially with Iran as Russia’s ally might turn it into a Shia versus Sunni war.

When the Fulani took over Hausaland, the Hausa aristocracy fled to Gobir/Maradi area in Niger Republic, so the Hausas in Nigeria and Niger are close cousins that would want to see off the Fulani Caliphates. Shia Islamic sect is against dynastic monarchs and caliphs and seek leaders passed on theocracy where the most knowledgeable and passionate about Islam become the leaders, Ayatollahs, so it appeals to a number of revolutionary Hausas. Therefore a war in the area might see Nigerian Hausas sabotage the Western backed war against their Niger cousins.

If the superpower war drags on, Russia might also play a trump card by arming Southern and Middlebelt separatists that would totally engulf Nigeria and the entire West African region. Just as South and Middlebelt separatists could be enticed with a separate nation of their own, Hausas in Ghana, Nigeria and Niger might see it as an opportunity for an Hausa nation. Even if the Russians don’t arm the Yoruba, Igbo and other separatists, if Tinubu was to lose power to the revolting Northerners, in order to regain Nigeria, the West would arm the Yorubas/Igbos to get a foothold to push from the South to the North to retake Nigeria. Depending on the propaganda and weapons used in Yorubaland, a religious war could also be sparked between the mainly Christian Separatists and pro-Muslim Nigeria Yorubas. Another possibility is if Tinubu loses power in the war but survives, how will he use Yorubaland in the proxy war to regain power. The same quagmire could play out in Delta for the control of oil.

The greatest twist in the story is if as predicted the Ukraine War between the West and Russia/China turns to a nuclear holocaust. It is highly unlikely that the nuclear war will be fought in Nigeria or Africa, but the superpowers mutual destruction would leave the various groups fighting their proxy wars here stranded and vulnerable. Overall it would be a very messy situation and turn out to be like what happened in China, with different factions, the nationalists and republicans fighting themselves to a standstill before a new force, Mao Communists, were armed to takeover and unify. A process of over 50yrs.

If care is not taken, one man’s ambition might spell the death of tens of millions. We are more or less resigned to fate, as Tinubu will go to all lengths to get the Western backing to safeguard himself in power. Although some argue that at this point, with the West hell-bent on retrieving the uranium rich Niger, and the border between Benin and Niger too narrow to launch a war, the West might force their way through Nigeria by all means possible as done with Iran-Iraq. When the US puppet Shah of Iran was overthrown, unable to use the weak Iraqi government to invade Iran, they overthrew the Iraq government next door and brought in a soldier Sadaam Hussein to invade Iran. So it appears the Universe has placed Nigeria in a tight position, which is indicative of the global polycrisis and the movement of humanity towards an Apocalypse, only after which humanity will have a change in global consciousness towards Justice, in what is known as the Apocalyptic Biblical Third Horseman and Judgement Day; the 2000 year Age of Shango/Amadiora. The world will earn a bloody nose costing billions of lives over issues of Justice, Equity and Innovation that will prompt cultural, economic and political revolutions.

In a previous article, I analyzed that with the current state of Nigeria with huge unemployment and poverty, the only way a leader can capture the masses attention and mobilize them with patriotic feelings to avert social upheavals and revolution, is by engaging in massive economic liberating infrastructure or go to war like Western democracies which I ruled out. He doesn’t have the disposition, will and stoicism for major infrastructural developments, nor the weapons to fight wars. But with this scenario, he will be given Western weapons and backing but it will consume the region. Ideally, a Nigerian President should refuse to attack it’s neighbor, and unite the country behind him to prevent either the West or East from overthrowing him, but Tinubu doesn’t have the legitimacy and backing to captivate and unite the majority.

Pan Africanism or nationalism fails without civilizationism

By Prince Justice Jadesola Faloye

Prof PLO Lumumba, Dr Ifatunde Umar Johnson and Julius Malema speeches raise the passion and consciousness of Africans worldwide, especially with their Pan Africanism that touches on Black political leadership, economic deprivation and cultural disorientation, caused by White Supremacy doctrines and the international financial caste system. I recently watched a video of Prof Lumumba questioning the fate of Pan Africanism and being the solution to many of our problems. He stated that if Africans don’t get rid of their Pan Tribalistic perspectives, many African nations will break up within the next few decades and will be recolonized. The question arises that if we Africans can’t cohabitate peacefully and progressively in our present neocolonial straitjacket nationstates, how are we expected to unite into a bigger conglomeration of Black African peoples? Is it not a case best understood from Karl Marx Social Reproduction theory, that regardless of the institutions and constitutions adopted by Africans, it will be a case of garbage in garbage out?

Pan Africanism has mainly been a geographic concept without much attached to the different cultures and civilizations. The Pan Africanist masterplan has been economic unification followed by political union, but as Dr Roger Amos rightly stated in his book, Blueprint for Black Power, culture, economics and politics are intertwined since Culture is the way we do things, politics is the way we organize to do things while economics is the means used to organize to achieve things, so without culture taken into consideration, economics and politics will fail.

Pan Africanism push for continental unity makes one ask what is a continent and it’s relationship with politics and culture. As Confucius stated the first step of good governance is the rectification of terms. In reality Europe is not a continent, since a continent is a large landmass surrounded by water, and therefore part of Eurasia. Europe is more of a civilizational and racial concept that differentiates it from Asia. Europa meaning the Eu (good) Op(face) is (area) like Ethiopia, the Burnt face area, the land of Blacks. Infact, Western academia input the civilizational considerations of naming the Indigenous African area as sub-Saharan.

Indigenous Africans underwent colonial epistemicide, the denigration and killing of our episteme, the knowledge of our origins, true identity and aspirations, which if not addressed we can’t successfully engage in nation building. There are two civilizations across Africa – the Afroasiatic civilization made up of different peoples that underwent various Eurasiatic imperialism but united by Abrahamic dogma, while the other is the Indigenous African civilization made up of the 2240 tribes that are a continuum of dialects, known as the Niger-Congo ethnolinguistic family, who share the same genetic and cultural origins traced to Nigeria. It was European imperialism that broke the Original African civilization into artificial tribes, whereby a dialect is chosen out of a multitude of dialects in an area to become th standard language of the new social construct called tribes. The dialect chosen as the standard tribal langauge was institutionalized by having the Bible written in it and making it the language of colonial communication. The difference between the standardized languages of two adjacent new created artificial tribes became pronounced since the continuum linking the them are obscured. However, despite the tribal standardization, and the epistemicide that trashed our true history and identity, we like all the three other major civilizations – Judeo-Christian, Afroasiatic and Buddhist – still retain some of our civilizational philosophical attributes.

Africans philosophy is mainly based on binary complementarity while those of the other civilizations are based on Binary Opposition. Africans in the real sense don’t do religions whereby they worship an Almighty God, but practice what is better described as African Spiritual Science. African belief systems don’t separate God from Satan since we scientifcally know that you cant separate negative from positive, from the small atom to humans and Almighty God. To us, God is both good and evil, just like all human beings, and there is no Satan that monopolizes evil nor is God good all the time.

European coloniality has robbed us of a vital stage of aggregation, which is the one between tribalism and universalism called civilizationalism. This is why we arrived at the concept of Pan Africanism without taking cognizance that Africa is made up of two civilizations. Despite it been clear that the first imperialists in Africa were the Asiatic, and most recently while fighting for the African decolonization, we fought under different umbrellas of the Black Power movement brought back by Nnamidi Azikwe from Philadelphia universities and spread to Ghana’s Nkrumah before East, Central and Southern Africa, while Afroasians united under the Pan Arab Movement.

Today, we have the Maghreb North African nations push the Pan Arab Lobby in the African Union while the Original African civilizations made up of numerous Black African tribes and nations cannot unite to save their souls. Afroasians being half African and half Asiatic, either by blood, language or social organization, naturally take to their richer and more successful family side, which is why they work with the European Union to set an immigration boundary to keep away indigenous Africans from the Mediterranean coasts. Yet we talk of Pan Africanism of uniting the whole continent of Africa regardless of the different races and irreconcilable philosophical differences. Even though some Africans are Black, we would find that African Americans not only respect their African origins and have a higher Niger Congo DNA of 75% than groups like Fulani that push the Afroasiatic civilization and have just 49% Niger Congo DNA.

Nnamidi Azikwe made the mistake of Pan Africanism without civilizationism when due to colonial divisive social engineering between Yoruba and Igbo, the two most populous Indigenous African groups, he choose to align with the Fulani led Afroasiatic imperialistic civilization, which resulted in their undue power and hegemony used to subjugate the entire Indigenous African civilization that made up 70% of the Nigerian population. The Fulani Afroasiatic civilization is more geared towards unity to the Maghreb and Middle East that they claim are their origins than to indigenous Africans, which is why Nigeria has not been able to throw it’s full weight behind Black African unity.

It was Archimedes that stated give me a place to stand and I will move the world, unfortunately our academia has failed to give us a civilizational platform to stand and unite. As known, it is who pays the piper that dictates the tune, so our academia continue to push the coloniality of knowledge sources that only serves to obscure our common Original African genetic and cultural origins and linkages. Not only did they disfigure our true origins and identity in their history books, but even tried to confuse us with genetic studies that clearly show the origin of humanity and our culture to be those now called the Yorubas in Southern Nigeria. Even without linguistic evidence that shows that the larger subgroup of the Niger Congo ethnolinguistic family called the Benue-Congo ethnolinguistic family evolved from the confluence of River Niger and Benue, listening to the accent of Prof Lumumba and Malema shows close similarities to those of northeast and North Central Nigeria.

We have more than enough evidence to show the West African origin of humanity, and how the Volta Niger subgroup later evolved into the Benue Congo subgroup that migrated out through the River Benue and Lake Chad’s River Chari into Cameroon, down the Sangha River via Gabon into the Kongo River basin, where those known as Western Bantus settled, then up the Ubangi River to the Central Africa lakes/River Nile area where the Marshariki Bantus spread to the East African coasts and down to the South African Ngunilands. Our genetic and cultural linkages have to be taught to every African to free us from the restrictive Pan Tribalistic perspectives, as well as our common philosophical attributes. Like every Afroasians knows the Crescent of the Moon/Scimitar as their civilizational totem and the European Christians recognize the Cross/Spatha as their civilizational totem, every indigenous African should know that the leopard/cheetah/panther is the African civilizational totem.

It is only after understanding our civilization that we can gainfully employ it as the foundation of our institutions and nations, and also develop civilizational goods and economics to uplift ourselves. Currently, all African governments are run by a neocolonial guard that owes it’s allegiance to foreign civilizations which is why they have not uplifted the people they are supposed to represent. We at ASHE Foundation have suggested that to make our electoral commission truly independent and political.system truly representative, our long term cultural leadership and stakeholders should be the ones to choose leadership and membership of the electoral bodies and serve as the guarantors of the system run by professional politicians who are short termist by nature. Modernism prevents us from understanding that Western democracies were formed and backed by their monarchs.

Following the 1832 abolition of African slavery, under the auspices of Queen Victoria, European conservatism was born, to keep Blacks at bay, leading to the mid 1800s formation of the UK Conservative Party, US Republican Party as well as Christian Democratic Parties across continental Europe. About fifty years later, the working classes created worker Parties to push for the rights of White workers from their Conservative landlords and employers that were apt to use cheap Black labour to keep wages down. All other civilizations also back their governance systems and keep out other civilizations, with China even forming a civilizational state. Unfortunately, Africans could only move from tribalism to universalism which made a mess of their sociopolitical and economic existence.

It is only after Original African civilizationism has been well articulated and disseminated to every African that we can save our nations and unite on the international stage for global racial parity. A united Original African civilizational lobby is required to come to the negotiations table in the African Union, to counter Arab Lobby imperialistic designs, like making the East African Afro-Arabic trade language Swahili our official language. A united Original African civilizational unity can negotiate better in the UN for the Black Race. Afroasiatic civilizations use Caliphates as geographic demarcations, while the concept of nationstates is a product of European imperialism first used by the Dutch in 1600s to keep it’s proceeds of African exploitation to itself away from the Roman and French empires, and globalized after the Napoleonic wars and the independence of Haiti, so we should concentrate on civilizational states.

This shouldn’t be viewed as divisive like the Western nations are apt to categorize pro-Black as anti-White. We are not discriminating against our Afroasiatic cousins but only trying to accentuate our common civilizational origins, experiences and aspirations, which would help them to appreciate their African side, ultimately towards a loose federation of African ethnicities for the self determination of our culture, free from cultural imperialism within and from outside.

Prince Justice Jadesola Faloye, President ASHE Foundation is the author of The Blackworld: Evolution to Revolution and other books, documentaries etc

Tinubu will kill Nigeria for others to resurrect it

If care is not taken, Nigeria will go through tribal, religious and economic class upheavals and revolutions over the next few years.

Though I have spent the last few decades trying to educate people through books, documentaries and a think tank towards a peaceful progressive development, I am gradually losing hope and reassessing some of my peers logic that a bloody revolution is necessary to change a system rotten from head to tail. They argued that no nation has become great without long spells of instability before finding the best way forward. China went through decades of upheaval, so did England, USA, Russia where millions were killed or displaced before they finally settled down to sustainable development. It appears Nigeria has exhausted all gentleman’s agreement to progress towards an egalitarian society.

Rotational presidency was to create a culturally fair and just leadership selection, however a Tinubu presidency has effectively killed the egalitarian dream. And, also that of restructuring since his main backing is the anti-restructuring Northern Afroasiatic powerbase. Igbos, Deltans and Middlebelters are no fools to continue with a system biased against them. So, what we will see is a cultural revolution led by the minorities whose combined numbers are greater than that of the Northwest or Southwest.

Tinubu presidency has not only served a death kneel to our just political coexistence by going against cultural justice and cooperation of rotational presidency, but also against religious tolerance and cooperation. In addition to the Southwest taking Southeast’s turn, his Muslim-Muslim ticket will create long term problems since the Christians won’t support a return of power to the Muslim North nor would the North support a Northern Christian after Tinubu’s regime, otherwise the Christians will believe they are giving way to Islamic hegemony.

The most common way to ignite a revolution has been economics – tax and exploitative governance by an opulent insensitive regime. In USA, the American Revolution started with the Boston Tea Party, protesting British exploitative taxes without representation. In France, the revolution was ignited by the loss of it’s Haitian slave colony that provided the bulk of it’s foreign income, leading to fall in the income of the middle class and masses, while the monarchy still flaunted the trappings of wealth. In Russia, the First World War deprivations felt across the society led to the Bolsheviks Revolution, even though there had been rumblings over the immoral opulence of the Tsar ruling class.

President Tinubu’s irresponsible removal of the oil subsidies that the masses and production system relied upon, with no accompanying noticeable cut in the cost of governance and exuberance of the political class, is pushing the masses to the brink. Based on his precedence, Tinubu can’t give what he doesn’t have since for 24yrs of Tinubu’s direct and indirect governance of Lagos, the thrust of his governance was increased taxation of the poor and reduce government social responsibility. This is the economic trajectory of Tinubus leadership which on a national scale can rightly be called neo-liberal economics.

Neo-liberal economic policies came from the early 1980s Reagan-Thatcher conservative era backed by the Chicago School of Economics led by Prof Milton Friedman. It postulates the removal of government socioeconomic responsibility, removing subsidies to small and medium enterprises while allowing monopolies to fester. Trickle down economics, some called it. This is an economic ideology that has failed across Africa and brought huge income inequalities that destablizes the political systems, and brings governments down.

Unfortunately, the coloniality of knowledge has miseducated Tinubu and the political and intelligentsia to blindly follow the neo-liberal economic model. While the USA, UK, France have gone to wars to keep petrol cost down for their local production, Africans are advised to remove government responsibility to keep petrol prices down for their own local production.

Tinubu in one swoop removed petrol subsidies upon which the economy’s production system rested. Removed educational subsides and exponentially increased school fees in a country of 50% literacy rate. Removed government administration of the forex system, resulting in the crash of the Naira when over 70% of our raw materials and our durable manufactues like cars are imported. So imagine the negative multiplier effects of a follow follow neo-liberal economic policy across the economy.

Despite removing government socioeconomic responsibility, he still intends to increase citizen socioeconomic responsibilities by increasing direct and indirect taxes and fees by 300% in the poverty capital of the world. He has announced the widening of the tax net, especially to the markets, and to farms with the reintroduction of marketing boards known to sap profits of farmers for politicians and bureaucrats. With the complete implosion of our economic system, it doesn’t take a psychic to see we are fast moving towards a class revolution whereby the poor will rise to destroy the rich political class.

However, despite the economic deprivations through reduced Government socioeconomic responsibility and taxing the poor, Tinubu could still avert a revolution if he had the knowledge and will to not only drastically reduce the obscene cost of governance, but most importantly build the economic liberating infrastructure to bring about an industrial takeoff to provide employment for the tens of millions unemployed and in abject poverty.

There are only two ways in times like these that the political class can mobilize the people away from revolution, which is either by going to foreign war for resources or to engage in massive economic liberating infrastructural development, coupled with sloganeering and the posture of a leadership with it’s sleeves rolled up, leading the sacrifice and war against poverty/underdevelopment from the front.

Obviously, Tinubu can’t go to war like Western democracies do, and nothing in his 24yrs of governance shows that he knows or is interested in building massive industrial infrastructure. In his 24yrs of governance, Tinubu only built a mere 16kms of Metroline out of a possible 160kms that would have transformed the Lagos economy.

Only, and ONLY, an accelerated industrial development by declaring an economic state of emergency for three years to build at least 3,000kms of standard guage railways, three West to East Railways – Lagos-Calabar, Ilorin to Yola, Sokoto to Maiduguri, could provide enough employment through iron and steel sector. Anything else is mere management of a neocolonial economy. A complex railway network being the largest steel and chemical framework, is globally known to start the process of innovation that births technological development and industrialization.

Unfortunately, Tinubu vision is limited to conscripting 500,000 youth to the army with Agbado, Gaari and Beans. Once again, the coloniality of knowledge sources has miseducated him to believe that agriculture and agro-allied industries is the route to industrialization. In reality, Agriculture byproducts and multiplier effects are limited to processing of food, beverages and tobacco, while railways multiplier effects and byproducts are heavy industries of automobiles, electronics and production of durable manufactures. Comparatively, for every billion Naira spent in agriculture and railways, railways will produce at least ten times more jobs.

In conclusion, based on the cultural, religious and economic quagmires outlined above, Tinubu’s renewed hope is that of provoking a revolution through cultural, religious and economic injustices. We saw how the Senate joked about letting the poor breathe, which shows that the poor have to wrestle for anything they need. The current system is not self-regulating and in order to birth a new just sustainable system with a higher moral political consciousness, some analysts state there can be no birth without blood letting.